This week we take you to our favorite cafes in Barcelona

This morning on my tour, the Thomas asked me where to find the best coffee in Barcelona. What a great question! We were on a food tour, so I made sure to pack our itinerary with some of my favorite coffee shops.

So when I got home, I thought that’d made a great post for the blog. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good coffee? And Barcelona has some great cafes. Let me share them with you!Cafes in Barcelona: morning expresso

Here is where you’ll find some of the best coffee in Barcelona:

Tostaderos Bon Mercat. Here is where I usually stop for a morning coffee when I’m starting a tour in the Old Town before meeting my guests, as it’s the closest coffee shop to the Cathedral. Small and always busy with locals, they roast their own coffee beans, that you can also buy to make coffee at home.

Bar Pinotxo (Boqueria Market). As you enter the most famous market in Barcelona, you’ll find this cafe owned by Juanito. He has a cool way of making his macchiatos (or cortados, or coffee with milk, or cappuccino: no matter what you order, if it’s got milk on it, that’s what you’ll get). He first heats the milk until foaming point in a longish thin glass cup, and only then he adds the coffee. The result is a beverage with a strong personality and wonderful taste.Coffee Shop in Barcelona

Satan’s Coffee Corner. Don’t be scared by the name of this coffee shop.  The only sin would be not to taste its coffees. It’s located in the Gothic quarter and it’s said it’s the best “take away” coffee. They served a great variety of coffee from around the world. Don’t miss the Japanese breakfast prepared in situ by a Japanese chef.

Mesón del Café. In an alley not far from the Cathedral you’ll find another of the most popular cafes in Barcelona. They’ve preserved the old fashioned decoration from when it opened in the early 1900’s, when it is said they invented the “picardia“: coffee with condensed milk and whisky. A specialty that you can still try there (and in many other local cafes) nowadays.

Café de l’Opera. One of the most classic Barcelona coffee shops is located in La Rambla, and no: it’s not a tourist trap! Apart from selling their own blends, they also offer a dozen different coffee combinations and a large range of coffee cocktails. Perfect for a coffee break during your sightseeing!

AND BONUS! Our top choice:

6 Best coffee in Barcelona: top city coffee roastersCafes el Magnifico. Done visiting the Picasso Museum and you need a coffee shop nearby? You’ll find the best coffee in Barcelona around the corner from Santa Maria del Mar. In this coffee shop where they’ve been roasting their own coffee beans since 1919, and after so many requests of the people passing by, they have finally installed a coffee machine to serve coffee to go, too. Make sure to try their house blend, served by Carolina who won the price to the best barista in Spain 2013.

So what about you? What are your favorite cafes in Barcelona?



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