Items for sale at the Barcelona flea markets

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Shopping at one of the Barcelona flea markets

Best Barcelona Flea Markets


Madrid has El Rastro. Paris has the Marché aux Puces, Texas has Canton. And Barcelona has… many flea markets, too! If you love browsing stalls filled with old gadgets with a story behind and finding that unique piece of cloth that deserves a another opportunity, or if you are a collector of whatever type of object you like gathering, you are in the right place! Discover with us all the Barcelona flea markets, from the most historical ones, visited by locals and tourists alike, to the modern “festival-like” ones that attract hipsters and ex-pats.

These are the best flea markets in Barcelona:


Els Encants, the main flea market in Barcelona

People at Els Encants, the best flea market Barcelona has to offer

The oldest flea market in Barcelona is now located under a contemporary mirrored roof that reflects the activity of the market below. Founded around 1300, it's the only one in Europe that preserves the tradition of auctioning lots early in the morning, that the vendors will later on put for sale. There's nothing you can't find in their over 300 stalls. The market is organized in 3 floors selling all kind of objects from antiques, to vintage and outlet products. There's also 9 cafes and bars, and two public toilets. Avoid the illegal vendors that sometimes appear on the outskirts of the building: they aren't part of the market and often sell illegal or stolen goods. 

WHEN: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 9AM to 8PM. Auctions go 7.45AM to 9AM Mon-Wed-Fri.
WHERE: Mercat dels Encants


Mercat Gòtic

The flea market in front of the Barcelona Cathedral has been around for over 40 years. They have a great variety of objects including old documents, silverware, vintage jewelry, clocks, dolls, cameras, military paraphernalia and more.

WHEN: In theory every Thursday and Friday from 10AM to 8PM, but it’s not unusual that they skip a week, or instead extend their presence a few extra days. Check their calendar to see if they’ll be there.
WHERE: Portal de la Pau
GETTING THERE: L3, Drassanes.


Mercat de Colom (Port Antic)

This flea market is organized at the foot of the Columbus statue, near the Golondrinas boat departure pier. You'll find here old books and toys, coins, vintage decoration items, religious and military objects, old cameras, minerals, jewelry and more.

WHEN: Sunday and Saturday from 10AM to 8PM, also Fridays from March to October.
WHERE: Portal de la Pau
GETTING THERE: L3, Drassanes.


Dominical de St. Antoni

On Sunday the food market of Sant Antoni is closed. But since 1936 its outer perimeter has filled up with stalls selling old books, longplays, comics and manga, cards, videogames, collection toy soldiers and the like. Local kids head here with their parents to find the last trading cards to complete their albums. It’s a great place to see real Barcelonans doing one of the things they like the most.

WHEN: Every Sunday from 8AM to 3PM.
WHERE: Mercat de Sant Antoni
GETTING THERE: L2, Sant Antoni.


Philatelic market on Plaça Reial

The best flea market specializing in philatelic and numismatic (old coins and stamps) that has been celebrated for over 100 years. It takes place in a scenic plaza with palm trees and ornamental fountains. 

WHEN: Every Sunday from 10AM to 2PM.
WHERE: Plaça Reial


Brocanters markets

"Brocanters" are vendors specializing in objects that are between 50 and 100 years old. "Too modern" to be real antiques, but "too old" to be considered vintage (which is usually objects 20-25 years old). There's local societies of brocanters that organize small flea markets regularly. It's usually only a handful of stalls, but it's cute and a fun excuse to go off the beaten path for a morning. Here is where to find them:
  • Plaça de Sarrià (Reina Elisend, FFCC L12 or Sarrià FFCC L6, L12, S1 and S2). Tuesdays from 9AM to 6PM.
  • Plaça de Frederic Soler (El Putxet, FFCC L7). Wednesdays from 9AM to 6PM (except July and August)
  • Plaça Lesseps, in front of the Josepets church (L3, Lesseps). Every Tuesday from 9AM to 6PM


Markets by Flea Market BCN

Flea Market BCN is a society that organizes flea markets in Barcelona and its surroundings since 2007:

El Flea

Their most famous flea market. You’ll find here second hand and recycled items: books, music, clothing and accessories.

