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The Ultimate Barcelona Outlet Shopping List


Do you love buying clothes at bargain prices? Can you imagine being able to go outlet shopping in Barcelona during your vacation? Shopping has become one of the top leisure activities to enjoy when traveling: it’s fun, it’s different from what you can find at home and it’s often cheaper… 

Specially if you are traveling during the sale season or if you can find a discounted store! But how? Outlets aren’t usually right there in the main shopping street, so unless you do some research it’s hard to find out where they are…

Plus they sometimes don’t even use the same name of the bran you are looking for. But never mind: we got you covered. Discover in today’s post where are the best designer outlets in Barcelona. Want to come on a shopping tour?

Here are our favorite outlets in Barcelona:


Zara Outlet

Zara is probably the most famous Spanish brand for clothes, belonging to the Inditex Group created by one of the richest men in the world: Amancio Ortega, who started out as a humble tailor in Galicia where he was born. Lefties is the name of the shop that started out as the Zara outlet, and after its success, the Inditex group decided to change its strategy and transform Lefties into a low cost brand.

So I should say it’s not exactly a Zara outlet anymore but the place to find very low cost clothes made by the Zara group . There are several shops in Barcelona, but the most central one is located at the corner of Pelai street with Plaça Universitat. And there is another (smaller) one in the Maremagnum mall in the port, besides a couple of other shops in shopping malls of perimeter districts of the city.

BTW, did you know that Zara has also a Home line? Their outlet is inside the Zara shop on Rambla Catalunya 71. And did you know Massimo Dutti is the upscale brand of Zara? To get to their outlet you’ll need to drive, though: there is one in Palafolls (1 hour drive) and another in Llagostera, just a bit further and perfect if you are staying in the Costa Brava.


Mango Outlet

Mango is a very famous Spanish brand with lots of shops all over the city: probably the toughest competition to Zara, but with less basic (or a slightly better quality) designs. Its outlet shop is is called Mango-2, and it’s located in Girona street very close to Plaça Tetuan: it’s just a longish walk from the city center, but its super easy to get there. 

Or if you prefer, it’s also a couple of blocks from the Tetuan (L2, purple line) and Girona (L4, yellow line) subway stations. You can find there clothes and accessories of the current season at 50% discounts, as well as designed from past seasons at 85% discount. There’s also a section with seasonal clothes with imperfections. It’s a quite large store, so plan lots of time for shopping and trying clothes on.


Desigual Outlet

Desigual is a urban Spanish brand, more expensive than Zara and Mango characterized by their very colorful and slightly wild designs. The opening of its outlet in Barcelona was eagerly awaited. It’s called Alma-Zen (a Spanish word joke that would translate as Warehou-Se as well as Zen-Soul), and you’ll find it in 323, Diputació street – very centrally located and close to the Mango-2 store we mentioned before (easy to do both in the same shopping trip!). 

But contrarily to Mango-2 which is sort of a mess and the shop lacks of any charm, at Alma-Zen they’ve taken care of the image of the shop, that doesn’t feel like the average outlet store even if it still reminds you of a (trendy) warehouse – remember what the name of the shop means? They have clothes for women, men and children.


Heron City Outlet

Heron City is a shopping mall located in the Sant Andreu district, a bit out of the way if you are staying in the city center, but totally worth the 20 minute subway ride to Fabra i Puig plus the 10 minute walk from there to the mall: There are more than 40 shops that offer a wide variety of clothes, shoes and accessories at cheap prices, either it is outlet or discounted seasonal products. 

You can also get there by Rodalies train (R4 and R3 to Sant Andreu Arenal, then a 5 minutes walk), but getting oriented in the suburban train stations can be quite confusing – subway is easier if you aren’t used to them. By the way, once you are there you can stay for lunch at one of their fast food restaurants or go to the movies at the Cinesa theater (to practice your Spanish, as movies are all dubbed).


Corte Inglés Outlet

Corte Inglés is the biggest department store chain in Spain and its outlet is called Centro de Oportunidades (Opportunity center). Their old ones in Rambla del Poble Nou and Travessera de les Corts have been closed and move to a larger one on Avda. Meridiana, 350-358, easily reachable by subway on the L1 red line getting off at Fabra i Puig (or even faster if you dare navigating the suburban trains: Sant Andreu Arenal, R3 & R4 from Plaça Catalunya). 

The Corte Inglés outlet is a great opportunity to find clothes for all the family at really low prices, as well as products from all their other sections: food and wine, electronics, home decor, kitchen hardware, sports, books and music…

AND BONUS! This is the largest Barcelona outlet mall:


La Roca Village

This outdoors outlet shopping mall is located at 40km from Barcelona, in the town of La Roca del Vallès. it is designed to look like a little village where each house is a shop from some fancy brand: Adolfo Dominguez, Bimba y Lola, Calvin Klein, North face and many more. 

And bonus: the Nike outlet store is right next to it, too! There is a direct bus departing every hour from the city center: the price might look expensive but it includes free wifi and a 10% discount card for your purchases at the Village, so the investment is quickly paid off.

What are your favorite Barcelona outlets?


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