The best restaurants in Sants (Barcelona) can be found near this quaint plaza.

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Santa Maria de Sants church, near some of the best restaurants in Sants

Guide to the best restaurants in Sants (Barcelona)


The district of Sants-Montjuic is the third most populated district in Barcelona, and the largest one. It results of a conglomerate of neighborhoods heavily conditioned by the presence of a hill (the Hill of Montjuic) and several important traffic arteries. The heart of the district is the neighborhood of Sants, considered one of the “traditional” quarters of Barcelona. Sants was a small village in the outskirts of the city, that only became officially part of Barcelona in 1897.

During the industrial revolution the area housed many large factories, and their workers lived near them. So it’s not strange that the industrial past and the intense community feeling of the working class has shaped the district and its social life. The other element that has a strong influence on the Sants daily life is the Estació de Barcelona Sants, the largest train station of the city, serving 4 suburban lines (“Rodalies”) as well as the AVE high speed train connecting with Madrid and Paris, and other long distance domestic and European lines.

Sants is one of those districts where you can see the “Real Barcelona”, and its food scene is still mostly local (although in the internet era it’s not easy to keep hidden gems a secret anymore). In this post we’ve selected 3 of the best restaurants Sants has to offer for each area that is worth exploring: upper and lower Sants, the train station vicinity, the famous Plaça d’Osca, Hostafrancs and other areas such as Poble Sec, the Hill of Montjuic and La Marina.

Upper Sants restaurants

Galileu street, where you can find some of our favorite Sants restaurants

I must admit that my division of "upper" and "lower" Sants isn't very orthodox, but to me it makes sense because Plaça de Sants and Carretera de Sants are an important visual divider. My upper Sants is the area between Plaça de Sants and Plaça del Centre, with Tenor Massini, Galileu, and Vallespir as its most famous streets. The closer you get to Plaça del Centre, the more the area gets influenced by Les Corts, a more well-off district North of Sants.


Bodega Montferry

Bodega Montferry is one of the icons of Sants. Not an old bodega anymore because they had to relocate due to rental contract issues, but still a place that reminds you of their original location in the decoration details and wines from the barrel, but specially on their spectacular sandwiches which are what made them famous. Their sandwich of the day, at a special price, changes every day and their gourmet creations will surprise you. One day you can have caramelised eggplant with mushrooms, the next day tuna with mussels and piparra chilies. They alos serve classic tapas to die for.

Address: Passatge de Serra i Arola, 13
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La Mundana

A gastrobar by the Alain Guiard and Marc Martin, who have worked under the orders of Michelin star chefs around Europe. They do tapas-sized dishes that fusion Japanese, French and Mediterranean cooking, but don’t be scared: it’s not a snobby place, it’s a place to enjoy with friends and have fun letting the food surprise you. Must go if you like oysters and anything smoked, and it’s also a great place to be introduced to the Vermouth culture

Address: Carrer de Vallespir, 93
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La Taberna de Sants

A classic tapas bar serving specialties from the South of Spain, to be more specific, recipes from Cadiz (Andalusia). The freshest red tuna, that perfect fried fish, those beautiful calamari rings, that delicious red prawns cooked in sherry wine… Want bull meat? They have it! Have heard of “tortillita de camarones” (baby shrimp fritters) or “ortiguillas” (battered sea anemone), but you can’t find it anywhere? They have it here, too! 

Address: Carrer dels Comtes de Bell-Lloc, 97
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Lower Sants restaurants

Now to me lower Sants refers to the area that spreads a few blocks under Plaça de Sants. The neighborhood life revolves around the old Cotxeres de Sants (tramway depot), and the Plaça Bonet i Muixí and Iberia squares. This area has a similar vibe to the upper Sants, but maybe more "village like", and the furthest you go from Plaça de Sants, the more working class it feels, as you approach the La Bordeta district.


LAB restaurant

If you are looking for unique experiences, this is your place. This is not a conventional restaurant, but rather a cooking lab where the meal is a surprise. They only have capacity for a maximum of 12 people, and each person gets their own tasting menu based on what’s fresh from the season and their dietary restrictions. The exact menu, for a set price, is only revealed once you arrive at the restaurant (and at that moment they won’t be able to make changes for you, so any important allergies and similar need to be specified upon booking).

Address: c/Rossend Arus, 12
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Sobres Mestres

Sobres Mestres is another food lab, but rather than being focussed on high cuisine like the tapas at LAB, this one wants to raise consciousness about food waste. Their creations are based on the concept of repurposing food scraps and fresh products such as bread, veggies and fruit that otherwise would be wasted because they don’t look “pretty enough” to be sold in the market. Their menu incorporates recipes from around the world. They also organize events and workshops about how to avoid food waste.

Address: Cafe de la Lleialtat Santsenca, on C/Olzinelles, 31
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La Nova Farga

A great place to see locals on their daily business. Every day for lunch they serve a menu del dia, where you can choose one starter, one main and one dessert out of 3 options for each course and at a very interesting and affordable set price. Expect to find homemade traditional recipes, and always also some vegan options.

Address: C/Almeria, 31
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Best restaurants in Sants-Barcelona station and nearby

Sants Station is the largest train station in Barcelona, and from here depart or at least stop most suburban and regional lines connecting with other areas of Catalonia, but also domestic long distance trains heading to other parts of Spain and international trains taking you to Paris or Italy, for instance. And the AVE fast speed trains also depart from here. Inside the station you'll find several cafés and a McDonalds. But if you need to eat nearby, here are some decent ideas:



Need fine dining with city views? You’ll find that at the restaurant of the Nobu Hotel, located on their 23 floor. They serve high end Japanese cuisine (think oysters, lobster, caviar and wagyu beef), but if you don’t want to broke the bank they also have cheaper bites such as fish tacos. It’s only open for dinner – the rest of the day they serve food at the cocktail bar of the hotel lobby.

