Gaudi & Barcelona souvenirs displayed at a shop

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Display of Gaudi inspired souvenirs

An inspired list of great Gaudi souvenirs


Do you need to make a gift to a fan of Antoni Gaudi? Did you visit Barcelona and now regret you didn’t buy any Gaudi-inspired souvenir? Or on the contrary, you are a light traveler and prefer to buy your Barcelona souvenirs online to avoid having to carry them in your luggage? Well, we have you covered: there are so many Gaudi souvenirs you can buy online! And we have compiled the best selection of them for you!

In this post you’ll find:

  • Mugs
  • Jewelry
  • Home decor
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Stationary
  • Wall art
  • Puzzles
  • Figurines
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Books
  • And more!


Gaudi mugs and coffee cups

Wouldn’t it be great to start your day remembering your Barcelona trip while sipping on your favorite coffee blend?


Gaudi Christmas ornaments

For all of you that love decorating your Christmas tree with souvenirs from your trips, because the holidays are a time to relive happy memories and be thankful for the gifts that live provides. And you’ll find many more in our blog post about Barcelona Christmas ornaments.


Gaudi wall art & prints

Make your house a statement that you are an Antoni Gaudi fan, and bring back memories of your Barcelona trip every time you look at the walls of your home.


Gaudi figurines and miniatures

Do you collect small reproductions of your favorite buildings and landmarks in the world?


Books about Antoni Gaudi architecture

For the avid readers and learners, to those who love looking at beautiful pictures, or if you want to keep a kid entertained and awake their love for travel from a young age. The ones below are just a few ideas, you’ll find many more in our Gaudi books post.


Gaudi inspired home decor

Add a Gaudi and Barcelona touch to your home! Small details make the difference: throw pillows, candle holders, mirrors, clocks, vases… And they are also thoughtful gifts!


Gaudi puzzles, building blocks and similar

Remember your visit to your favorite Gaudi site at the same time that you play with your favorite hobby. You’ll find more ideas in our blog post about Barcelona puzzles.


Gaudi kitchen utensils

Bring into your kitchen the Gaudi style! And if you need ideas for what to cook, check out our post about Spanish cookbooks.


Gaudi stationary and other small souvenirs

And here are a few last miscellaneous gifts ideas for all budgets and tastes. And if you still need more inspiration, check out our generic post about Barcelona souvenirs.

What are your favorite Gaudi & Barcelona souvenirs?


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