Red wine in one of the best Spanish wine bars

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Red wine at a Barcelona bar

Discover The Best Wine Bars In Barcelona


The wines of Spain are starting to get a name beyond Rioja, but do you know where you can enjoy a selection of the best Spanish wine labels while you are in Barcelona? Discover the best wine bars in Barcelona that all the connoisseurs are talking about.

Today we are inviting you to discover some of the best places in town to relish on the treasures great have to offer us.

Foreverbarcelona’s pick of the best wine bars in Barcelona:

Wine bars in the Born District


Vila Viniteca​

Vila Viniteca | Wine Bars (Barcelona, Spain)

A classic of our foodie tours, this is probably the best wine store in Barcelona. But it makes it in our list of top Barcelona wine bars because apart from growing your cellar buying bottles, you can also taste a selection of their Spanish wine list in their gourmet grocery across the street where they have a couple of tables (and a cozy medieval basement for small groups if you book in advance). They also serve some of the best Spanish ham and cheese in the city!

Address: 7, Agullers st.
Why go there: The finest wine store in Barcelona.


Can Cisa (Bar Brutal)​

Still in the the trendy Born district, where the old bodega Can Cisa was transformed by two twin chefs in the first natural and organic-only wine bar of Barcelona. They have over 300 references from all over the world! The old cellar is now connected with its twin venue, Bar Brutal, which is a their dinner restaurant where you can continue to enjoy your wines pairing them with lovely Italian food (not the typical pasta and pizza offer, but more elaborated Italian specialties).

Address: 14, Princesa st.
Why go there: Their 300 wine references from all over the world.


La Vinya del Senyor​

Impressively large selection of wines, considering their reduced space available inside. But who cares being inside when you can be enjoying your wine sitting in one of the most coveted outdoor services in the Born district? Their terrace is right in front of the church of Santa Maria del Mar, a privileged spot for people watching. Or if you want to get away from the tourist crowds for a while, ask if you can seat in their tiny area upstairs. You'll still get to see the views over a balcony.

Address: 5, Plaça de Santa Maria.
Why go there: Their wonderful outdoor terrace.


El Diset (Disset Graus)

The name of this wine bar means “17” in Catalan, a reference to the alcohol degrees in a wine. Here you’ll find a beautiful wine menu offering only Catalan wines that you can pair with lovely tapas. Their croquettes, cheese boards and Catalan “cocas” (similar to the Italian focaccias but with a crustier bread dough) can make a light dinner or just open up your stomach for a larger meal.

Address: 3, Antic de Sant Joan st.
Why go there: To try awesome Catalan wines.

Wine bars in the Gothic Quarter


Zona d'Ombra

Not far, in the area of the Jewish Quarter (El Call) you find this wine bar that the owners define as an "enoiteca", "eno" for wine, and "teca" as an informal Catalan word for food. So their theme is wine and food. They have a decent wine menu that includes Catalan and Spanish choices that you can order by the glass. And they serve a tasty selection of cold and warm tapas and dishes to share.  They also run a wine shop.

Address: 3, Salomo ben Adret st.
Why go there: A date night with a wine lover.
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La Vinateria del Call

Continuing in the Jewish Quarter, on the same street you find this wine restaurant serving delicious gourmet tapas. They have an extensive wine list featuring over 150 references. They are proud of their cellar, a medieval underground silo that provides the perfect conditions to preserve their wines.

Address: 9, Salomo ben Adret st.
Why go there: A dinner of Spanish tapas and wine.



If you hate crowds, this is your place. Zim is probably the smallest wine bar in Barcelona. Almost a hole in the wall that opens its tiny counter to serve wines paired with cheese and cold cuts. No tables: just standing by the counter. BTW, this bar started as a project of the owner of a famous cheese shop in Barcelona: Catherine from Formatgeria de la Seu. While she doesn't run the shop yet, the selection of cheeses served in this wine bar have certainly her seal!

Address: 20, Dagueria st.
Why go there: A quick stop at the tiniest Barcelona wine bar, before heading somewhere else.

