Spanish and Catalan Recipes

When we travel we get to try such amazing foods that we might not be able to taste anymore. But why should it be? If you enjoy cooking, there are so many Spanish and Catalan recipes that are easy to make at home. This is why you’ll find in this tag our favorite easy Spanish and Catalan recipes that can be done in 5 steps or less. You’ll find here sauces such as romesco, but also tapas like Marta’s mom’s Spanish potato omelette. There are also recipes for traditional sweets that we eat on special celebrations once a year. Oh, and in case you prefer to learn how to make them in person, we also have posts recommending local cooking classes. Fun!

Escudella served in Barcelona for Christmas

Catalan Christmas Escudella Recipe

Try my escudella catalana recipe this Christmas In Catalan, a “escudella” is a traditional clay dish where soup and stews are served. In the old times when ceramic dishes were only accessible to the high society and plastic didn’t exist yet, that’s what everyone used to eat. For the majority of the population cooking elaborated …

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Spanish fritters bunuelos for Lent

Easy Recipe For Bunuelos De Viento

A SPANISH EASY FRITTERS RECIPE​ We’ve been more than 15 days in confinement now in Spain due to coronavirus, and one thing I’ve been doing more than during “normal life” is cooking. And that gave me the idea for today’s post. Unplug with me, hands on! And then treat yourself to a delicious Spanish dessert. …

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Coca de Sant Joan

Spanish Coca De Sant Joan Recipe In 5 Easy Steps

BAKER’S COCA BREAD RECIPE June 24th is Saint John’s day, and in Catalonia people celebrate it with a big fireworks festival the evening before. Locals get together to make bonfires, see the fireworks, toast with cava and… eat coca bread! It’s easy to buy it in any local bakery or cake shop, but you can also …

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Authentic Gazpacho from Spain

My Mom’s Recipe For Spanish Gazpacho

A TRADITIONAL GAZPACHO RECIPE Gazpacho andaluz is the most popular cold tomato soup in Spain in the Summer. It’s really popular because it’s very easy to make, it’s very refreshing, and it’s not just vegetarian friendly, but also vegan and raw food eaters and do it. It can even be made gluten-free by adjusting the recipe …

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Best easy sangria recipe to make at home

How To Make Sangria At Home

THE AUTHENTIC SANGRIA RECIPE Red wine sangria is one of the most famous Spanish drinks. Spaniards don’t drink it all the time, though: it’s a summer drink only. And we hardly ever order it at the restaurants (except maybe occasionally in tapas bars, but we usually prefer wine or bier to go with our tapas), …

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Awesome Spanish tortilla recipe | ForeverBarcelona

My Mom’s Easy Spanish Omelette Recipe

THE AUTHENTIC SPANISH TORTILLA RECIPE​ Spanish omelette is a staple in any house in Spain: we often eat it at least once a week, and it’s always present in most informal celebrations and gatherings. Mom’s who don’t know how to make Spanish omelette the right way… are a failure. When in Spain, you can try Spanish omelette …

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How to make crema catalana

The Original Crema Catalana Recipe

HOMEMADE CATALAN CREME BRULEE RECIPE​ You can’t leave Barcelona without trying Catalan cream. It’s a classic dessert: Catalan custard is served in most traditional restaurants and tapas bars. The Catalan cream flavor will remind you of the French creme brulee, but that’s not strange: in history, Catalonia and France have been closely linked and that’s why the Catalan …

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Sauce for Calçots Recipe | ForeverBarcelona

Calcot Sauce Recipe In 5 Steps (Well… Actually 3!)

YUMMY SALSA DE CALCOTS TO MAKE AT HOME​ Wintertime is time for calçotadas and calcots sauce. Locals wait patiently the rest of the year until they are back to the markets and restaurants. Eating them is fun, and I always try to find a place where my clients can try them during our fullday tours of …

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Panellets recipe by ForeverBarcelona

Panellets Recipe In 5 Steps!

OUR PANELLETS RECIPE IN 5 EASY STEPS​ All Saint’s in Catalonia is a festivity that is far from the scary anglo-saxon Halloween (even if unfortunately globalization is spreading Halloween parties over hear as well… people wants to do what they see in the movies!) TAKE OUR SWEETS TOUR All Saints is a time to be with …

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