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  • Kid friendly
  • Lenght: Half Day
  • Lenght: Multiple Days
  • Transp: Chauffeured
  • Transp: Walking & Taxi

TAPAS LUNCH: Optional in the Montjuic Tour (or add one extra hour any other day)

MONTJUIC CASTLE: Optional in the Montjuic Tour

MIRO FOUNDATION: Optional in the Montjuic Tour



Are you in Barcelona for at least 3 days? Do you want to take the most out of your time in the city but don’t want to be overwhelmed? You don’t know how to organize your sightseeing to take the most out of your time, but still leave you some free time to relax and do other fun things besides touring?

Staying 3 days in town gives you the opportunity to cover all the must see in Barcelona, plus going a bit off the beaten path, and still have time for relaxing, shopping and other leisure activities… if you plan your time well. If you don’t have time to plan (or don’t want to spend your precious time doing it), leave it in our hands!We have selected for you the itineraries that combine best, so there is no overlapping/repeated sites and you don’t miss a thing while you explore the sites with us: 3 perfect days in Barcelona.

Our suggested tour combinations to see Barcelona in 3 days have been chosen for their high flexibility in order to match your interests, budget and energy levels. Plus since they are 4-hour tours, you’ll still have the afternoons on your own to enjoy everything else the city has to offer.





  • La Rambla & Boqueria Food Market
  • Gothic Quarter
  • Cathedral of St. Eulalia OR Jewish Section
  • Born District
  • Picasso Museum


  • Passeig de Gràcia & Block of Disagreement
  • Casa Batlló (outside)
  • Casa Milà / Pedrera (inside)
  • Park Guell (inside)
  • Sagrada Familia Church (inside)


  • Plaça Espanya
  • 1929 World Fair area
  • City views
  • Olympic facilities
  • Miró Foundation OR Cablecar and Castle OR Tapas lunch


Book 1 extra hour to walk around the Ciutadella Park and the Arch of Triumph.

Book 2 extra hours to enjoy a paella lunch at the end of this Old Town Tour or to visit the Roman ruins of the Museum of History of Barcelona.


Add one extra hour to enjoy a lovely tapas lunch.

Add two extra hours to visit also the Hospital of St. Pau by Domenech i Muntaner or the inside of Casa Batlló.


Add one extra hour to do 2 of the optional visits.

Add two extra hours to do 3 of the optional visits.


Barcelona in three days

45 minutes


If your trip dates allow for it, we recommend that in your first day you explore the lively Rambla, a famous vibrant street home to the magnificent Boqueria Market, for many the best marketplace in the world.

Barcelona three day tour

45 minutes

In the Gothic Quarter you’ll learn how the Romans founded Barcelona 2000 years ago, and how in the middle ages Barcelona experienced its first period of splendor with the Gothic style. You’ll walk around medieval plazas and alleys, see Roman ruins as well as the Royal Palace, the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat Government building.

3 days in Barcelona Tour

15 to 30 minutes

You will also have the opportunity to visit the Gothic Cathedral of St. Eulàlia and the Holy Cross, with its historical wooden choir, artistic chapels, the crypt where Saint Eulalia is buried, and also an picturesque cloister where 13 geese live.

Or if you prefer, we’ll show you the Call (Medieval Jewish Section). Despite the attacks suffered in 1391, it’s still a highly atmospheric area with a fascinating although sad history. Here is located the oldest synagogue in Europe.

Barcelona in 3 days

2 hours

Next you’ll explore the Born district, a hip fashion area full of cafés, tapas bars and unique shops. Here stands the elegant church of Santa Maria del Mar with its gorgeous stained glasses. To finish the tour, you’ll visit the Picasso Museum skipping lines with your guide. There you’ll learn about Picasso’s youth and his evolution until he became a famous master, as well as what he did at the end of his life.

Tour three days in Barcelona

15 minutes


Today you’ll start your visit in the Eixample district and the elegant Passeig de Gràcia boulevard, learning how the city started growing after the city walls were demolished.

In the Block of Discord you’ll be introduced to the most important architects of the early 1900’s in Barcelona. Here is located one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces: Casa Batlló, that you’ll see from outside (unless you prefer to go inside this one and see Casa Milà from outside instead).

