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Museum gift shops are awesome places to buy presents. They have items that are connected with the site you are visiting, and their quality is usually better than at the average souvenir shop. Plus their offer caters for all ages, and it’s as easy to find there things for kids, for your co-workers or for the old lady from your neighborhood that is taking care of your pets while you are traveling.

That’s why museum stores are so convenient when you are traveling. So today we are sharing with you which are the best museum gift shops in Barcelona and what you will find in them that makes them special.

Here are the best Barcelona museum gift stores:

La Pedrera (Casa Milà)

This Gaudi building has two museum stores. One is at the street level, and you don’t have to pay to get in: this one is my favorite to get Gaudi-inspired jewelry and all kind of complements such as design bags. The other is inside and can only be accessed with your Pedrera ticket: this one is a vintage shop with articles inspired in antiques and art nouveau style.

Barcelona museum gift shopsAquarium

A place to go back to happy childhood. Located at the exit of the Aquarium, and accessible even without a ticket, this shop is the best to get presents for kids. Great selection of toys, drawing articles and my favorite: stuffed animals! Your kids will have a blast there, and you’ll have fun, too.

Sagrada Família church

The Barcelona museum gift stores for Gaudi lovers! There are two of them: one inside the museum, and one at the street level of the Nativity Façade on Marina st. This last one can be accessed without a ticket, and it has an even bigger selection of Gaudi-related articles.


The museum shop of the Museum of National Art if the best place to find art-related items: books, prints, postcards from the Middle ages upto to the early 20th century. Classy gifts for your educated friends.

Miró Museum

There are also two museum gift shops here: one is mostly a book store for contemporary art, but my favorite one is the other: a really awesome gift shop that almost looks like a museum of design. No cheesy souvenirs here: only really cool and inspiring gifts for all the family.

AND BONUS! Our favorite and why:

6Great museum stores in BarcelonaPark Güell entrance pavilions

Although the offer in this gift shop isn’t specially remarkable, you totally must go in and head upstairs: the windows overlook both the colorful rooftop of the other entrance pavilion and the grand starway of the Park. The best views of all the Barcelona museum gift stores!

TIP: Take one of our shopping tours if you are a museum gift shops fan (or just a shopaholic!)

So what about you? Head to the comments and tell us: what are you favorite museum gift shops?


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