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Top restaurants with a view in Barcelona

Enjoy the perfect meal in the best restaurants with a view in town

Isn’t it a perfect plan? There are a lot of venues where you can get beautiful views of Barcelona while enjoying a lovely meal. Either it is the views over the city, or the sea, or even both at the same time!

Let us help you choose the perfect place for a memorable lunch or dinner, overlooking the city of Barcelona. Luxurious or inexpensive, with your family, your sweet-heart or friends… We know the best restaurants with a view for all occasions.

Today we are sharing our top 5 favorite restaurants with a view:

Barcelona restaurants with viewTorre de Altamar. Imagine a restaurant located at the top of an old-fashioned cable car tower. imagine and amazing you over the beach and the whole city of Barcelona. Imagine also an amazing seafood dinner, and the restaurant often frequented by local models, actors and politicians. That’s what the restaurant is about! Just make sure you are not going on a windy day, as you can really feel the tower moving… Also, be prepared to quite high bill (but it’s worth it, isn’t it?)

El Xalet. Mediterranean cooking from the top of the Montjuïc Hill. One of their dining rooms has a revolving floor, so everyone sitting there can enjoy the views over Barcelona at some point during their meal. As far as I know, it is the only one in Barcelona with that! But make sure that the room where you will be sitting, when you make your reservation.

Cangrejo Loco. Located in the Olympic Village, this is my favorite from all the Barcelona restaurants with a view over the Mediterranean. You need to get a table in the upstairs dining room but only during lunchtime. The upstairs floor is all made of glass walls and you have the feel of it being eating surrounded that by the waves of the sea. I really love it! Of course, seafood and paella is the specialty here. And after the meal, you can enjoy a walk along the Barcelona beaches.

Restaurants with a view in BarcelonaDos Cielos. The name translates as “Two Skies”, so of course the views have to be great! Although, according to the two brothers that run the restaurant, it is a little tribute to their lovely wives. In this restaurant, you will be able to have a Michelin star experience from the top of our high-tech trendy hotel in the technology district of the [email protected]

Bellavista. And to finish our list, this restaurant is a very local off the beaten path outdoors option. Located inside the forest “Parc de l’Oreneta”, this informal venue is very popular among the wealthy families of Barcelona living in the uptown districts of Sarria and Pedralbes. Kids can run freely while you are enjoying your meal by the vantage point. And yes, reservation here is as much required as it would be for the most trendy restaurant in this post! PERMANENTLY CLOSED

But wait! There is more! Do you want to know our favorite and most central restaurant with views in Barcelona? We’ll share our secret with you when you share this post:


So what about you? What are the best restaurants with a view where you have ever eaten?

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