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How to pay for a private tour

How to afford a private tour

Can you afford a private tour? Private tours aren't cheap. Like a private jet isn't cheap, or having your own yacht isn't cheap, or going to a private school isn't cheap. But when you are on vacation you are ready to indulge a little bit. And a private tour is definitely cheaper than any of [...]

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Hotels with confusing names in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

The taxi driver took them to the wrong hotel!

That’s not the Arts Ritz-Carlton! – Hotels with confusing names in Barcelona My clients, the Marventano, were staying at the Arts Ritz-Carlton. They had had a lovely night eating out in that tapas restaurant I had recommended them. After dinner, they hopped off in a cab and told the driver to take them to the […]

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Hiring a tour guide | ForeverBarcelona

Tips for hiring private tours

How to hire a tour guide Hiring a private tour guide is an important decision that can be crucial for the success or fail of your trip. While an awesome tour guide can give you a memorable tour, a bad or even a mediocre guide will make you regret you didn’t make a different choice. […]

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Survive a rainy day in Barcelona

Oh, no! It’s raining in Barcelona!

Check out the best activities for a rainy day in town The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain… But what if it catches you in Barcelona during your holidays? You don’t want to stay in your hotel playing games and wasting your precious time here. So what should you do? Don’t worry: today […]

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Dinning early in Barcelona

Where to eat when you are hungry? Barcelona restaurants open early

NO need to starve: we tell you the best restaurants for early birds in barcelona Finding a place for an early dinner or lunch in town can be an ordeal: discovering that you have to wait until 2pm for lunch or 9pm for dinner when you are used to eat around noon and… by 9pm […]

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