2 days in barcelona

1h 15 minutes

Casa Milà is located only three blocks further, and we strongly recommend to go inside: discover why this building is also called La Pedrera, go up to its amazing rooftop to admire the city views and its unusual chimneys, visit their exhibit on Gaudi’s technique, then the apartment decorated with antiques from the early 1900’s.

barcelona in 2 days

45 minutes

A 10 minutes taxi ride will take you to the North of the city to visit Park Güell, another Gaudí masterpiece: a failed project of a walled community has become now a whimsical park famous for its mosaics.

two days in barcelona

1 hour 15 minutes

The last stop of the tour will be the breathtaking Sagrada Familia church, where Gaudi worked for the last 43 years of his life. Still not finished, the inside was finally dedicated in 2010 and it doesn’t look like any other church you’ve seen before. It will definitely be the highlight of your whole trip!

15 minutes


The last of your 3 days in Barcelona covers the Montjuic Hill, that you’ll start exploring .

Plaça Espanya, the entrance to the World Fair of 1929, with the former bullring Las Arenas, now a modern shopping mall.

The pavilions built for the World Fair host now trade show events, but you can still visit the reconstruction of the German Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe. Next to it there is the former Casaramona factory, now Caixaforum art center.

30 minutes

Next you will stop at the vantage point of Palau National, home to the Museum of National Art of Catalonia (MNAC), to see the city views. The visit of the museum takes 2 to 4 hours, so it’s not part of this tour unless you want to book a few extra hours. But it’s possible to go inside to check out their Oval Room, where the Opening Ceremony of the World Fair took place.

30 minutes

Your tour takes you know to the the Olympic Ring, where most of the facilities built for the Barcelona 1992 Olympics are located. We’ll see the Stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi by Arata Isozaki and the Calatrava Tower, and learn how the Olympics were such a turning point for the history of the city.

1.5 hours

The second part of the tour will be customized to your interests.

Choose one of the following activities:

  • Miró Foundation: If you are into art, you shouldn’t miss the best collection in the world of this surrealist artist.
  • Cablecar & Montjuic Castle: Great choice for families and to enjoy breathtaking city views.
  • Tapas lunch: Enjoy the local cuisine away from the tourist traps.
This itinerary can also be scheduled in the late afternoon so after the tour you can enjoy the Magic Fountain show on your own.

The Montjuic Fountain show takes place Friday and Saturday in the evening all year around except maintenance works and special events, plus Thursday and Sunday June through September.

Final itineraries and timings might vary due to many factors (Park Guell and Sagrada Familia tickets availability, your trip dates, location and pace, your main interests…)



These tours work great for anyone staying at least 3 days in Barcelona and wanting to see as much as possible but still have some time on their own.

If you are traveling with kids, 4 hours work usually fine. When booking, consider if they are early birds or late risers, and if they are likely to get hungry before the end of the tour make sure to bring some snacks. You’ll have the afternoon on your own to relax and do family activities that don’t require a tour guide.

If you’d rather go out of town one day, check out our city itineraries for 2 days (2 half days, 2 full days or 1.5 days) and our day trips.

If you have walking issues:

  • OLD TOWN: This tour is 100% walking as it takes place in a pedestrian area. There are frequent stops and sometimes it’s possible to seat, and you can also ask the guide to make a coffee break. The area is relatively flat, so the tour can be done with a wheelchair or scooter. Using a driver is doable but it doesn’t save you much walking – it mostly gives you the opportunity to rest when moving from one area of the Old Town to the next (2 rides during the tour, plus the rides from and back to your hotel).
  • GAUDI SITES: Transportation is needed at least to get to Park Güell and Sagrada Familia, but it’s equally time efficient to go by taxi than having a driver (unless you are 4 people or more and need more than one taxi, in which case the logistics are a bit slower compared to a minivan with private driver). The driver, though, provides more comfort. There are short sections of steps in Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, as well as Park Güell. Wheelchairs and people who can’t do stairs require an extra hour to cover the whole itinerary.  The Sagrada Familia towers are not accessible for wheelchairs.
  • MONTJUIC HILL: A driver will allow you to move around faster and therefore see more things in comfort. Walking instead allows you to enjoy more being outdoors. Wheelchairs are recommended to get the driver, unless it’s a motorized chair or scooter. People with walking issues are also recommended to get a driver, as otherwise the tour is mostly walking and uphill (with scalators in some areas).


