Handmade ceramic, the best Barcelona souvenirs

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Gifts from Barcelona (Spain) at a souvenir shop

What To Buy as Souvenirs In Barcelona


Need ideas for what to buy from Barcelona? You are visiting soon, and you’ll have to bring something back for the neighbor that will be feeding your cat, and a little present for your nephew, and something for that friend that always thinks about you when she travels. 

Shopping bags full with Barcelona (Spain) souvenirs

Good for you for doing your research in advance! It can be stressful to run through gift shops not knowing what to get. Our goal today is to give you plenty of great ideas, so you can enjoy your time in the city rather than shopping for others.

This is what to buy from Barcelona:


Barcelona gifts for her:

Women are easy to buy for. The offer is broad, and shops seem to cater for them. But if you need some help, let’s brainstorm together:

  • Jewelry. Maybe something inspired in Gaudi like the Joydart collections. Or local brands like Tous. Or local designers. Or a vintage modernist piece… Check out our favorite Barcelona jewelry shops.
  • Hand painted fan. Fans are so great to have when you are outside and it’s hot! In Spain ladies use them a lot, and they are so beautiful! I love the ones sold on Bisbe street.
  • Perfumes and cosmetics. There’s plenty of local brands and artisans making products fr the ladies that love to take care of their skin and body. Check out our favorite cosmetic shops in Barcelona.
  • Fashion and shoes. This deserves a full section of its own. Keep reading and you’ll find it below.
  • Leather accessories. Bags, belts, wallets… Go here to find the best Barcelona leather goods.
  • FC Barcelona women sportswear. While outside of Spain it’s hard to find FC Barcelona t-shirts and clothes shaped for women, Barcelona is the place to go for FC Barcelona female fans!

And because women are versatile, keep reading the next sections because there’s many more ideas for them! (including my list of gifts for him!)


Barcelona gifts for him:

Men are harder to shop for... What can you get them that they like (or at least that you don't feel cheesy giving to them)? We come to the rescue with some unique ideas for you.
  • Barcelona fiction books. Is he a reader? Check this post for some ideas.
  • Gaudi inspired ties and accessories. I mention them below, in the Gaudi souvenirs section.
  • FC Barcelona merchandising and sportwear. I also have a complete section dedicated to  FC Barcelona soccer gifts.
  • Leather accessories. What about a handmade belt or wallet? Here is the link to our favorite leather shops.
  • Alcohol & food. He’ll appreciate some Spanish wine, beer or spirit. Or some cheese or ham or other favorite food. In this post we discuss all the options more in depth.
  • Spanish eau de toilette for men. The best are those by Paco Rabanne and Loewe.
  • Caganer figurine of his most hated politician (or favorite celebrity). Caganers are a figurine kids hide in Nativities for Christmas. And they specifically hide it, because the Caganer is a farmer crouching, pants down, pooping. Now there’s companies that make them disguised as famous people, from politicians, to pop artists or sportsmen. If your friend has a sense of humor and is not offended by scatological jokes… go for it!
If nothing clicked yet, don’t despair: there’s more ideas coming below!


Barcelona souvenirs for kids and teens:

Need to bring a souvenir from Barcelona for your niece of nephew? I’ve got you covered too!

  • Candy. Papabubble is a Barcelona company making hand-make candy. They have their shop in the lower end of Barri Gotic. Closer to the Cathedral and in the Born you’ll find Happy Pills, selling gummies boxed as vitamin pills. And if just want to get in and out of a supermarket to be done, get them some Spanish Chupachups lollipops.
  • FC Barcelona merchandise. I know, I’m repeating myself but… it works for many! See more below.
  • Barcelona puzzles. Get them in a good toy store. Or purchase them on Amazon in advance, so they don’t add extra volume and weight to your luggage!
  • Barcelona books for kids. There’s books about Gaudi, there’s coloring books
  • Flamenco dancer costume. Mostly for little girls. You can find cheap flamenco dresses in the souvenir shops of the Gothic Quarter. And for the full outfit, add some dotted shoes, a pair of castanets and a plastic flower hairpin! You’ll make her the happiest girl!
  • Custom embroidered bibs for babies and toddlers. I knew I’d buy one from the shop on Cardenal Casañas street years before becoming a mom!
  • A Gaudi dragon cloth toy. Another personal favorite, perfect for babies (or for an adult to decorate their car dashboard!).
  • Comic books set in Barcelona. The ones on the imaginary soccer player Eric Castel are an old classic. But head to Norma Comics or Continuarà, and they’ll be able to help you finding the right book for you.


Souvenirs from Barcelona for the house

Many people like to decorate their house with items that remind them of their trips around the world. Or to get objects they and tools that are unique to a destination. It's a great opportunity to turn daily day utensils into a reason for joy.
  • Ceramics. Spain is famous for its ceramics, and while in Barcelona there aren’t many artisan ceramic workshops, we do have some interesting shops where you can get beautiful pieces: kitchen pottery, ceramic art and decoration pieces… Check out the ones in Montcada and Freneria Streets, and the larger Art Escudellers stores.
  • Porcelain figurines. Nadal Studio. Nao and Lladro are two world famous companies producing enchanting figurines to decorate the house and for collectors. While made in Valencia, being in Barcelona is a great opportunity to get hold of one of this beauties. 
  • Art. There’s local art markets every weekend in Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol, outside of Sagrada Familia and in Park Guell. You’ll also find interesting art shops on Montcada street in Baixada de Viladecols. Or you might want to check the Barcelona art galleries.
  • Coffee Table Books. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous picture book from a far away destination? The gift shop of La Pedrera is our favorite place to get travel coffee table books about Barcelona.
  • Kitchen apparel. Stick with me, I’ll be giving a very detailed list of ideas below.
  • Christmas ornaments. It used to be hard to find them outside of December, but now many nice souvenir stores carry them all year around. 
  • Barcelona furniture. Do you have an almost unlimited budget? Consider getting a set of Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chairs, or some Gaudi furniture replicas.


