Find in this category our posts about the universal Catalans – that is locals that reached a world-wide fame such as the artist Antoni Gaudí or artists such as Picasso (who wasn’t exactly Catalan but lived in Barcelona during his youth and considered himself one of us), Miró or Salvador Dalí. You’ll also discover our lesser known local celebrities that are worth reading about to understand better the past and present of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. Some of the most important characters discussed in this category have their own dedicated tag as well, in case you want to learn more about their works, not just their lives.

Best books on Gaudi

Best Books On Gaudi Architecture

PREPARE FOR YOUR TRIP TO BARCELONA WITH THESE BOOKS ABOUT GAUDI Easter is just over, and that’s about the time people will start dreaming about their next holidays. Starting to plan early means securing better travel deals. And also more time to prepare, so you can take the most ouf of your stay. And if …

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Hector Guimard or Antoni Gaudi?

Antoni Gaudi VS Hector Guimard

Masters of the Art Nouveau Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that bloomed in Europe from the end of the 1800’s to the first quarter of the 1900’s. Generally known as Art Nouveau because it started in Paris, France, it received other names depending on the location. In Barcelona, Spain, it was called Modernisme (Modernism). …

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Spain history events and personalities: Lucrezia Borgia

Spain History Personalities, Events And Myths

FASCINATING SPAIN HISTORY PERSONALITIES AND MOMENTS​ The Spanish history is full of events and characters that people see under a special aura. People and occurrences that have remained in our minds and that continue to fascinate us. In this times of confinement, learning about them is a nice distraction from the current situation. And for …

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Pablo Picasso facts and stories

Interesting Pablo Picasso Facts (Plus A Bonus)

COOL PICASSO INTERESTING FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT One of the most important museums in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum. And you might be wandering why do we have a Picasso museum if the artist was born in Malaga and lived most of his life in France? Well, he actually spent his youth and training years …

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Cool interesting facts about salvador dali

Most Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali

GREAT SALVADOR DALI FUN FACTS Many facts about Salvador Dali will help you understanding better his works and their symbolism. Some are fun facts, some other are quite interesting, and a few can be even disturbing. They talk about live, love, fear and passions, and knowing about them will open your eyes to a whole new …

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Antoni Gaudi life | ForeverBarcelona

Quick Biography Of Antoni Gaudi

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ANTONI GAUDI TO UNDERSTAND HIS WORKS​ The biography of Antoni Gaudi is full of interesting stories, bright moments and inspirational creations. If he hadn’t been working in Barcelona, the city wouldn’t be what it’s now. His architecture, way beyond his time, attracts people from all over the world and make the city a …

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