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Private Barcelona Shopping Tour

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All your shopping made fun, easier and faster than on your own

Do you love shopping? Is it one of your favorite activities when you travel? Do you dream of some special items you’d really love to purchase in Spain? Or maybe… you hate shopping but your wife loves it, and you want to treat her with a shopping tour during your trip (so you can do your favorite things or just relax at the hotel in the meantime). 

Barcelona has over 35.000 shops, and the Barcelona Shopping Line is 5km long (over 3 miles). Does getting oriented to find what you are looking for start to sound a bit overwhelming?

Shopping in a foreign city can be challenging and time consuming if you don’t know where to go and don’t speak the local lingo. And then, there are so many tourist traps, and many brands seem to be the same in every city… How can you find what’s really authentic and fun?

If you don’t feel like going shopping on your own, or if you want to make your shopping time as efficient as possible, a private shopping tour is the answer for you! Just share with us what type of shopping you are thinking of (items, style…) and we’ll design your custom shopping tour.

Our guides know the city well and know where to find your stuff. They can take you shopping clothes, leather and shoes, help you finding the right sizes and colors, translate at the shops. With them navigating you, you’ll maximize your shopping time and avoid wasting it.


Leather   |   Shoes   |   Spanish fashion   |   High end brands | Gifts and souvenirs
Spanish crafts   |     Food and cooking items   |   Any quirky request of your choice…


Window Shop in Born

OLD TOWN (walking tour)

Our favorite Barcelona shopping district. Venture with your shopping guide around medieval alleys that hide plenty of wonderful shops, so easy to miss if you don’t know where they are!

Beautiful little clothes boutiques, shoe stores, gorgeous jewelries, leather ateliers, independent young art galleries, antique shops, arts&crafts and more! The Gothic Quarter is full of surprises, while the Born district is trendier and considered to be the Barcelona “SOHO”!

Fancy pair of Shoes in Eixample Shop

EIXAMPLE (walking tour)

The Eixample District is the largest Barcelona shopping area, and includes two top shopping streets: Rambla Catalunya and Passeig de Gràcia, connected by several perpendicular streets featuring lots of interesting stores as well. The Corte Inglés department store and the Boulevard Rosa mall are also located in this area.

Fashion, fashion, fashion! Along the modernist avenues we’ll find all the Spanish street-wear brands such as Zara, Mango and Desigual, as well as lovely Catalan designers and also the top international couturiers such as Chanel and Gucci. Popular brands for leather, bags, shoes, watches and jewels are also here, not far from the Art Galleries and the Boulevard of the Antiques. There are also plenty of delicious small shops and boutiques.

Lady shopping in Gracia

GRACIA (walking tour)

Not to be confused with the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, this is another fun option to consider for your shopping tour.

This Barcelona uptown district has been chosen by young local designers to open their ateliers and workshops where they display and sell their original creations. The styles vary from romantic to urban to hippie or alternative. Mostly clothing, with some leather, shoes and jewels. Organic products can also be found in the area.

Branded yellow bag in La Roca Village

LA ROCA VILLAGE (day trip)

Are you a bargain fan? If you’d spend hours shopping at discount stores and you love it when you find great deals of the top brands, let us take you to La Roca Village, an outdoors outlet shopping mall located just half an hour away from Barcelona.

You’ll find there outlet and discount stores of famous Spanish and international brands such as Nike, Armani, Burberry, Desigual, Calvin Klein, Camper, Dockers, Escada, Furla, Gucci, Galliano, Loewe, Lupo, Max Mara, Ralph Lauren, Pepe Jeans, Ray-Ban, Samsonite, Versace, Zegna and many more.

This is a 5-hour (minimum) chauffeured day trip from Barcelona.


Stay away from the tourist traps.
Don’t waste time figuring out your way around.
Discover where locals love to shop.
Have help with translations.
Need a different color or size while trying clothes on? Our guide is there to help!
Leave with a custom list of recommendations for other shops and restaurants to visit during your stay.
And much more, in a private tour just for you and your party!


THIS TOUR RUNS: Monday through Saturday.

TOUR LENGHT: 1.5 hours the Express tour, 4 hours the Walking tours, 5 hours the trip to La Roca Village.

– MORNING TOURS: Anytime between 10AM and 11AM
– AFTERNOON TOURS: Anytime between 2PM and 4PM
– SHOPS OPENING HOURS: Most shops open around 10AM (although a few might be open by 9AM) and close around 8PM (almost some might stay open until 9PM or even 10PM as the department store Corte Ingles does). While in the main streets and most of the city center they don’t close for lunch break, small stores in other districts and in the alleys of the Old Town might close from 2PM to 4 or even 5PM. Depending on what kind of shopping you are envisioning, that might affect your final schedule.

