Glass of orange wine (Spain)

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Glasses of Spanish orange wine

Curated guide of the best Spanish orange wine


Orange wine can mean two different things in Spain. “Vino de naranja” is a wine that has been fortified with alcohol macerated with orange rind. The result is similar to Vermouth, and in Spain it’s typical from Andalusia where they use oranges from Seville (which is why you’ll often hear it referred as Seville orange wine). Instead “vino naranja” has nothing to do with oranges. It is a white wine made with white grapes that are left to ferment with their skins on, the same way it’s done with reds and rosés. The main difference is that for reds and rosés you use red grapes, and that for rosés the skins are only left fermenting for a few hours – just to get a color touch.

For the goal of this post we’ll be focusing in the second type of orange wines (since Seville orange wine is hard to find outside of the Seville area). Orange wines are now gaining popularity, and now that the Holy Season is coming, serving it during your family meals is a sure way to wow everyone. Bonus point: most of them incorporate lower levels of sugar and tend to be natural wines.

High end Spanish Orange wine


O Morto Combullo

O Morto Combullo: best orange wine from Spain

Meet the very best Orange wine from Spain, rated 94 by the prestigious Parker wine guide. This natural byodynamic vegan wine ferments spontaneously from the yeast contained by the grapes, which are left in contact with the must for 6 months. Then it is aged for 6 months in used oak barrels. During the aging, the yeast is left to top the surface of the liquid. The resulting wine isn't filtered or clarified, what adds texture and minerality to the wine.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 40% Godello, 30% Loureira Blanca, 30% Treixadura
PRICE: Over €40. Buy it online >>


Muchada-Léclapart Vibrations

Our choice of Andalusian orange wine... that isn't a Seville orange wine. No orange rind nor juice is involved in the making of this unique orange wine. Just the yeast of the Palomino grapes, then the aromas of a 12 months aging in French oak barrels. The wine is also not clarified or rectified in any way before bottling. Pairs nicely with white fish and seafood.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Palomino
PRICE: Over €30. Buy it online >>

Mid-range Orange wine from Spain


Amos Banyeres Vinya Oculta Vinya de la Munia

Vinya Oculta: Best orange wine | Spain

This natural and vegan orange wine comes from 25 years old vines organically grown. The wine macerates with the skins for one night before being pressed and left to naturally ferment. It is left to age for 10 months in oak casks. The Parker Guide has rated it with 92 points. Pair it with white meats, white fish and soft cheeses

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Xarel·lo
PRICE: Just over €20. Buy it online >>


Mario Rovira La Farruca

Parker has rated this Spanish orange wine with 92 points. It comes from 35 years old vineyards near the Mediterranean sea. The wine macerates with its skins for 8 days, fermenting spontaneously with its own native yeasts. After that, it is aged for 12 months of sherry barrels. The granitic soils where the grapes grow provide the wine an attractive mineral touch. 

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Macabeo
PRICE: Around €20. Buy it online >>


Taleia Brisat

Taleia, one of Spain best orange wines

Rated with 93 points by the Parker guide, this natural wine is produced in the Pyrenees mountains, in a historical state. The harvest is made by hand, then the wine ferments in contact with the native yeast of the skins before being pressed, part of them using stone presses from the 1200'. Then the wine ages for 12 months on French oak barrels, without any additives added. Well balanced and full-bodied, serve it to accompany past, rice and fish.

DESIGNATION: D.O. Costers del Segre.
TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
PRICE: Around €20. Buy it online >>


Goyo Georgieva

Natural, organic and vegan, this orange wine is the perfect example of a white wine with a red soul. A wine of altitude, the grapes macerate and ferment with their skins during 35 days, it is aged on old cellars carved into the mountain stone. It incorporates notes of fruits and nuts, that pair elegantly with salads, grilled fish and Asian foods.

DESIGNATION: D.O. Ribera del Duero
TYPE OF GRAPES: 80% Albillo, 20% Malvasía
PRICE: Under €20. Buy it online >>


Anima Mundi Pells

Pells by Anima Mundi. Best Spain orange wine.

This biodynamic sulphite-free orange wine is made with grapes from 50 years old vineyards. The wine is macerated with its skins for 82 days, and aged partly in oak barrels and partly in clay amphoras. Aromatic and fresh, it's been rated with 92 points by the Parker guide.

