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View of Barcelona Eixample. Restaurants in this area are some of the best in town.

Ultimate Guide to the best Eixample Restaurants


The Eixample district was created after the medieval walls of Barcelona were demolished in 1854. Its layout based on a grid was the creation of the engineer Ildefons Cerda, and here flourished the Modernisme architecture style. Having always been a residential area, people has always needed a place to eat near their homes. And that’s how the food scene in Eixample is so reach and enticing.

But the Eixample area is also is the largest district in Barcelona, and just looking for a restaurant in Eixample doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be within walking distance from your location… It is 30 blocks from end to end (1 hour walk), and 10 to 20 blocks from bottom to top depending on the area. So first of all you need to figure out where you are located.

Passeig de Gracia avenue divides the Eixample in two basic halves: Dreta and Esquerra (right and left) of the Eixample. But for the purpose of this post we’ve also added a Central Eixample, that includes Passeig de Gracia, Rambla de Catalunya (beware, it’s no the La Rambla in the Old Town) and Pau Claris, because you are most likely to move around that area of the Eixample than anywhere else.

Dreta de l’Eixample Restaurants

Arch of Triumph in Dreta de l'Eixample. Restaurants in this area are frequented by locals.

Dreta de l'Eixample is the right hand side of Eixample when you are looking at a Barcelona map with the Mediterranean sea at the bottom and the Tibidabo Hill at the top. Sure, it's also divided into smaller neighborhoods (Passeig de Sant Joan, Fort Pienc, Sagrada Familia... ) But it's not worth being so precise if you are only planning to spend a few days in town. As long as you know that it limits with St. Antoni Maria Claret at the top, Independència to the right, Roger de Lluria to the left, and the Old Town, Ciutadella Park and Poblenou District at the bottom, you are good to go.



One of the first bistronomic restaurants (“gastronomic bistrot”) in Barcelona. During lunchtime on weekdays you’ll find here a “menú del dia” based in traditional home cooking recipes. Instead, during dinnertime and the weekends there’s a lovely tasting menu of tapas to share. See reviews >>


Granja Petitbo

There’s so many new brunch places in the city! But none transpires “Barcelona” the way Granja Petitbo does. Located in the lively Passeig de Sant Joan, you can opt to eat in one of their tables outside and practice people watching while you eat. Eggs, burgers, cakes, and a variety of appetizers with Asian and Tex-mex influences. See reviews >>


Xavier Pellicer

Awarded the prize to the World’s Best Vegetable Restaurant 2018, this place will please everyone, vegan or not. While most of their dishes are vegetarian, they also have a small selection of animal protein options. They only work with biodynamic and organic produce, that they basically cook on the grill or the wok, then season with flavorful species. Book a table >>


Ca la Nuri Terra

My personal go-to place for paella. While in the Summer I head to their venue by the beach, in the winter I appreciate the convenience of having a a nice paella restaurant in the city center that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg nor feels too formal. They always have some vegetarian option in their menu, and can do a fideua version (noodle paella) or all their rice dishes. See reviews >>


La Garriga Eixample

A deli or a restaurant? Both! their shop sells quality cold cuts and cheeses, and therefore their restaurant also specializes in meats. You’ll find there lovely tapas, gourmet salads, the best Spanish ham, but also more elaborated recipes such as stews and rice. A perfect choice for a light meal! They make their own desserts, and also have gluten-free options. Book a table >>

Restaurants in the heart of l’Eixample

Passeig de Gracia is the main street of Barcelona. Here you'll find 2 Gaudi buildings, and gorgeous modernist architecture. And the two streets that run parallell to it (Rambla Catalunya and Pau Claris) as well as the side streets connecting them, concentrate a large number of hotels, cool shopping and a huge number of restaurants. Most restaurants are either tapas bars or fancy Michelin star restaurants, but there are also some hidden gems.


