Best meat restaurant in Barcelona - Fried chorizo

Martin Gabriel wanted to know where could he eat the best steak in Barcelona. He had taken a food tour with us, and loved all the tapas we showed him, but he is a big meat lover and was craving to find a good Barcelona steakhouse.

I told thim that while this city isn’t famous for its steakhouses, you can definitely find in Barcelona great restaurants for meat. And not just steak: all kind of meat variations ranging from tartars to sausages, beef to pork and lamb. And while we were discussing which could be the best meat restaurant in Barcelona, I thought it’d make a great post to share with you.

So here is our recommended Barcelona steakhouse and meat restaurant list:

Asador de Aranda

Castilian cuisine is very meaty. Roasted chorizos and blood sausages, ham… and of course, baked young lamb! Asador de Aranda has 3 restaurants in Barcelona, the most centrally located being in Pau Claris street, and the one with most charm being a bit more off the beaten path in the Avinguda Tibidabo (this is the one I recommend!). In all their venues, they bake their lambs in a wood oven.

Patagonia Beef & Wine

Argentina is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world when it comes to beef. And in this Barcelona steakhouse all their meats are directly imported from there. Their most classic dish is the Bife (fillet steak), but the portion is quite big. So even if you can order a half dish, it’s more fun to get an Ojo de Bife for two to share. Definitely one of the best steak restaurants in town.

Best steak in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona9 Reinas

Another Argentinian restaurant, this one with an international focus. Many will claim this is the best meat restaurant in Barcelona, because here you can find imported meats from all over the world: from the Cube Roll from Nebraska, to the Japanese Wagyu, and of course the unique Angus from Argentina. Bravo!


While the previous two options were more oriented to a fancy dinner, here is a suggestion for a good selection of steaks for a more informal meal. The same venue homes two restaurants, Beefshop and its fish version Fishop, which comes handy if someone in your party isn’t a big fan of meat: you can order from both menus!


If pork is your thing, then you need to come here. Oriol Rovira is a chef that comes from a family of farmers, and in his restaurant most of the pork comes from their family farm. You’ll find here pork in all its possible presentations: several different types of grilled sausages and meats, baked pork (steak as well as other body parts… if you are adventurous and more than 3 people, call in advance to order the piglet head), and of course all kind of cold cuts including Spanish ham, chorizo and more! It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it.

AND BONUS! Ready for our final recommendation?

6At a Barcelona steakhouseBardeni

Chef Dani Lechuga, famous for his flagship restaurant Caldeni, has opened the first meat bar in Barcelona. Located close to the Sagrada Familia church hasn’t been discovered yet by the tourists crowds. Portions are tapas-sized: come here friends and order dishes to share. Don’t miss the oxtail cannelloni and the steak tartar. Definitely one of the top Barcelona restaurants for meat.

Now we want to hear your opinion: what is the best meat restaurant in Barcelona according to you and why?


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