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Fancy Dinning: Best Michelin Restaurants In Barcelona!


Is there anything better than indulging in the most luxurious food? Barcelona Michelin star restaurants are expensive, but dining in one of them his always a memorable experience. I have tried a few of the top Michelin star restaurants in Spain, and I have always been surprised, delighted and impressed by they service, the quality of the products and their creativity. 

If you are a foodie, I strongly recommend to book at least one of your meals in one of them, so you always remember your trip to Spain! Today I’m sharing with you not just the most highly rated restaurants in the Michelin Guide Spain, but what most connoisseurs would consider to be the top of the top restaurants in Barcelona.

Here are the best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona 2020:​


Abac ***​

This was the first of all the Michelin restaurants in Barcelona to get a 2nd Michelin star, then a 3rd.

Located in an exclusive area of the uptown Barcelona, it is not only a restaurant but also a very classy hotel. Chef Jordi Cruz is famous for his creativity and the way he plays with traditional flavors and combines them with exotic influences.


Lasarte ***​

The Monument Hotel is home to the third of the 2 Michelin Star restaurants in Barcelona is managed by the world renowned Basque chef Martin Berasategui, owner of 3 stars for his main restaurant in Guipuzkoa.

They are famous for treating with exquisite respect the products of the earth and the sea, and the delicacy with which they serve them. BTW, if you couldn’t book there, they also own the Oria restaurant across the street – a 1 Star Michelin restaurant.


Moments **​

Chef Carme Ruscalleda is the only woman to have been awarded 7 Michelin stars in the world. Wow!

That includes the 3 stars awarded to her famous restaurant in Barcelona northern coast (in the seaside village of Sant Pol de Mar), another 2 for the one she opened in Tokyo and 2 more for Moments in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel of Barcelona).


Disfrutar **​

A personal favorite, Disfrutar is one of the few Michelin restaurants in Barcelona that doesn’t partner with a hotel. 3 chefs that learned in the iconic El Bulli of Ferran Adria opened their Barcelona restaurant after their success in the quaint seaside village of Cadaques. 

Their creativity leads them to challenge traditional cooking to surprise their guests with flashbacks to their childhood meals and unexpected textures and flavors behind familiar presentations. You can read my experience in Disfrutar that I shared some time ago in this blog.


Cocina Hermanos Torres **​

Two twins that learned to cook helping their grandma Catalina at home, run a trendy restaurant in the off the beaten path district of Les Corts, after their success at Dos Cielos at the top of the Melia Sky Hotel.


Enoteca **​

Chef Paco Pérez runs this restaurant at the Arts Ritz-Carlton Hotel, another of the most coveted 2 Michelin Star restaurants in Barcelona. Its location by the sea inspires a menu mainly focused on seafood and fish.

And as it’s name evokes, you will also be able to enjoy a wine list of over 500 wines. BTW, in the same hotel you can have some amazing tapas at Arola, run by chef Sergi Arola who has also been awarded 2 Michelin stars for his restaurant in Madrid.


Angle **​

The restaurant of Hotel Cram is run by Jordi Cruz (who also runs the 3-star Michelin restaurant Abac), this restaurant delights in using the freshest local produce to offer tasting menus at really nice prices for what you get. And that makes it a favorite for business meetings as well as well-off family celebrations.

AND BONUS! Our pick for a One Michelin Star Restaurant in Barcelona:​


Tickets *​

Everyone was disappointed when Ferran Adrià closed his famous El Bulli in 2011, but his brother Albert is taking over in Barcelona. His cool tapas restaurant Tickets joined the club of Michelin Star restaurants in Barcelona in November 2013… It’s hard to get a reservation, but it’s worth to keep checking their website until you find a date available! 

TIP: They open online reservations in their website a new day at midnight Spanish time, 2 months ahead. AND ONE MORE TIP: They own three more 1-Michelin Star restaurants in the neighborhood: Enigma, Pakta and Hoja Santa.

See here all the other One Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona.

What are your favorite Michelin restaurants in Barcelona?​


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