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Hotels near Sagrada Familia: Hispanos 7 Suiza

There aren’t too many hotels near Sagrada Familia , and unfortunately, when you google them or use a booking site, their advertizing might say they are close to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, when they are really 10 minutes walk or more… Quite misleading, isn’t it?

But we hear you. Today we are presenting you our insiders Sagrada Familia hotel list. Because this church is so gorgeous that you might want to see it again and again, at any time of the day or the evening. Because before Christmas the second most lively Christmas market is there (and before Easter, the Palm Sunday market as well). Because it’s a very local neighborhood where in the afternoon you can experience the real Barcelona city life (after the morning crowds are gone) and it’s well communicated by subway and bus with most other sites.

Choose your favorite hotel near sagrada familia:

Hispanos Siete Suiza

You can’t get any closer. In fact, it’s the closest hotel near Sagrada Familia. This aparthotel (they have apartments rather than rooms) is just one block from Sagrada Familia, and it’s also possibly the finest option in the area. Don’t miss the oportunity to dine at their restaurant, where they display a collection of REAL antique Hispano Suiza cars. Totally amazing!

Ayre Hotel Rosselló

Hotel near Sagrada Familia: Ayre

If you dream of a room with views over Sagrada Familia, then hurry up and book their unique (and coveted) suite with views. But if it’s already taken, don’t worry: you can still enjoy impressive views from their roof terrace (with pool!). It’s also very close to the church: one block and a half!

Ibis Barcelona Centro

Two blocks away from Sagrada Familia, if you aren’t too demanding and are on a budget, this 2-star hotel feels almost like a 3-star. Simple but comfortable rooms, clean design and good service as they belong to a well-known European hotel chain. Breakfast is included, but you might want to check out the bakeries and cafés in the surroudings for a local feel. You also get free WIFI.

Hotel Sagrada Familia

Getting further: 2.5 blocks for the church. This is a business-like 3-star hotel, featuring a rooftop solarium (but no pool, and the views over Sagrada Familia aren’t as impressive as the ones at Ayre). If you want to exercize, they offer discounts to use the largest sport center in the area – Esportiu Claror, located just around the corner. Important tip: do not confuse with Catalonia Sagrada Familia hotel, which is almost 20min walk.

Eurostars Monumental

Sagrada Familia Hotel

And now I’m afraid your next option is not that close: 3.5 blocks away, but having to cross the broad Diagonal avenue to get there, it definitely feels much longer. But that’s compensated if you book one of their 3 exclusive suites with private terrace overlooking Sagrada Familia. BTW, if you are gluten-free or lactose intolerant, they’ll be glad to provide special food for you on request.

AND BONUS! Would you like to stay at an apartment?

6Sensation Sagrada Familia

Located right next to the Ayre (what means 1.5 block away from the church), as an alternative to hotels near la Sagrada Familia, these apartments have private terraces with views, and you also get access to a rooftop with a small pool, a sauna and a fitness center. If you are traveling with family, they have apartments with room for upto 8 people.  Views from hotel near Sagrada Familia

What about you? If you had to stay at an hotel near Sagrada Familia which one would you choose?


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