Local Schedule

Daily life schedules in Spain

What is the Spanish schedule for…?

Spain schedule for schools, banks, shops and more Many people visiting Spain for the first time are challenged by the local eating, working and shopping hours: they are so different from what they are used to at home! It’s easy to find shops closed during lunch time or banks closed in the afternoon, or restaurants […]

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Barcelona open August | ForeverBarcelona

August in Barcelona: Where to eat

Restaurants open in Barcelona in August Barcelona in August is not as busy as you might expect. Most locals are gone, running away from the sticky Barcelona heat, and that’s why many restaurants choose to close for holidays. Same things happens in Madrid in August, by the way… And that’s how eating well in August […]

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Barcelona Pharmacies | ForeverBarcelona

Are pharmacies open on Sundays in Barcelona?

English speaking pharmacies in Barcelona open on Sundays I hope you won’t need them, but when travelling occasionally it might be necessary to get some drugs, for either a stomach ache,  or a headache, or some skin issue… This is why  today  I am sharing with you where to find pharmacies open on Sundays in […]

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Dinning early in Barcelona

Where to eat when you are hungry? Barcelona restaurants open early

NO need to starve: we tell you the best restaurants for early birds in barcelona Finding a place for an early dinner or lunch in town can be an ordeal: discovering that you have to wait until 2pm for lunch or 9pm for dinner when you are used to eat around noon and… by 9pm […]

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5 facts on Spanish meals that you need to know about

How do meals in Spain work? Spanish eating habits and times can take you by surprise if you don’t get some information about them before you come to Spain. After all, when traveling, food is one of the  most important things to plan, and often food and meals habits change from country to country (or […]

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