Barcelona Jewelry shops: Masriera Jewelry

Last week, during their second tour with me, the Clark asked me where to find the best Barcelona Jewelry Stores, as they are in the jewelry business and they wanted to check them out.

And then I thought that the Barcelona jewellery shops are actually hidden gems that not so many people consider when planning their shopping. Everyone seems to go for the well-known international brands. And yes, we do have Cartier, Vasari, Chaumet and the others. However, we also have some amazing jewellery that is worth considering, either to treat yourself (after all, holidays are the perfect moment to do that!) or for a gift for your loved ones.

I thought it’d be a cool thing to share with you, so that’s why I wrote this post. I hope you enjoy them! And make sure to check recommendation #3 to get access to a 5% discount in a top Barcelona diamond shop!

Here are our favorite Barcelona jewelry shops:

Bagués Masriera Jewelry

Here is probably the oldest Barcelona jewelry store: Founded in 1837, it’s also one of the few jewelry shops in Europe over 250 years old. The family starter as silversmiths and then entered the fascinating world of jewellery, but it wouldn’t be until the third generation when Lluís Masriera introduced the gorgeous Art Nouveau designs they were going to be famous for. In 1985 they joined forces with another traditional local family of jewelers: the Bagués. Nowadays their flagship shop is located in the luxurious Passeig de Gràcia street, in the street level of Casa Ametller (a modernist building by Puig i Cadafalch, in the Block of Disagreement). They combine their elegant modern designs with a yearly collection that reproduces the delicate Masriera designs from the early 1900s. By the way, this famous Barcelona Jewelry shop also owns a boutique hotel in La Rambla.

Rabat jewelry

A Spanish brand of luxury jewelry stores, specializing both in jewels and high end watch brands. They pride in the meticulous selection of their gems and the excellence of their jewelry work, from which you can see a spectacular selection in their Barcelona jewelry stores: two in Passeig de Gràcia, and two corner stores in the Corte Inglés department stores.

The Diamond Palace

Spectacular 3-story building, that is not only the largest Barcelona jewellery store but also the largest in Spain. Here you will find fabulous diamonds, but also gorgeous gems, pearls and watches, too. They offer a very personal and exclusive service, and that’s why they recommend to book an appointment with them before visiting the shop. But their location right in the heart of the city, in Plaça Catalunya makes it so convenient that if you just show up without previous notice, they’ll also be delighted to help you.

Barcelona Jewellery: La BasílicaTous

This local family business founded in Manresa (a town near Barcelona) in 1920 has grown to be an international yet still family-own corporation. In 1985, Salvador Tous created the design that has become the icon of their brand: a golden teddy bear. Their designs are fun and vibrant, and they are suit for any generation of ladies in a family. Rosa Oriol, wife to Salvador, favorites color with the use of rainbow gems such as diamonds, turquoises, tourmalines and quartz. In the Tous Barcelona jewelry stores you will also find their collections of accessories, purses, watches, perfumes and custom items. They have two stores in Passeig de Gràcia, and they are also present in the best local shopping malls, department stores and high end shopping districts.

La Basílica Galeria

And here is a choice for the most adventurous. If design is your passion and you are not afraid of thinking outside the box, head to this backstreet around the corner from the Cathedral to find designs by local and international artists resident in Barcelona. From funky ideas such as the all-time favorite toilet-paper earring to delicate designs inspired in natural flowers or conceptual and geometric pieces executed in noble metals and displaying precious stones. Giving power to originality!

AND BONUS! Looking for a local jeweler atelier?


You don’t often have the opportunity to see a master jeweler at work. From their shop-atelier in an alley of the Gothic Quarter you can see the artists working in their workshop of the basement. Their designs feature precious stones combined with gold and other metals in a somehow oneiric style that reminds me of the jewels designed by Salvador Dalí.

Now it’s your turn, head to the comments and tell us: is there any other favorite Barcelona jewelry shop missing in our list?



  1. Yes, Barcelona has lots of great designers. I was strolling through Born and saw lots of nice jewelry there. However, I bought some great pieces at Livit near the cathedral. See you, Susane

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