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One Ocean Bar, a must for any Barcelona Luxury day vacations

A Luxury Day In Barcelona


There’s many ways to enjoy luxury in Barcelona. You can stay at a 5-star hotel, dine at the Michelin star restaurant, take a private tour… But there are other ways to feel close to the elite that don’t have to be that expensive.

The Port Vell marina has been recently remodeled to welcome the most luxurious super-yatches in the world, and in order to serve better their owners, captains and guests it’s been created the One Ocean Club, offering them all the services they might need during their stay.

The good news is that some of such services are also available for outside clients – and you can be one of them. Last week I was invited to try them, and it was such a wonderful morning. I had to share this experience with you, soy ou can have as much fun as I did.

That’s what the One Ocean Club can offer you:


Drive a Ferrari

DriveMe is the name of a supercars experience company with headquarters in One Ocean Club. They have Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and Porsches available. For only €88 (at the time we write this post) you can get to DRIVE a Ferrari for 20 minutes.

You’ll be seating next to an instructor that will give you directions, to drive along the beaches, the Olympic Village and back to the Barceloneta quarter. They also have longer itineraries in town as well as day trips out of town: driving along winding roads up the Montserrat Mountain or the Garraf coast on your way to Sitges, or accross the vineyards to visit a cellar and enjoy some splendid wine tasting.

And if you need even more adrenaline, they can even take you to some F-1 nearby racing tracks where you can make that engine roar! NOTE: you aren’t allowed to drive in all of itineraries, for safety and insurance reasons. Check with them before booking your experience if you want to drive, not just ride.

CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE: Visit a F1 track near Barcelona.


Fly on a helicopter

Is there anything more luxurious that having your own private helicopter? Just like Richard Gere taking Julia Roberts to the opera on Pretty Woman. Ok, not everyone is able to afford and maintain one, but… you can at least take a private flight! And a vacation is the perfect time to treat yourself to such luxurious experiences.

DriveMe also provides packages combining a Ferrari or other supercar ride with a spectacular 10 minute helicopter flight to enjoy the views of the city skyline from the air. You must be at least two people to book these packages, though.

ALTERNATIVE: Helicopter flight outside of Ocean Club.


Go on a sail boat

Feel like you are in Monaco and take a sail with your private sailboat and dedicated professional skipper. Ours was called Vicky and she sailed us accross the Port Vell marina sharing with us the secrets of the wonderful yatches that were anchored that day (we even saw one with a heliport on top of it!). 

We passed next to the huge cruise ships that were in town that day (one of them even had a heliport on board!) and headed off shore, to enjoy the view over the city. Since it was just a taste of what they do, we had a short 20min sail but they do have longer experiences as well: you can book the sail boat to see the sunrise and have breakfast at sea, or you can enjoy the sunset. And foodies will be delighted to know that they also organize brunch and midday vermouth sea excursions!

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Get a top-class beauty treatment

Rare Beauty is the beauty spa where the guests of the Port Vell marina can get themselves ready for their exclusive parties. Get a manicure, a haircut and tint, or just get a lovely massage, because you know: being wealthy is a tiring job and you always need to look perfect for the paparazzi around the corner. Just kidding.

But wouldn’t it be nice to get one of these beauty treatments after riding that Ferrari, and then get a red lipstick to match the car? Is there anything more glamorous than that? Or if you aren’t into driving, just have your hubby do the Ferrari thing and you go for your massage in the meantime. At Rare Beauty they work with the exclusive Ellis Faas cosmetic brand. 

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Dine with the owners of the most expensive yachts in the world

Where do the owners, guests and captains of the yachts eat, when they get bored of the cooking of their private chefs? You’ve guessed it right! The One Ocean Club has a restaurant that serves tapas in the outdoor terrace and a more elaborated menu including fresh oysters, sushi, salads, meats and fish in the interior restaurant that overlooks the water. So imagine having dinner seating next to one of the most richest people in the world.


AND BONUS! Are you curious about how could you get access to this exclusive club?


Have the right contacts

For safety reasons, the access to the One Ocean Club is reserved to captains, owners and passengers of the super-yatches moored in the Port Vell Marina, Club members and their guests. Also, if you are a member of another yatch club you should check with them, as there are some reciprocity agreements that might allow you to also use the One Ocean Club premises. 

You could also become a member of One Ocean Club yourself. It’s easy: you just need to fill up a form in their website and… be recommended by a current member. Ok, it wasn’t that easy, then. So… what can you do if you are visiting Barcelona and aren’t on a yacht and have no contacts? Good news: One Ocean Club has special agreements with some of the best hotels in town. Ask your concierge to see if they can get an invitation for you. That’s easier, isn’t it?

How would be our dream luxury day in Barcelona?


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