  • Tour length: 4 hours each, with possibility of adding extra hours on request upon booking.
  • Entrance fees are not included*. Prices range from €8 to €22.5/person and can be paid cash or credit card.
  • Taxi rides are not included on walking tours. Expect at least 1 to 4 rides per day, of around €10 each.
  • There is no lunch stop planned, unless you specifically book extra time for a tapas lunch (or indicate you want to use the second part of your Montjuic Tour for that).
  • Expect to spend 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at each site.
  • The final order of the itineraries might vary depending on your trip dates, location, transportation, as well as Park Guell and Sagrada Familia tickets availability.
  • If you book the chauffeured option, transportation  will be provided in private Mercedes Viano minivan (upto 6 of you) or Mercedes E Class car (couples), depending vehicle availability, with a dedicated driver. Groups of 7 or more will need larger vehicles at an extra cost.
  • AND TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT… To enter the Cathedral you need to cover your shoulders and your skirt or pants must be long to your knee. The dress code at the Sagrada Familia Church isn’t usually too strict, but they have occasionally banned access to people wearing short shorts (closer to their butts than to their knees), deep plunging necklines or open backs.

* ATTENTION. Upon booking, you’ll also be charged for the tickets of Park Güell and Sagrada Familia in advance, as we’ll need to book them beforehand.


Barcelona 3 day tourOur tours only include the towers upon request. You need to know that:

It is not possible anymore to just climb the stairs: the way up is now only possible by elevator. However, the number of tickets available is restricted to just a few every hour, for an extra fee.

If there is availability, you are given a specific time to get in the line for the elevator (either the one in the Passion façade or the one in the Nativity façade, but not both), and after a 5 to 20 minute wait you finally get in the elevator that takes you to almost the top of the towers. From there you must walk down: it is not permitted to use the elevator to go down anymore. The whole process takes almost one hour, so unless you are OK shortening the rest of the tour itinerary, you should book one extra hour to be able to do the towers.

Do we recommend the towers, though? Only for the adventure of climbing spiral stairs, but not for the views as you’ll get better views from many other city sites. After all, those towers were designed to be bell towers, not vantage points. Also, the way down is narrow and occasionally claustrophobic, and it is definitely not for people scared of heights.




DURATION: 4 hours/day



Taxi rides not included.



Mercedes car or minivan upto 6 of you + guide & dedicated driver


OPTIONAL – Not included

Expect to pay €20-30/person (depending on your order), if you decide to include meals in your tours.


Not included


  • Sagrada Familia Church: €15/person
  • Park Güell: €8.50/person

PAID ON SITE skipping lines:

  • Casa Milà/Pedrera:  €25/person
  • Picasso Museum (8-hr tours): €12/person


  • Museum of History (extra hours needed): €7/person
  • Casa Batlló: €28/person
  • Hospital of St. Pau (8-hr tours): €13/person


  • Cathedral: €12/person
  • Medieval Synagogue:  €3/person
  • Mies van der Rohe pavilion: €5/person
  • Miró Foundation: €12/person OR Montjuic Castle: €5/person AND Montjuic Cablecar: Cablecar ( OR tapas lunch)

Fees given as an orientation only. Sites might decide to change them without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.


We can only secure a guide for you after full payment has been received. Don’t wait until last-minute: we often book out in high season, and Park Guell & Sagrada Familia tickets sell out, too.

  • We take Visa and Mastercard.
  • Our website incorporates SSL connection to guarantee your safety.
  • You’ll receive an automated email confirming your booking after completing your payment.
Legal Notice

These suggestions for 3 days in Barcelona are not designed packages, but mere suggestions of half day tours that combine well with each other. According to the Catalan law, they are not to be sold under a global price, but individually as separate tours.


These tours are:

Available Monday through Sunday
OLD TOWN TOURSunday: No visits allowed in the Cathedral of the Old Town and the Boqueria market is closed
Monday: The Boqueria Market is only partially open and the Picasso museum is closed (except May thru September, included).
Afternoons (except Friday and Saturday): The Boqueria Market is only partially open.
MONTJUIC TOURMonday: The Miró Foundation is closed.

Recommended starting times:

Morning Tours:Anytime between 9AM and 11Am
Afternoon Tours:Contact us before booking, to discuss your options.