WHEN: Second Sunday of every month. March, April, June, July, September and October also the fourth Sunday of the month.
WHERE: Plaça Blanquerna
GETTING THERE: L3 to Drassanes.


An event organized in collaboration with the music society Freedonia. You’ll find here vinyls, old toys, second hand books, decoration objects and vintage clothing.

WHEN: First Sunday of every month.
WHERE: Plaça de Salvador Seguí
GETTING THERE: L3 to Liceu, then it’s a 5 minutes walk into the Raval District.

La Puça del Clot / On the Garage

A family-friendly event combining a flea market, local crafts and design, DJ music, drinks and activities for the kids.

WHEN: Random dates. Check their Calendar.
WHERE: Parc del Clot

Other markets by Flea Market Barcelona

It’s not unusual that they organize special events in other locations: there’s been El Flea editions by Els Encants market and El Gran Flea editions in Estacio del Nord, there’s been a special Viva Vintage fest, there’s been recycling markets called Waste Not. They also run flea markets in Castelldefels and Gava, reachable by Rodalies trains.


Lost & Found

This flea market is organized in the Barceloneta District a couple of times a year. Anyone can sign up to set up a stall to sell or exchange vintage and second hand objects. Only individuals can participate, they don't allow commercial brands to sell there, and it's strictly forbidden to bring in crafts and outlet products. That policy fills the stalls with very authentic products that are fun to browse. Sometimes vendors also accept bartering.

WHEN: Random dates, check their calendar. The last editions have taken place in June and September, but other months have also been used in the past.
WHERE: Plaça del Mar
GETTING THERE: L4 to Barceloneta, then switch to the V15 or V19 buses or walk 15 minutes along the Port Vell Marina towards the W hotel.


Palo Market Fest

Palo Alto is a cultural and artistic hub located in a restored industrial building and gathering over 15 companies in the field. Their venue also holds monthly festivals that combine live music and food trucks with a hip market. Ok, maybe it’s not a true “flea market”, but it’s a great place to find local treasures from young designers, crafts made of recycled items and organic materials, as well as sustainable beauty products. There’s a small admission fee to get it, and it’s highly recommended to purchase it online in advance.

WHEN: Random dates, check their calendar.
WHERE: 30, Carrer de Pellaires.
GETTING THERE: L4 to Selva de Mar, then it’s less than 10 minutes walk to get there.


Markets Barcelona

Markets Barcelona organizes monthly flea markets in the Poblenou District. Their "Todo a 5€" (also known as "Give me 5") and "Todo a 1€" are popular events where all the items on sale have a set price (either €5 or €1). Instead, their Booom Market (previously known as Two Market) has a wider price range variety, and their La Central Vintage is a gathering of professional vintage retailers.

WHEN: Random dates, check their calendar.
WHERE: Various locations in Poblenou: Ovella Negra bar, a venue on 119, Pere IV st… Or in Sant Andreu (Nau Bostik). Check their calendar for more precise details.
GETTING THERE: Their Poblenou venues can be accessed from the subway lines L4 (Llacuna or Bogatell stations) or L1 (Marina or Glories stations). Nau Bostik is a 10 minutes walk from La Sagrera (L1).



If you are up to a small day trip out of town to visit flea markets, Mercat is a permanent flea market taking place Tuesday to Sunday in the upskilled town of Sant Cugat del Valles. It comprises a restored industrial nave and a shopping “village” with picturesque wooden cabins. On Sunday morning there’s a small admission fee to enter it, but the rest of the time it’s free of charge. But the best thing about Sundays are the additional 50 stalls displayed outdoors on their entrance yard. You’ll also find here workshops, craft lessons and a complete program of cultural activities.

WHEN: Tue-Fri from 10AM to 7PM, Sat-Sun from 10AM to 3PM.
WHERE: Av. Rius i Taulet 120, Sant Cugat del Vallès
GETTING THERE: S2 of the FF.CC. trains (Pl. Catalunya and Provença/Diagonal stations) to Volpelleres, and from there it’s an easy 10 minutes walk.


Is the Rastro de la Virgen still there?

Unfortunately, the small flea market that was celebrated regularly on the Verge street in the Raval district was discontinued due to permit problems with the city council.

What is your favorite Barcelona flea market?


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