Hot Air Balloon near Barcelona

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Hot Air Balloon over Barcelona

See Barcelona From The Air


Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’ve always envied those people who assure that in the middle of a dream they can “decide” they can fly and hop! they start flying. But you don’t really need to train yourself to have lucid dreams to experience the sensation of floating in the air, or to enjoy the views from a bird point of view. 

In the city you have a bunch of opportunities to see Barcelona from the sky, some more adventurous than the other, some more physically demanding than others, but all of them rewarding. Are you curious to know how you can reach the skies during your stay in Barcelona? Let me share with you my favorite ways to achieve it. Don’t miss today’s post.

These are our favorite Barcelona flying experiences:


Helicopter rides

I must say this is still in my bucket list. But I can’t wait until the day I’ll get on a helicopter and sore over Barcelona, and see with my very own eyes the look of the grid of the Eixample district from the sky – not just from one of those beautiful pictures that you see on postcards or in a book.

Helicopter rides are pricey, but this company organizes short 6 minutes rides to keep their fees affordable. And you get to cover so much in just ten minutes! The whole coastline (with the bonus of flying next to the impressive W hotel), with impressive views over the city skyline and landmarks such as Sagrada Familia and the AGBAR tower seen from the distance!


Balloon rides

Prefer a longer activity for a similar price? If you aren’t scared of heights, you’ll love the experience of flying in a balloon. I’ve done it twice! Once with a group of clients, and the second time it was one of our wedding gifts. I totally loved it! The quietness of being so high up without the noise of an engine breaking the magic, the breathtaking views of the Catalan land, the glass of cava we enjoyed up there, and the amazing pictures we took! Both times I did it in the area of Girona, so we had to wake up really early to get there.

This company makes things easy for you, though: they pick you up at your hotel and take you near Montserrat where the flight takes place. This other company flies in the valley of Vic, but you need to have your own means of transportation to get there (it’s slightly cheaper than the other, though, while the flight is longer and the price includes an earthy countryside breakfast).



Short budget but want equally outstanding views? Think no more: in Barcelona we have not one but two cable cars, both in the Hill of Montjuic (although they are not connected: it’s a 10 minutes walk from one to the other and they require different tickets). The oldest one was built for the 1929 World Fair and connects the Barceloneta beaches with the Hill of Montjuic: it consists of two old-fashioned red cabins and tickets must be bought in their ticket booth, which often gets very long lines.

The other one starts very close to the Miró Foundation and takes you all the way up to the Montjuic Castle. It’s a more modern cable car similar to the ones you often see in ski resorts. You can skip the also sometimes long lines by buying your ticket online here. By the way, in Catalonia you have a few more cable cars: one of them in Montserrat (we often take it on our tours there) and another in the Pyrenees, taking you to the Gento lake.



If you love both sea and sky and enjoy adrenaline highs, you need to try this! That is, you… or your kids! A flyboard is a platform that generates water gets that come out from your feet and hands and propels you upto 12 meters (almost 40 feet) of height over the surface of the sea. It might sound difficult to control, but it’s easier than you’d think: in only 15 minutes you’ll get the basics that will allow you to feel like a flying fish. 

Did I mention before it starts rising it turns around and sinks you into the water before you are catapulted into the sky? This company located in the Olympic Marina specializes on it and offers 15 and 30 minutes rides.



But if the flyboard thing sounds too risky for you, but still want some emotion, then your choice should be parasailing. The take off is the most active part, but once in the air it’s a very pleasant and relaxing ride, with views over the Mediterranean see and the city skyline. The activity lasts around 15 minutes plus the sail to wherever they consider the water is calm enough for the experience.

There are two companies offering it in Barcelona: the same ones that do the flyboard and another one. The fees are quite similar, and both offer the opportunity of solo or couple rides but only the first one seems to be active all year around while the other is only available in the Summer.

AND BONUS! Here is where you can go skydiving near Barcelona:



This beach resort in the Costa Brava is the top Catalan destination for the braves that are ready to jump off a plane… with a parachute, of course! A world-class meeting point for skydivers, there are several companies there organizing tandem jumps (you with an instructor) as well as solo jumps for experienced divers. 

Some companies will even pick you up in Barcelona so you don’t have to find your way there. And if you don’t feel ready yet for the big jump but still want to experience how if feels, there is the Windoor Wind Tunnel where anyone can try the feel of a free jump on a completely safe environment. Even 4yo kids are allowed to try!

What’s your favorite flying experience beside airplanes and where have you tried it?


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