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Kids planning fun things to do in Barcelona for teenagers

Barcelona For Teenagers


Traveling with teens can be tricky: they aren’t always interested in the sites and the history of the place, they get quickly bored and complain (even more than younger kids), and they need time to do things teenagers like to do. A vacation is an important family-time, that’s why it’s crucial to plan a variety of special activities that will keep each family member happy and smiling.

The good news is that our city is very teen friendly. That’s why today we are sharing with you what to do with teenagers in Barcelona, so you can offer your children enough options to choose from and they feel like they are part of the trip organization, and that their interests and wishes are also taken into account. That’s so important at such ages!

This is our Barcelona teenage things to do top list:


Gaudi Experiència

You’ve come to Barcelona mostly attracted by the Gaudi sites, and while they are usually quite kid-friendly and attractive for the young ones, since they have so many colors and possibilities to go up and down stairs and elevators (and we know how much they love to do that!), you might want to keep them even a bit more engaged. Fear no more: Gaudi Experiencia is a new 4D ride located right beside Park Guell.

Your teens (and you!) will have lots of fun with this giant screen, shaking seats, 4 dimension show based on the Gaudi works but mixed with a touch of fantasy. Plan to do it early on your sightseeing, and rejoice yourself hearing your kids saying “oh, that’s what we saw at the 4D show!” when you go visiting the other Gaudi sites.


Bosc Urbà

Do your teenagers need to release lots of energy and adrenaline to stay calm? Then give them the option to spend a morning in this urban “forest”, designed to let them climb and jump safely. 3 tracks of different skill levels (young kids, family-friendly and for the braver), equipped with rope and wood bridges, zip lines (one of them is 120m / almost 400 feet long!), nets… even bungee jumping!

Another great thing is that the tracks are located under a roof, what makes it a wonderful plan for a rainy day! Or if it’s sunny, they also rent mono-cycles: wouldn’t your kids love to challenge their own balance skills to ride a one-wheel device? You can buy your tickets online here.


Barcelona Wax Museum

The Wax Museum of Barcelona used to be a bit old-fashioned but not anymore! Now it's fun from beginning to end. From a cool "immersive elevator ride" that will take you over the city from the skies, to a tunnel of terror, to the inside of a pirate ship, a submarine or a rocket.
Your kids will also love to take selfies next to some of their sport idols (Messiiiiiiiiii!), Hollywood actors and rock stars such Rosalia and Taylor Swift, while you as parents might be more interested in the Beatles or their more classical sections about writers, scientists and painters. But whatever it is, you won’t be disappointed! And make sure to plan a pit stop at their really cool bar, Bosc de les Fades (Fairies Forest) before you leave: it’s like an extension of the museum!


FC Barcelona Stadium

Are your teenagers soccer lovers? Then visiting the FC Barcelona Stadium should be on top of your Barcelona Teenage things to do list! It’s located a bit far away from the city center, so plan enough time for a longish subway ride (L5 to Collblanc or L3 to Palau Reial, then some 10 minute walk), and at least 2 hours in the stadium.

The visit takes you to the grass level, the changing rooms, the press area, the journalist booths at the very top of the stadium and it ends with a spectacular interactive area and of course, a small museum with vintage sport items and lots of trophies. NOTE! VISIT WON’T INCLUDE THE INSIDE OF THE STADIUM WHILE CAMP NOU IS BEING REMODELLED.

The gift shop itself is huge (2 floors), so expect to spend about half an hour there as your kids will go crazy – and there are long lines to pay. Speaking about lines, get your tickets online if you don’t want to waste another 30 minutes or more waiting to get in.

Summer in Barcelona with teenager definitely needs to include some beach time. And with 10 city beaches and some 6km (almost 4 miles) of beach, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a good spot. Just avoid the beach right next to the W Hotel (unless you are OK with your kids watching naked gay people around)

And a more secluded corner in the Mar Bella beach (which is also nudist). The further away you go from the city center (i.e. la Barceloneta), the less tourists you’ll find and the more locals you’ll see. And if you are staying enough days, what about planing a day trip to a beach location? 

You can take the train to Sitges (which yes is also known for being a gay destination, but they mostly go to the hidden rocky beaches of the surroundings and go out at night – so the village itself remains a popular family beach area), or rent a car to explore the Costa Daurada (golden sandy beaches) or the Costa Brava (spectacular smaller rocky beaches). And we can also take you there!


Ride a bike

Yes, we get it: teens get quickly tired of walking around. But if you plan the same itinerary on a bike or some other moving device, they could keep going forever and never ever get tired. So why not planning some of your sightseeing on a bike, then? 

While we don’t organize bike tours ourselves, we can still offer you some advice here: the beach and the marinas are the best area to cover by bike as it’s safe and level. The hill of Montjuic is also fun by bike (although you’ll be glad you rented a motorized one to help you going uphill). Avoid bikes in the Old Town (Gothic Quarter, Rambla, Born): the alleys are narrow and you’ll have to dismount every time you cross a group of tourists – which will be more often than you’d think. 

We don’t recommend it for the Gaudi sites either, as you’ll have to deal with the traffic and swallow lots of exhaust smoke when you go from one site to the next. And no: bikes aren’t either a good idea just for Park Guell as it’s located waaaaay uphill. Plus the offer is not limited to bikes: find here other great plans such as segways and more.

AND BONUS! The most fun activity in Barcelona for teenagers is…

Looking for a great treat for your teens? Do they love theme parks? (of course, they all do!). Then plan for a day out of town in Port Aventura: a theme park located near Tarragona (south of Barcelona) and accessible by suburban train (or join an organized excursion).

They have 5 world-themed lands (China, Far West, Polynesia, Mediterranean and Mexico), plus the Sesame Adventure land for the youngest of the family. 
Your teenagers will love the wilder rides though: crazy roller coasters such as the loops of the Dragon Khan, the speed of the Furious Baco and the drops of the Shambhala. There is also a water park, and in 2017 they’ll be opening a new Ferrari Land. And please, don’t even dream of getting there without buying your tickets in advance if you don’t want to die in the long lines under the sun.

What are you planning to do with your teens in Barcelona?


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