Traditional Cooking

Catalan pasta recipes | ForeverBarcelona

Catalan pasta dishes

Did you know that pasta in Catalonia is really popular? Catalonia and Italy were very connected in the middle ages, so it is not strange that their cuisine had a strong influence in our own way of cooking. And while we don’t have the impressive variety of sauces and shapes you’ll find in Italy, pasta […]

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Spanish rice pot | ForeverBarcelona

What’s the best Spanish rice casserole?

Everything you need to know about the Spanish rice dishes We love rice! It can be cooked in a thousand different ways and it goes well with nearly every type of food. Lots of cultures have used rice as a basic ingredient and have their own unique way of cooking it.  In Catalonia we have […]

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Best Spanish soups

Ever tried a Spanish soup? When you visit Spain, don’t stick only to tapas: get your spoon ready to try some authentic Spanish soup recipes. When someone thinks about Spanish food, tapas and paella seem to be like the only thing that’s worth trying. However, if anything characterizes the Spanish gastronomy in the cold months […]

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Catalan Typical Food

Top Catalan dishes you need to try

Our insiders selection of traditional Catalan food for you Catalan cooking is quite different from the rest of Spain: instead of paella we go for black rice, and we prefer butifarras to chorizos. And we usually choose healthier and lighter ingredients most of the time, as well. Geographically we could consider our cuisine as Mediterranean cuisine […]

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Weird Spanish foods to try on your next trip if you are brave

Weird Spanish food. Are you daring enough?

Adventurous food in Spain you should give a chance All countries have food that people from other areas might think are not edible. Or plainly disgusting to think about eating them, LOL. In Spain, we have some adventurous foods that you probably have never heard about. Do you dare trying them without asking what they […]

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