DESIGNATION: Catalonia (but produced in the Penedes area)
TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Macabeo
PRICE: Around €20. Buy it online >>



The vines used for Rascaña orange wines are 20 to 60 years old, and cultivated using environmentally respectful and biodynamics principles. The grapes are manually harvested, then softly pressed to macerate with its skins and native yeasts at low temperatures, before aging for 4 months with their fine lees, then 5 more months in stainless steel tanks. They've been awarded 92 points by the Spanish Peñin guide.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 75% Merseguera, 25% Macabeo
PRICE: Over €15. Buy it online >>

Affordable Spanish Orange wine


Terroir Sense Fronteres Brisat

Orange wine from Spain: Terroir sense fronteres

This orange wine from Montsant (Spain) has been awarded 92 points by Parker and 91 points by Peñin. The grapes come from 15 to 35 years old vineyards on sand and clay hills with a Mediterranean influence, and are cultivate using respectful agricultural methods. They aren't destemmed before being put to ferment and macerate in contact with the skins for two whole weeks. Following this period, the wine is aged for 6 months in stainless steel tanks.

TYPE OF GRAPES: Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo
PRICE: Around €15. Buy it online >>


Siuralta Orange

Also coming from the DO Montsant, the Vins Nus winery takes advantage of the high altitudes to grow grapes without the use of chemicals or sulphites. The grapes are harvested and destemmed by hand, and macerated for 36 days in clay amphorae, fermenting thanks to their native yeasts. After that comes an ageing process that lasts 6 months, both in amphorae and small steel tanks.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 35% Cariñena blanca, 35% Garnacha Blanca, 30% Malvasía
PRICE: Around €15. Buy it online >>


Ninja de las Uvas

Ninja de las Uvas bottle (Spain orange wine)

This orange wine from a little known D.O. in Murcia (Spain) comes from 20 year old vines that express the wisdom of the land: sunshine, hills, soil and no chemicals to alter its flavour. The grapes are harvested by hand and destemmed before macerating for 10 days in steel tanks anf fermenting with its native yeasts. After that, they go through a 9-month ageing in oak barrels, and are bottled without suffering any other process that could alter it taste and texture.

DESIGNATION: D.O. Bullas (Murcia region)
TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Macabeo
PRICE: Under €15. Buy it online >>


Pepe Mendoza Pureza

Pepe Mendoza is the name of the enologist behind Casa Agrícola. And Pureza, "purity" in Spanish, is one of the most special wines of his portfolio. The grapes are macerated and fermented with their skins for 60 days, before aging for 5 months with their lees. The Parker guide has awarded it 93 points for the 2021 vintage, and 92 for the 2019 and 2017 vintages.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Moscatel
PRICE: Under €15. Buy it online >>


Cueva Orange

Cueva Orange orange wine (Spain)

Bodegas Cueva makes natural wines following the old traditions but adapting them to our modern times. For this orange wine they use the ripest grapes, that are macerated with their skins for 5 to 6 days, then they proceed to ferment them with 50% of their skins. After that, they age for 3 months in stainless steel tanks with their fine lees. The result if a wine of a bright orange color. that is fresh and fruity, but elegant at the same time, and it surprises you with an interesting bitter touch at the end.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Tardana
PRICE: Around €20. Buy it online >>


Honorio Rubio Macerado

If you were wondering if La Rioja makes orange wines too, here is our pick for you. The maceration of the Viura grapes with their skins protects the liquid, so no sulphites need to be added as the tannins tinge the must with a pretty golden shade. Honorio Rubio Macerado is a limited production that has been awarded 91 ponts by Parker and also 91 points by Suckling.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Viura
PRICE: Over €10. Buy it online >>



Cheap Spanish orange wines: Tragolargo

Tragolargo is a lovely and affordable orange wine made by two families in their garages. Their vineyards, although close to the Mediterranean, endure the drastic temperature changes of continental weather due to their orientation. They are grown with organic farming, harvested manually and fermented with their skins for a short time before ageing and bottling without being filtered nor clarified, making it a natural and vegan wine.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 70% Merseguera, 30% Moscatel
PRICE: Around €10. Buy it online >>

What is your favorite Spain orange wine?


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