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Looking for hotels on Passeig de Gracia?

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ForeverBarcelona’s favorite places to stay near Passeig de Gracia

If you are looking for a hotel, Passeig de Gracia (or Paseo de Gracia, in Spanish) is one of our favorite areas to stay in Barcelona. Finding the right place to stay when you are first visiting a city isn’t an easy task. But this area works great for most type of travellers.Hotel near passeig de gracia: Casa Fuster

This avenue of the Eixample district, designed to look like the Champs Élysées of Paris, offers a nice combination of everything a visitor will need: easy access from the airport, walking distance (5 to 15min) to top tourist sites, good shopping opportunities, nice restaurant offer…

Because of its prime location, that’s where some of the top hotels are located, but it’s also possible to find more affordable choices with great added value. Chosing to stay near Passeig de Gracia will contribute to making your trip a sucess.

Here are my top-5 favorite hotels near Passeig de Gracia Barcelona area:

Casa Fuster. Yes, I am a fan of modernism, and my first choice is a hotel located inside the work of one of our best architects from the early 1900’s. A boutique hotel that combines the elegance of the old times with a modern touch of the contemporary on passeig de gracia: Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin OrientalBut if you are looking for something that feels more familiar, international chains also have their space in this exclusive area of Barcelona. Although the rooms might not be as large as you might be accustomed (in fact, most hotel rooms in Barcelona aren’t that big…), the service is excellent and it also features one of the best restaurants in town: Moments. It’s also one block from Passeig de Gracia train station, with trains taking you to the airport and Sants Station, where you take the AVE train to Madrid.

Alma BarcelonaThe newest addition to the Grand Luxe hotels on Passeig de Gracia, it is quickly getting raving reviews all over the net. Located in a side street from Passeig de Gràcia, the roof terrace has views over the backside and the rooftop of La Pedrera.

MurmuriOwned by the same group as the Majestic Hotel (also located in Passeig de Gràcia), this one is located in Rambla Catalunya, very near Passeig de Gracia: just one block away from the main street but in a quieter area with less traffic. They also have a selection of short-term rental apartments.Hotel Passeig de Gracia: Praktik

Praktik RamblaIf you aren’t looking for luxury (after all, you don’t spend so many hours at the hotel room), my choice would be this little hotel also in Rambla Catalunya (not to be confused with the touristy Rambla!). It’s a modernist apartment building totally refurbished and adapted to its new hotel uses. You’ll feel like a Barcelonan.

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