Best easy sangria recipe to make at home

How to make sangria at home

The authentic sangria recipe Red wine sangria is one of the most famous Spanish drinks. Spaniards don’t drink it all the time, though: it’s a summer drink only. And we hardly ever order it at the restaurants (except maybe occasionally in tapas bars, but we usually prefer wine or bier to go with our tapas), […]

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Spanish White Wines you need to know about | ForeverBarcelona

Top Spanish White Wine Brands you need to try

Spain white wine will definitely surprise you While the country is famous for its reds, Spanish white wine is definitely worth trying. Some time now in Spain, many producers have bet for white wines and start producing really good products: not only young white wines, but barrel crianzas as well that deserves an opportunity to be […]

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Red Wines from Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Red spanish wine recommendations for your meals in Spain

Are you lost ordering good Spanish red wine? Style and quality. These are the two adjectives that describe red wines from Spain. Most of them are made of Tempranillo and Granache grapes, and unless we are talking about young wines, they are mostly aged in oak barrels. That’s why it’s important to know the types of Spanish wines based […]

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Cava Brands from Penedès that never fail | ForeverBarcelona

5 Spanish cava brands that never fail

The Penedes Cava is the perfect match for a Mediterranean meal Penedes Cava is the most famous sparkling drink in Catalonia; only the wines that are fermented with champenoise tradicional method and inside permited areas (Denominación de Origen) can be labelled as Spanish Cava. Although there are Cava regions all over Spain, the 95% of […]

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Best-Barcelona-Vineyards | ForeverBarcelona

Barcelona vineyards that you need to know about

Because the Spanish wine country is not limited to Rioja! The Barcelona vineyards are a hidden gem. Last week I had a really interesting conversation with the Chelsea, who own a wine store in their town near Chicago. The had had a food tour and were enjoying some wine in one of my favorite tapas […]

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