Wax statue of Marilyn Monroe at the Barcelona Museu de Cera

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Insiders guide of the Wax Museum of Barcelona (Museu de Cera)

Marilyn Monroe at the Museu de la Cera de Barcelona (Spain)


The Museu de Cera de Barcelona was founded in 1973 in an elegant neoclassical building that had been the headquarters of the Banco de Barcelona bank. The Covid lockdown was the perfect opportunity to renovate the collection, modernize the displays and make it more interactive. The result didn’t bring the museum to the next level: it took it to the 21st century. To the 2020’s. No more a walk passed dated characters, no more dusty rooms and boring still statues. Now the visit of the Barcelona Wax Museum vibrates with magic from minute one. The combination of vivid wax figures, characters that appeal to all age ranges and interactive new technology make it the perfect place to spend a morning or afternoon in Barcelona for the entire family.


Entering the Barcelona Wax Museum

Catalan traditions at the Museo de Cera (Barcelona, Spain)

Your visit starts in the Hall, a sort of virtual waiting room surrounded by screens with images of Barcelona and your first photo opportunity: a life-size replica of the famous Dragon of Gaudi's Park Guell. You won't spend too long here, though, just enough for the next room to be available: in just a few minutes a hostess of the Museo de Cera will let you in. That's when you'll proceed to the "Rambla 360" room, a virtual elevator that will take you to the skyes of Barcelona. Not much related to the concept of a Wax Museum? OK, maybe not but it's really cool and it sets your mind in the perfect disposition to enter the magic of the Museu de la Cera de Barcelona!

When the ride is over, a door opens to what used to be the security vault of the Banc de Barcelona, now permanently being robbed by a team of famous (wax) thieves. And from there, a corridor transports you to the jungle (look out for Indiana Jones!)… and a giant King Kong – you can get a picture being trapped in his fist!

Then you reach the magnificent staircase that will lead you to the second floor. This area, the Tribute to Catalonia, is dedicated to the local Catalan traditions: devils from Correfocs, Giants and Big Heads used in parades, and an impressive Castellers human tower that rises several levels and that you can be part of by joining their “pinya” base.


Second Floor of the Museu de la Cera

The following rooms of the Barcelona Wax Museum are more traditional in their concept: you'll pass the rooms of great writers, Spanish and international scientists of all times, and then the very awaited central room dedicated to famous rock stars. You can seat with the Beatles, dance with Rosalia, play guitar with Taylor Switch and sing with Michael Jackson or Elton John.

Next you’ll go by classic music composers, then the masters of painting (Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Salvador Dali…), famous chefs… And the fun continues with Hollywood stars! Bratt Pitt or Di Caprio? Marylin Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? And of course Jack Nicholson! After that, a staircase will take you to the third floor.


Third Floor of the Barcelona Museo de Cera

The third floor of the Museu de la Cera is probably going to be the favorite of your teens (and many adults!). As you exit the stairs you'll be greeted by great sportsmen: basketball players, MotoGP champions and of course Leo Messi! And then you'll find yourself in the Alley of Terror: what scary movie character terrorizes you the most? They are all here! Two complete rooms to die of fear, set up to look like a real Tunnel of Terror where the characters don't move... or do they?

But don’t worry, you can also choose to skip that part and just dance with Frankenstein (an interactive screen where a cartoon of the monster will mimic your dance steps) and walk over a screen-paved floor that reacts to the touch of your feet. At the end of the corridor you’ll be meeting again with your friends that went through the Alley of Terror, as they are both connected there (no need to walk back through the scary part).

And next you’ll enter the room dedicated to Ice and Fire. Yes, Game of Thrones! A giant dragon, John Snow… and of course an Iron Throne where you can seat and pose as the King or Queen of the 7 Kingdoms! The last room of this floor is dedicated to good and evil characters of world history, including politicians, militaries, Mahatma Gandhi… And then you’ll take the elevator (a normal one, sorry! no surprises in this ride) down to the street level, where the fun continues.


Back to the street level - last rooms of the Museu de Cera

When you exit the elevator you'll find yourself in the bottom of the sea. An interactive screen the size of the entire wall displays fish and other sea animals peacefully swimming around. But try touching the screen and you'll see them approach to see if your finger is edible! Next, you'll go through the inside of a submarine attacked by sharks, and Greta Thunberg will remind you that we are in a climate emergency and we need to protect the planet Earth.

But then you’ll step on the next room where you’ll find yourself inside a pirate ship… with Jack Sparrow waiting to ask what are you doing there! And then, hop! Next room is Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! And then you are inside a space station monitoring weather phenomenons such as hurricanes! And then you’re surrounded by characters of Star Wars! And then… Oh… the visit is over. But how fun was it?


Bosc de les Fades - the Cafe of the Barcelona Museo de la Cera

But wait, the fun isn't over yet! You still need to check out the gift shop, of course! You'll find a couple of wax figures there, too! And to finish a magical day, head over to the museum café, the Bosc de les Fades (Fairies Forest): a wonderful place with trees that seem to be alive and surveying you, with fairies around a water spring, and with some rooms that could be taken from Alice in Wonderland or a gingerbread house. Order a drink or a bite and enjoy the fantastic setting.


Practical Information about the Wax Museum of Barcelona


  • Address: Passeig de la Banca, 7 (access from La Rambla and Josep Anselm Clave street). 08002 Barcelona, Spain. 
  • Closest subway station: Drassanes (L3)
  • Closest bus lines: Lines 59 and V13 stop in La Rambla.
  • Tourist Bus stop: Get off at the Columbus Monument and walk 3 minutes up la Rambla.


  • Opening hours: The Museo de Cera opens every day at 10.30AM, and closes at 7PM Mon-Thu or 8PM Fri-Sat.
  • How long do you need to visit the Wax Museum? Plan for about one hour, longer if you are planning to hang out at the Bosc de les Fades café.
  • Is the visit wheelchair-accessible? Yes, except for two sets.
  • Where can I buy tickets? Here.
  • Are there any places to eat nearby? Check out our blog post about restaurants in La Rambla that aren’t a tourist trap. You can also try in eating in the Gothic Quarter.
  • What else can I do in the area? Explore La Rambla and the Gothic Quarter, or stroll around the Port Vell.

Are you planning to visit the Wax Museum Barcelona?


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