Address: Avinguda Roma, 2-4
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A fun family owned restaurant where you can try Basque food with Catalan influences, traditional tapas or just order a handful of pintxos (slices of bread with a variety of toppings) from the counter. And don’t miss their homemade selection of desserts. It’s a great place to see local patrons, as well.

Address: C/Elisi, 13
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A 1 Michelin star restaurant where his chef Jordi Esteve serves creative Mediterranean cuisine with light Asian influences. They are famous for paying special attention to their guests’ allergies and intolerances – making it a safe place to eat also for people needing a strict gluten free meal, like those suffering of celiac disease. And their menu is also available in braille. Their lunch menu del dia is a great alternative to Nobu.

Address: C/Valencia, 28
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Best tapas in Sants Plaça d'Osca

Plaça d'Osca is a lively square located in the triangle limited by Carrer de Sants, Passeig de Sant Joan and the Espanya Industrial park. The buildings around it are low and mostly from the 1800's what gives the space a village feel. And it's one of the hearts of the life in Sants: people meets at its cafes and gathers here to celebrate traditional festivals. Its tapas bars are maybe the most famous in the entire district.


La Mestressa

An informal place to meet with friends and have fun with them. they serve salads, burgers, sandwiches, ham and cheese, tapas (don’t miss the sobrassada croquettes!) as well as some more elaborated dishes such as raclette, brochettes or Mexican food. Everyone will find somethign they like, here!

Address: Plaça d’Osca, 7
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Terra d'Escudella

A restaurant right off Plaça d’Osca, where you’ll find homemade Catalan food. The place is run by a cooperative of Catalan activists interested in promoting the Catalan culture and gastronomy, but they are also involved in politics (left-handed Catalan independentism) and social projects such as sustainable tourism and work rights. During lunchtime they serve an interested menu del dia, and for dinner it’s a la carte (tapas, salads, cold cuts, sandwiches and a handful of traditional Catalan recipes – all made with locally sourced products).

Address: c/Premià, 20
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La Tere Gastrobar

If you want something more elaborated you’ll have to head to another side street off Plaça d’Osca, where you’ll find La Tere Gastrobar. This is a gourmet but decently priced restaurant serving fusion tapas with Mediterranean and Asian touches, as well as fish and meat mains that are traditional recipes from different regions of Spain with a creative twist. 

Address: c/Riego, 25
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Restaurants in Sants-Hostafrancs

Hostafrancs is a lively neighborhood of Sants crossed by Carrer de la Creu Coberta, which is the continuation of Carrer de Sants before reaching Plaça Espanya. The main feature of the area is the lively Mercat d'Hostafrancs, a food market that is another heart of the life in the district. Maybe because of the influence of the market, the area is more commercial, with a variety of family-owned shops.


La Campana

Located at the back of the Hostafrancs market, you’ll find this restaurant serving Catalan food prepared with fresh market goods, this place will make you feel at home and at the same time you’ll be mostly surrounded by locals. They have a fine menu del dia and an a la carte menu that includes some tapas, salads, pasta and paella dishes and elaborated meat and fish dishes.

Address: c/Vilardell, 30
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Lavicoca Bar de Vins

A friendly wine bar that also serves gourmet cheeses and cold cuts, delicious tapas and creative miniature cuisine – their caneloni and their croquettes are to die for! Of course, their selection of wines by the glass is wonderful. And they also organize tastings and other wine-related events!

Address: c/Hostafrancs de Sió, 18
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El Racó d'En Victor

The old Bodega Monumental is now the Raco d’en Victor, Victor’s place. Open for breakfast, too, they serve a large variety of tapas, salads, soups, paella, meats and fish dishes, including some vegetarian options. They also cater large groups.

Address: c/Creu Coberta, 87

Eating in other areas of Sants-Montjuic


Best restaurants in Poblesec

El Poble Sec is a neighborhood that expands between Plaça Espanya and the Port, along the foot of the Hill of Montjuic. Too far from the traditional Sants for its inhabitants to feel “from Sants”, the area has its own personality and this last years its tapas bars have become a destination for cheap but fun eating. Listing the best restaurants there is enough material for its own blog post… so we have one about them, of course. Find here our list of top Poble sec restaurants.


Best restaurants in Montjuic Hill

The Hill of Montjuic is what makes the other part of the official name of the Sants-Montjuic district. Located between Plaça Espanya and the Port, it concentrates a lot of sites of interests: a castle, two cable cars, museums such as the Miro Foundation and the MNAC, Olympic facilities, structures from the 1929 World Fair, a Magic Fountain… It’s definitely an area that any visitor will be exploring during their stay in Barcelona. And because you are likely to need to eat while you are there, we also have a specific post with the best restaurants in Montjuic.


Best restaurants in La Marina del Port - Zona Franca

The Marina del Port and the Zona Franca are a dull area on the other side of the Hill of Montjuic, right on the limit of the city bordering the town of L’Hospitalet. Its inhabitants definitely don’t feel like they belong to Sants… and barely to Barcelona even, because until recent years there wasn’t even a subway line that connected this part of the district with the rest of the city. Humble middle and working class apartment buildings along a wide traffic artery that dies in a road knot near the industrial port and the Montjuic Cemetery.

So why would you want to head there? Because of Granja Elena, Bodega Pasaje 1986 and Bar Iberia. That’s really going off the beaten path to appease your foody instincts.

What are your favorite restaurants in Sants Montjuic?


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