Bar Mut

A wonderful tapas bar with no written menu: just a blackboard and your waiter’s recommendations of the day. Maybe pricier than other tapas bars, but the quality of the food and the exquisite preparations are worth what you pay. Locals come here also for afterwork drinks and bites. Their egg carpacio is one of their signature dishes. If you are looking for something more informal but equally delicious, try their gourmet sandwiches across the street, at Entrepans Diaz. See reviews >>



Not the regular fish restaurant. This restaurant works with the best local and imported seafood, that they present using modern culinary techniques and pairing it to creative sauces and vegetable preparations. Their menu varies depending on the catches of the day, so it changes frequently. See reviews >>



By the same chefs of the well known Disfrutar (see below under “Eixample Michelin star restaurants”), this is their more informal project conceived to share good food with family and friends. Seafood and tapas are the stars of their menu. See reviews >>


El Asador de Aranda

One of the most famous meat restaurants in Barcelona, while their Eixample venue doesn’t have the charm of the modernist villa that houses their other restaurant in town, you’ll find in both the best Spanish meat specialties. See reviews >>



A royal British name for an elegant contemporary Catalan cuisine restaurant that will satisfy your need for a classic meal. Or would you rather eat in their backside patio? Your stylish oasis to hide from the tourist crowds. Their wine list includes over 450 references. Book a table >>

Restaurants in Eixample Esquerra

Esquerra de l'Eixample limits at the top with the Diagonal Avenue, to the left with the district of Les Corts, to the right with Rambla de Catalunya, and with the Raval district and Poblesec at the bottom. It is also divided in smaller neighborhoods (Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample, Nova Esquerra de l'Eixample, Hospital Clinic, Sant Antoni, Gayxample...), but you don't need to know their names.


The Alchemix

The food concept of this restaurant can’t be easily labelled, but because of this it’s so worth visiting. This multiple times awarded cocktail bar has a very intriguing menu (available either as a tasting menu or as an a la carte order) that mixes up influences as different as Escandinavian and Asian, Spanish and Norman, Italian and American. A fun dinner out that will definitely end with a spectacular drink! See reviews >>



The name of the restaurant evokes the Catalan word “Cruixent”, crispy. And that’s the texture that defines the “socarrat” rice: the delicious crust of almost burnt rice that sticks to a pan when making paella. Because this restaurant specializes in Spanish rice dishes made in the most authentic way. See reviews >>


La Dama

A sophisticated restaurant to impress your significant other on a romantic date or a very good client. The building, the impressive modernist building known as Casa Sayrach, full of Gaudi influences, is just worth the visit. The menu revolves around refined ingredients such as oysters, truffle, tartars, lobster… An extravagance dinning experience to feel surrounded by luxury. Book a table >>



Informal but classy, this restaurant that serves Catalan and Mediterranean food stands out by the honesty of their preparations. Their kitchen has no secrets: it’s an open kitchen where they prepare author’s cuisine, using ingredients from local farms and vegetable gardens from the village where the owners come from up in the Pyrenees. See reviews >>


Can Xurrades

Despite its name meaning something like “Nonsense’s place” (hard to give an exact translation), Can Xurrades has become a place of reference for meat restaurants in Barcelona. They started as a humble tavern over 20 years ago, and they have now become a fine restaurant specializing in meats. They curate their meats themselves (some of them for over a year), and they grill them in Josper ovens. The owners even own their own veal herd. Book a table >>

Eixample District restaurants by specialty


Best tapas restaurants in Eixample

  • Bar Mut. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. See above.
  • Bar Calders. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. A tapas bar famous for their vermouths.
  • Cerveseria Catalana and its sister restaurants (Ciudad Condal, Vinitus and La Flauta). CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. Fun and tasty tapas. They don't take reservations, so get there early or be ready for a long wait to get a table.
  • Fabrica Moritz. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. The tapas bar of the Moritz beer company.
  • La Taverna del Clinic. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. Fancy tapas that attract a serious and business crowd.
  • Paco Meralgo. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 
  • Tapas 24. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. Don’t miss their truffled sobrassada “bikini” sandwich.

