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Kid eating noodles in one of the Child friendly restaurants in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Child Friendly Restaurants In Barcelona


Food is big in Barcelona, not only for grown-ups but also for children. The Hughes family was coming with their 8yo twins and their teen daughter, and they were looking for nice child friendly restaurants in Barcelona where they could go.

We actually have tour with lots of families, and they all want to enjoy their meals, and not just their sightseeing. This is why I thought it’d made a great post to share my recommended Barcelona family restaurants, so you can also benefit from my tips.

These are our favorite family friendly restaurants in Barcelona:​


Cerveseria Catalana​

You can’t come to Spain and not eat tapas. But… what if your kids are picky with food? You might be wondering if there is any tapas bar where there are kid-friendly tapas, too. Yes, there is! Cerveseria Catalana and its sister restaurant Ciudad Condal have a large selection of tapas, many of them including eggs or potatoes, that children usually love. 

And if they won’t eat anything but hot dogs and burgers… Not to worry: they serve delicious mini-hotdogs and mini-burgers that will keep them happy while you treat yourself with some more authentic tapas! Just arrive early (noon for lunch 6 to 7 for dinner), or you are likely to have to wait too long for a table – they don’t take reservations.


La Fonda del Port Olímpic​

What about eating by the marina? Local families hang out in Port Olímpic in the weekends, and this restaurant has plenty of options for kids: all kinds of pasta, chicken and steak. And for the parents, decent paella and generous platters of seafood and shells. One of our favorite family friendly restaurants in Barcelona. Yum!


Sal Café​

Eating by the beach is also possible: this restaurant is a good example of the typical “chiringuitos de playa” (Spanish beach bars), and it’s located by the beach under the Hospital del Mar. Their cuisine offers a lovely combination of local seaside cooking including paella and seafood, but also international dishes such as burgers and Asian specialties. 

They have a children menu and if your kids are energetic and adventurous they’ll be delighted to get your permission to climb the rope pyramid beside the restaurant once they’re done with their meal.


La Font de Prades​

Located inside the Poble Espanyol, it might not be a place where locals go, but it’ll give parents a rest while they enjoy local food. Poble Espanyol is an attraction built in 1929 for the World Fair, with the intention of showing visitors Spain in one hour. So in one quaint plaza of the Catalan neighborhood hides this lovely traditional Catalan restaurant with an outdoor terrace.

It makes our list of Barcelona family restaurants because you can let your kids run safely outside playing hide and seek behind the fountain, while you watch them from your table under an orange tree. By the way, if you make a reservation beforehand, you won’t have to pay to enter Poble Espanyol (just mention that you have a reservation at the entrance, and arrive no sooner than 30min earlier).


Doble Zeroo Born​

Child friendly restaurants in Barcelona also offer Asian alternatives: This creative restaurant serving Japanese food and exotic tapas has a special kids area called Kodomoo, where leisure time monitors will keep the kids entertained while you eat. They have two kids menus with a child-friendly Japanese touch.

AND BONUS! The most child-friendly restaurant in town:​



Among the top Barcelona restaurants, the one run by chef Ada Parellada is famous for including kids in the meal experience.

She doesn’t just offer a kids menu in her gourmet restaurant, but she has creative initiatives such as the menu with prices “by size” (S, L or XL), the “Pay for your Age” menu (Mon – Tues for dinner if you are under 30yo, you pay as many euros as years you are old: so your 8yo kid, pays €8, for instance).

And every Saturday during school year she runs a cooking workshop for kids, so they can cook and taste their creations while their parents are enjoying their meal at the restaurant. Hat tip for such a family friendly venue!

What are your favorite child friendly restaurants in Barcelona?


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