Barcelona Gaudi souvenirs

Antoni Gaudi and his buildings are the reason why everyone comes to Barcelona. So why wouldn’t you want to buy a Gaudi souvenir? Yes, it’s easy to find tacky souvenirs, but there’s some items that can be a wonderful gift from Barcelona.

  • Books about Gaudi. Either coffee table books, or a biography, or a book about your favorite site. 
  • Classy mugs. The quality of the mugs inspired in Antoni Gaudi’s buildings has improved a lot in the last decade. There’s many gorgeous designs that will bring you back to Barcelona every time you drink your morning coffee.
  • Silk scarfs and ties. If you need an elegant Barcelona gift, you’ll find silk scarfs inspired in the Park Guel broken tiles, and ties with the spirals of Gaudi’s hexagonal pavement.
  • Gaudi mouse pads. Colorful and great to bring color to your day-to-day office work.
  • Wall art. Posters, lithographs or paintings.
  • Glass shots and wine glasses. Add some style to your afterhours drink.


FC Barcelona gifts

The FC Barcelona team is one of the most famous soccer teams in the world. And their Camp Nou stadium is a must for any sport lover coming to the city. Plus the stadium shop is a paradise of Barcelona soccer gifts!

But the official merchandise can be super expensive. If you are on a budget, try purchasing from souvenirs stores in the Gothic Quarter: they often have cheaper alternatives (they’ll never admit it’s know-offs, though).

  • Customized FC Barcelona shirts. Choose the number of your favorite player and have his name (or yours!) printed on it.
  • And all kind of FC Barcelona clothes and accessories. Jackets, socks, underwear, knitted hats and caps, pajamas… Even onesies for baby borns!
  • FC Barcelona official footballs. They come deflated, for easier travel.
  • FC Barcelona branded accessories. From keyrings to water bottles or pens.


Gifts in Barcelona for foodies and cooks

Food is a great resource when hunting for the Barcelona best souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family. The options are almost unlimited: alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, vermouth, spirits…), cured meats, cheese, high quality canned seafood, preserved veggies, chocolates, sweets, olive oil… 

The list is too extense for the purpose of this post, so refer to our post on Spanish Food Items that make unique gifts for foodies.

But food is not the only thing that can appeal to foodies and cooks. What about typical Spanish cooking utensils? Here are a few ideas. Most of them can be found in large hardware and cookware stores, or department stores such as Corte Ingles or Servei Estacio (around the corner from Casa Batllo).

  • Paella pan. Do you know someone good enough to make a paella from scratch? 
  • Tomba-truites clay dish. A special dish with a handle to help you turn over Spanish omelets
  • Ramekins and burner for creme brulee. Catalan cream is the local version of this dessert that you’ll find in most restaurant menus.
  • Porró, bota or cantir. Three traditional drink containers. Porrons are typical from Catalonia, they are made out of glass and are used mostly for red wine. You pour it inside through the big hole, and drink from the small one trying not to spill everything over yourself. Botas are similar but made out of leather and they are more common in other areas of Spain. They sell them in La Pineda on Carrer del Pi. Finally, cantirs or botijos are clay recipients that keep water fresh in the Summer.
  • Traditional mortar and pestle. In Catalonia, they are either made of marble or of yellow and green ceramic. Use them to make your own alioli or romesco sauce.


Gifts from Barcelona for fashion victims

Clothes are an easy gift if you have some budget and know the other persons taste. Why not getting them something unique from Spain that they cannot find at home?

I have an entire post dedicated to Spanish fashion brands. Many of them can be found in the main shopping districts as well as in the city shopping malls. And if you want to save a little, I also have a post on where to go outlet shopping in Barcelona

And what about shoes? Yes, I also have a post on Spanish shoe brands and where to find them in Barcelona! But there’s a couple of traditional summer shoes you’ll want to consider as a unique gift:

  • Espadrilles. Salvador Dali was a fan and wouldn’t wear anything else. The most famous place is La Manual Alpargatera on Avinyo st. But the service is so dedicated that… it is also very slow! Luckily there have been more design espadrille stores opening around the Gothic Quarter (find a couple on Bisbe st).
  • Abarques or albarcas. This type of shoe is traditional from Mallorca, they are made of leather and their sole is made of rubber. Simple and great as an alternative to sandals. There’s a specialty store on Capellans st.


What are the tackiest things to buy in Barcelona?

Some tourists might think they are cool, but locals hate them and would love to see them disappear from the cheap souvenir shops along La Rambla.

  • Flamenco dancer figurines. Flamenco is not a Barcelona thing. It’s OK to buy a costume for a kig, but something meaningful for an adult? And in any case, they are so old-fashioned and bad-tasted.
  • Bullfighter figurines. Why would you want to have a sculpture of a guy killing a bull decorating your home? In a happy note, bullfights are now banned in Barcelona.
  • Mexican hats. Not so often seen in Barcelona anymore, there was a time when tourists loved to buy them and walk around wearing them. Hey guys: Wrong country! Mexico is in the other side of the ocean!
  • Sangria souvenir bottles. The sangria in a souvenir bottle can’t be good. Learn how  to make sangria yourself, or if you must, buy a higher quality bottle such as Lolea.

Looking for a Barcelona gift for someone traveling to the city soon?


Barcelona experience gifts

So far we've been discussing what you can buy for others during your trip to Barcelona. But what if it's someone else that is traveling and you want to treat them to something very special? And experience gift is the way to go!

Are you planning to purchase any souvenirs in Barcelona or will you order them online beforehand like a pro?


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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