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Where to go for a Flamenco Show in Barcelona?

Passion, guitars and polka dots

Flamenco Show in BarcelonaMost people will tell you that if you are in Spain, you shouldn’t miss a flamenco show. However… Flamenco is not a Catalan tradition, and that’s why many believe that Barcelona is not the place to go for that.

Well, the truth is that since we have a lot of Andalucia immigrants living here, we happen to have some of the best flamenco artists in Spain here! What means high-quality shows but… mostly only tourists watching them, because locals are not too interested unless it’s a flamenco superstar performing on a theater or a concert hall.

So what are your options, then?

Here are our 5 recommendations for flamenco dancing shows in Barcelona:

Tablao de Carmen. That’s the other famous Barcelona flamenco show, named after the famous dancer Carmen Amaya who used to perform there. It is located inside the Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) in Montjuïc, and since you get a free entrance with your reservation it is a good excuse to visit it. It’s also a flamenco restaurant offering both dinner or drink-only options. The downside is that it’s far from the city center and you need taxis to get there.

La Rumbeta. Did you know there is a completely local flamenco style to Barcelona? Yes, there is one: it’s called Rumba Catalana and it originated within the local gipsy community. During the show (they like to say that it’s more a gipsy party than a show), they also explain some peculiarities specific to this music style such as their way of clapping and a special way of playing the guitar. You are also served some cold tapas that make for a light dinner. PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Barcelona Tablao FlamencoPalacio del Flamenco. This is the newest venue that has been added to the offer of flamenco shows in Barcelona. It is located near Passeig de Gràcia, so it is very convenient if you are staying in the Eixample district.

Tarantos. Also located towards the end of La Rambla in the lively Plaça Reial, here you have a much more different option: 30 minutes of music and dance, but no dinner options. The venue feels more like being in a jazz club or something like that, instead of trying to emulate a gypsy setting. It is also a more affordable option.

Opera & Flamenco. Another interesting option is this flamenco evening show offered some days in the Poliorama theater and some others in the Palace of the Music. It is a great mix of flamenco dance choreographies and famous flamenco-ish opera excerpts such as those from Carmen, for instance. Certainly it is not what you would expect of a flamenco “tablao”, but I would say that it is a very friendly option if you are not so familiar with flamenco music (and if you are buying tickets for Palau de la Música, it’s a plus to visit this gorgeous site!).

But wait! Do you want to know what’s the very best flamenco show in Barcelona? Share this post to discover it!


Have you ever been to any flamenco shows in Barcelona? How was the experience? Leave a comment below!


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    Posted by Madrid Cool & Cultural| January 17, 2013 |Reply

    According to our guide and Flamenco dancer Maria Carretero, Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to attend a good "Juerga Flamenca"… her favorite: Tablao Cordovés.

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    Posted by Madrid Cool & Cultural| January 17, 2013 |Reply

    According to our guide and Flamenco dancer Maria Carretero, Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to attend a good "Juerga Flamenca"… her favorite: Tablao Cordobés.

  3. Posted by Ged Ward| September 22, 2015 |Reply

    Thanks for the list as i will be visiting in the coming months 🙂

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    Posted by Christina| January 17, 2017 |Reply

    I have seen two shows – one in Palau de la Musica which must be the ultimate place to see a flamenco show in those surroundings anothor good place is in Las Arenas. I recommend Palau and if it does not have a show the weekend your in Barcelona then try the other place they have daily shows.

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    Posted by Oliver| June 9, 2017 |Reply

    I have seen a couple shows: the Palau is beautiful, but really big and I could hardly see any of the footwork. I really like the show in La Bodega Flamenca, a small intimate place, very Andalucian style. The food is great too!

    • avatar
      Posted by ForeverBarcelona| June 9, 2017 |Reply

      We haven’t been there yet, we’ll check it out!

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