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Quick Guide of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Take the most out of your visit to the Barcelona Picasso museum

You might be disappointed if you visit the Picasso Museum of Barcelona on your own: I have heard a lot of people complaining saying that they didn’t find there the kind of paintings they were looking for. and that’s correct, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona is not a Museum of the typical Cubist art that easily one relates to Picasso.

Our Museum specializes in the early works of Picasso and his late late works, that aren’t very famous. However, it is a great way to give you some background on a fascinating part of his life and it will help you understanding much better what was behind because is masterpieces.

This said, the best way to enjoy a visit to the Picasso Museum of Barcelona is to take a private tour. You can also hire an audioguide or buy the guidebook before entering the Museum. But to help you preparing your visit, I will share my favorite list of Picasso paintings with you.

Here is our list of Picasso paintings that you shouldn’t miss in the Picasso Museum:

Science and charity. Definitely, the very best painting from his youth period in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona. His father encouraged him to enter the most important art contest in Spain, and he created this huge painting representing a doctor taking care of a poor and sick lady. There are so many stories behind this painting, but one of the most fun is the fact that the bed looks shorter or longer depending on room from which side of the painting you were looking at it. It’s an unexpected optical effect resulting from the fact that the studio where Picasso painted it was too narrow and he couldn’t get the right perspective…

The dwarf. An ugly and short lady looks defiantly to you surrounded by a background of colorful brushstrokes evoking a swirl of movement behind her. She was one of the performers of a popular freak show in Paris. This painting represents really well the excitement of the young Picasso during his first months in the city of lights.

The mad. This is my personal Top #1 of my Picasso Blue Period paintings list of favorites. Economical problems, homesickness, inability to speak French and the suicide of his best friend took Picasso into a depression. He tries to exorcise it by using blue colors: you have guessed right, it is the Blue Period. This beggar of elongated face and limbs that remind us of the style of El Greco is probably one of the best examples.

Person with fruit bowl. Finally something that looks like those famous works in our mental list of Picasso paintings! This is my favorite painting in the room of the Cubist period, and you can find in it all the characteristics that define this style: geometry, a subject shown from different points of view, and a realistic “clue” to help the public identifying what the painting is about.

Las Meninas series. This is not just one painting but a whole series of them. This is the result of several months of working over and over again in different versions and interpretations of the famous painting Las Meninas by Velasquez. The original, now at the Prado Museum in Madrid, obsessed Picasso so much that he created over 50 pieces always revolving around the same subject. It is really fascinating to compare the original Velazquez with Picasso’s creations, and Picasso’s versions with each other. And that’s something you’ll can only do in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona!

But wait! There is more! Want to know how horses are linked to Picasso’s art? Share this post to discover it!


Now you can head to the museum with your Picasso list of works and enjoy it!

What’s your favorite Picasso painting and where have you seen it? Head to the comments and share with us your personal list of Picasso paintings!


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    Posted by Gemma Garcia| October 28, 2013 |Reply

    My favorite one is the Guernica: This work becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.

  2. avatar
    Posted by Marta Laurent Veciana| October 28, 2013 |Reply

    Next time I come to Madrid you need to take me there! And I'll take you seeing his Meninas when you come to Barcelona!

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