WHERE DO WE MEET? In a designated point in the area where you’ll be shopping, for the Express tour and the Walking tours. At your location within Barcelona city limits for the day trip to La Roca Village.

WHERE DO WE END? In the area where we took you shopping, for the Express and Walking Tours. Anywhere of your choice within the Barcelona city limits for the Day Trip to La Roca Village.

IS THERE A LUNCH STOP? No. If you booked a walking tour, you are welcome to book one extra hour to allow for a lunch stop on tour. In the Day Trip to La Roca Village you might choose to spend part of your time there having lunch, or add one extra hour.

HOW DO WE MOVE AROUND? The Express and the Walking tours are 100% walking tours (taxi rides might be needed if you want to visit more than one shopping district) . In the day trip to La Roca outlet mall we use new air-conditioned Mercedes cars or vans with dedicated private driver to get to there, then you’ll be walking at the mall.

ARE YOUR GUIDES STYLISTS OR PERSONAL SHOPPERS? No. Our guides are licensed tour guides that loved shopping and know the local shops really well. They are not trained to find the perfect outfit to fit your body shape or personality, but they can give you their candid opinion if you ask. They are paid well, so their goal is that you are happy with your purchases – not to get a sale and get a commission.

HOW DOES THE EXPRESS TOUR WORK? The express tour is designed to give you a quick overview of your chosen shopping area and assist you in a small number of shops for the time the tour lasts. At the end of the tour you’ll be left with many recommendations to continue shopping confidently in the area.

CAN I ADD A DRIVER TO CARRY OUR SHOPPING IN THE WALKING TOUR? Yes, at an extra cost. The driver upgrade is not available for the Express tour, though.

HOW DOES THE DAY TRIP TO LA ROCA OUTLET MALL WORK? In the day trip you have a private driver to take you there, and once there you are on your own to shop around until it’s time to get back. You’ll be responsible for being back to the car on time, otherwise you risk being charged extra hours. It is possible to add a private tour guide to escort and assist you at the mall for an extra cost.


Guest with her private Barcelona shopping guide
“It was my wife’s birthday so I had arranged for Marta to take her boutique shopping for the afternoon. My wife had a fantastic time.”
MTKH (Hanover, NH, USA)
“When we first meet Bego I showed her a newspaper article about Barcelona’s puppeteers that I had brought with me. She even found time to make a side trip to the studio mentioned in the article.”
Stu J (Williamsburg, Virginia, USA)
Client on a Barcelona Shopping Tour with us


This tour is right for you (or your wife!) if you love shopping but don’t want to venture on your own, need assistance or want to find special items that you wouldn’t know where to find on your own.

This tour is NOT for you if you are looking for a personal shopper that helps you creating or improving your wardrobe or finding the best clothing style for your personality. We are NOT personal shoppers.

If you are traveling with kids, we can design a shopping tour that includes their favorite items as well.

If you have walking issues, we can organize the tour so there are coffee breaks, seating opportunities and taxi rides that keep your energy up and your body comfortable. You might also want to consider adding a driver for a more leisurely experience.

If you are on a wheelchair, most shops are accessible.

If you are more than one or two people in your party, like a group of ladies or several couples, each with their own shopping goals, our guide will try to organize the tour so everyone has their own chance to have fun shopping their favorite items, but depending on how similar or different your goals are, that might involve having to wait for the others to be done in one shop before we move on to the next.

Do you need a longer tour? No problem! Add one or two extra hours to your half day tour!

Do you need a shorter shopping time, but would love to do some sightseeing? Not a problem either! Book any of our sightseeing tours and ask us to add one or two extra hours for shopping.

Are you a bargain fan? Let us take you on a 5-hour (or longer!) day trip to La Roca Village Outlet Mall.


This is a 100% private shopping tour, exclusive for you and your party. There is a base rate total per tour (no matter how many people you are), plus a per person rate to cover the entrance fees.

BASE RATE (paid once per tour):


  • One area visited
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • 100% walking tour


  • One or two areas visited
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • 100% walking tour​


  • Around 4 actual hours of shopping
  • On your own the mall
  • Car or van with driver

*Notifying us at least one week in advance. Click to learn more >>

OPTIONAL UPGRADES (additional to the tour cost, paid once per tour):
– Add a driver to your walking tour: €325
– Add a tour guide to your trip to La Roca Village Outlet mall: €465

No pocket money is included in this tour. You’ll be paying for your chosen items as you go. Credit cards are accepted in most stores (although AMEX not very often)

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Combine sightseeing with some fun shopping!

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