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  • Satisfaction

    User Avatar

    Ian G (Chicago, Illinois)

    My wife and I scheduled a private 3-day tour with ForeverBarcelona. Maria Jesus was absolutely phenomenal. She took us to all of the sites, allowed us to skip all of the lines, and was so through with her knowledge of the history of the city that we learned so much. Great job introducing us to this beautiful city.

    User Avatar

    Anjikan (Wichita, Kansas)

    One of the best parts of our trip to Barcelona was having Marga as our guide. She was like a hip guidebook come to life; the cool friend you wish you had in Barcelona. She took us all over Barcelona, to the Miro and Picasso Museums, the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, La Pedrera, Montjuic - all the while throwing in interesting tidbits and anecdotes about art, architecture, history and local politics, along with the occasional restaurant recommendation.

    User Avatar


    My husband & I hired ForeverBarcelona tour company for a three day experience of Barcelona for ourselves and family of two adult daughters and their spouses. I worked closely with Pilar & Marta via email months in advance of our trip and they did not disappoint! They picked us up at the port post our Princess Cruise and our guide Miriam spent three days educating us, broadening our senses on all levels. The itinerary that Pilar & Marta put together for us included all the necessary sights but also included special dining options and Cava tastings that we would never have been able to experience on our own. I can not imagine our visit to Barcelona being this great had we been on our own.

    User Avatar

    Michael H (Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA)

    Our first day was Architecture with Miriam. Clearly her love for the city, its architecture and Gaudi was infectious as we tried to absorb the key works in only a half day. It was like touring Barcelona with an old friend who was showing us her city. Her knowledge of the details was superb. We then spend two half days with Marta and did the art galleries, the old city, the Market and Montjuic with her. We moved fast to cover so much but Marta was not deterred. Her knowledge of the arts and history was also superb. Working with guides helps you focus on all the key areas in three days and eliminates the waiting queues at all of the venues. We also had the afternoons to go back and linger at some of the venues.

    User Avatar

    Amitesh Dutta

    ForeverBarcelona is a very professional outfit. Starting with prompt responses to accomodating last minute changes, everything was perfect. The icing on the cake was our guide Marga. After spending 3 days with her, we feel like we know the city pretty well. Marga was great at adapting the tour to our likes and what we wanted to to. Overall a trip worth every penny.

    User Avatar

    David_1064 (Olympic Valley, CA, USA)

    My wife and I spent 3 great days in Barcelona. We came away with a deep appreciation of the heritage of Barcelona. We had a wonderful 3 days, and only wished we had booked for two additional ones to see the countryside. Next time.

    User Avatar

    Ismperio (Boston, Massachussetts, USA)

    Javier was our guide for 3 half days in Barcelona, and worth every penny. He was very knowldegable and fun to be with... like an old friend.

    User Avatar

    GadgetMan55 (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

    We found ForeverBarcelona through TripAdvisor and wound up booking three half-day tours with them. We decided to go with two half-day driving tours and a final half-day walking tour of the city. Javier was just fantastic... the first day, he and his driver met us right outside the cruise ship terminal and took us for a terrific overview drive throughout the city - from Montjuic to the Olympic area to the city center and beyond. Javier had ben guiding tours for many years and knew when to be at each sight, the best way to tour the sights as well as so much local knowledge and insight. He was just a terrific, amazing guide.

    User Avatar

    Edward M (New York City, NY, USA)

    We did an Old Town Tour with Tapas at the end, a Montjuic museums tour and a Gaudi tour, and could not have been happier; all three were great. Miriam, who did the Old Town and Gaudi tours was thorough, knowledgeable, passionate, funny, fun and a joy to be with. Her insights and guidance we used for the entire time we were in Barcelona. And Marta was really great on the museums tour, giving us both art history and art interpretation and explanation. A great experience from start to finish -- and we didn't want it to end!

    User Avatar

    Deborah and Richard Sasson (Houston, Texas, USA)

    We were two couples taking the 3-day walking tour of Barcelona with Javier. What a delight he was! Our tour was like seeing the city with an old friend, who not only knew the history and architecture, but also the best restaurants. We were very anxious not to miss any of the Barcelona sights. However, when I look back at my guidebooks, I realize Javier did not leave anything out. He was constantly answering our questions and providing interesting anecdotes. Because of his registered guide status and extensive knowledge, we walked pas the huge lines and right into the different venues making the best use of our time.