Wine bars in Barcelona Eixample



Located in the heart of the Eixample district, not too far from La Pedrera and the upper area of Passeig de Gracia, but in location far enough to have a “real Barcelona” feel, Gresca was one of the leaders of the Barcelona gastrobars trend. They serve sophisticated tapas and “platillos” (tapas-sized cooked dishes), paired to a really long wine list. If you are a French wine lover, this place will make you feel in paradise: they have more French references than Spanish ones! But if you didn’t come to Spain to drink French wine: don’t scratch it from your list either: their Spanish wine list is also really complete and it includes very interesting choices.

Address: 203, Provença  st.
Why go there: Creative cooking and French wines.


Mon Vínic​

The pandemic forced the owners to turn what the Wall Street Journal had considered one of the best wine bars in the world into a less ambitious wine store. However, it'll continue to have a place of honor in our tapas and wine tours because they have reserved a corner to taste wine, artisan cheese and gourmet tinned food. Their list of 20 wines by the glass changes frequently so clients get to experience something different in every visit.

Address: 251, Diputacio st.
Why go there:  Feel the vibe of what before the pandemic was one of the best wine bars in the world.


Els Sortidors del Parlament

The Sant Antoni neighborhood is the section of the Eixample between El Raval and Poblesec. This area has quickly become a trendy destination for its cozy cafes, tapas bars and vermuterias. Els Sortidors del Parlament are a classic of the area and stands out for their well priced wines from all over the world with a special accent on Northern Catalonia wines. Enjoy a glass eating one of their gourmet tapas served on top of large wine barrels. 

Address: 53, Parlament st.
Why go there: Get the feel of the Sant Antoni district.

Wine bars in Gracia


Bar Salvatge

The Gracia district also has some great wine bars. Bar Salvatge is located in the lively Verdi street. They specialize in natural wines and wild winegrowers, both in bottle or in bulk. They also serve a short selection of cheese, cold cuts and a few cooked dishes that pair deliciously with their wines.

Address: 50, Verdi st.
Why go there: Their natural wines.



This small cheese and wine restaurant only features a handful of tables, and attracts mostly couples and groups of ladies that love its Nordic décor and their chic cheese and wine dinners. Their wine list includes over 150 Spanish wines by the bottle. Plus they always have a curated selection of them by the glass, that rotate frequently so you always want to come back to try new things.

Address: 10, Guilleries st.
Why go there: Dinner with your girls (as long as they like cheese).



This wine bar in Gracia is the place to go for good wine and good music. Over 150 references in constant change, a curated selection of them by the glass, cold creative tapas, and jazz and soul vinyl music giving the best vibes in the district.

Address: 12, Vallfogona st.
Why go there: For wine conoisseurs that enjoy good music.

Barcelona wine bars in other areas


Lavicoca (Hostafrancs)

Hostafrancs is the liveliest area of the otherwise sort of grey district of Sants. The animated area around its food market hides several hidden gems: those authentic tapas bars that locals wish the internet won’t promote enough to have them “stolen” by tourists. But let me finish this post by revealing one of their secrets. Lavicoca is a great place to hung out: a cozy wine store that organizes wine tastings, wine themed dinners, outings on their wine truck… And that also has a bar area where to drink wine by the glass and eat some delicious tapas.

Address: 18, Hostafranchs de Sio st.
Why go there: To explore the “real Barcelona” with the excuse of drinking some wine.


Denassus (Poblesec)

Did you think the district of the cheap 1-euro tapas bars would not be a place where you could find a good wine bar? Think again! Because enjoying good wines doesn't have to be a snobby experience, the 2014 winner of the prestigious sommelier competition Nariz de Oro ("Golden nose") partnered with two friends to create an informal wine bar that also serves great tapas, precisely here in Poblesec.

Address: 53, Blai st.
Why go there: For a night out with friends.

BTW, if you want to treat yourself with the best wine tasting in Barcelona, make sure to book one of our wine tours!

What’s your favorite wine bar in Barcelona or elsewhere?​


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