More Barcelona tapas bars >>


Traditional restaurants in Eixample

  • El Racó d'en Cesc. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. Traditional Catalan food and an extensive wine list.
  • Vic Braseria. DRETA DE L'EIXAMPLE. Catalan meat and vegetables grill.
  • Casa Amalia. DRETA DE L'EIXAMPLE. Slow food since 1950, their menu includes both purely traditional recipes as well as a modern reinterpretations of Catalan cooking section.
  • Bar Gelida. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. Famous mom and pop bar where locals head for the best homemade cooking.
  • Can Boneta. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. Catalan food and tapas served in creative presentations. They also have an attractive menu del dia.

More traditional Catalan restaurants in Barcelona >>


Eixample Italian restaurants

  • Assunta Madre. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. Italian restaurant specializing in fish and seafood. Gossip time: the local police raided it once looking for Italian mafia members that used to meet there!
  • Benzina. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. Maybe the best carbonara in Barcelona, in a restaurant that'll remind you of Little Italy in NYC.
  • Galu. DRETA DE L’EIXAMPLE. Sicilian cuisine, with gluten-free and vegan options.
  • Sartoria Panatieri. DRETA DE L’EIXAMPLE. Ranked as the best pizza in Europe 2023 and one of the top-50 worldwide (excluding those in Italy).

More Italian restaurants in Barcelona >>


Eixample Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants

  • L'Albe. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. A gastrobar that reinterprets the Catalan culinary ingredients from a Lebanese perspective.
  • Una mica de Japo. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. A traditional Japanese tabern run by Japanese people, where you won't find sushi or yakisoba but homemade Japanese food.
  • Bembi. DRETA DE L'EIXAMPLE. A modern Indian restaurant in a sofisticated setting.
  • Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. The only restaurant in Spain awarded the Thai Select Premium certificate, backing up a high end authentic Thai dinning experience.
  • Imperial Crown. DRETA DE L’EIXAMPLE. A high end Chinese restaurant located inside a Gaudi building and decorated with its original furniture.

More Asian restaurants in Barcelona >>


Michelin stars: the best restaurants in Eixample (Barcelona)

  • Lasarte. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. 3 stars. The only 3-star Michelin restaurant in Eixample, this exclusive restaurant is run by the prestigious Basque chef Martin Berasategui.
  • Cinc Sentits. ESQUERRA DE L'EIXAMPLE. 2 stars. A tribute to the traditional Catalan flavors and products, revisited from a modern point of view.
  • Disfrutar. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 2 stars. Never technoemotional cuisine has been so much fun. A restaurant considered by many one of the best in the world, despite having been awarded its 3rd Michelin star yet.
  • Angle. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 2 stars. Although Abac, chef’s Jordi Cruz famous 3-star restaurant is located in a different district, you still have the chance to try his creations at Angle, his 2-star restaurant.
  • Moments. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. 2 stars. The exclusive restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental is run by the heir of the multiple-awarded female chef Carme Ruscalleda: her son Raul Balam.
  • COME by Paco Mendez. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star. High end creative Mexican cuisine with El Bulli feel.
  • Enigma. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star.
  • Albert Adria, brother of the iconic founder of el Bulli Ferran Adria, runs this surprising venue with a single 25-courses tasting menu where each bite is a surprise.
  • Slow & Low. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star. Technique and creativity put together an international menu with Mexican and Thai touches.
  • Atempo. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star. Another Jordi Cruz restaurant, this one offers one single tasting menu from which most dishes are either cooked or finished in front of the guests.
  • Alkimia. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star. A futurist space designed by the architect Jean Nouvel, serving a tasting menu with roots in the Catalan tradition. During the hunting season they also serve on request a special game tasting menu that must be booked in advance.
  • Mont Bar. ESQUERRA DE L’EIXAMPLE. 1 star. Vanguardist tapas that surprise for their fresh flavors as well as their artistic presentations.
  • Xerta. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. 1 star. This restaurant specializing in rice and other delicacies from the Delta of the Ebro river is also the only Michelin restaurant in Europe with a Kosher certification.
  • Oria. CENTRAL EIXAMPLE. 1 star. The second Michelin restaurant by Martin Berasategui in Eixample, combining Mediterranean and Basque cuisines.

What Barcelona Eixample restaurants will you try on your next trip?


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