Food & Drinks in Barcelona and Spain

Find here all our blog posts about food and wine in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. Our posts about restaurants will help you selecting the best places to eat depending on the specialties you want to try, or the features you want (such as city views, or a garden…), and of course by their location. Our blog posts about food will teach you about the traditional local cooking, initiate you in the world of tapas, take you on a virtual wine tasting… We also have posts on the best local food markets and gourmet stores, and of course… some easy recipes so you can try making your own Spanish and Catalan food at home!

One of our favorite "masia" restaurants in Montserrat

Top Restaurants in Montserrat

Our favorite Montserrat restaurants for you The monastery of Montserrat is the most visited destination outside of Barcelona for a day trip. It has all the advantages: it’s less than 1 hour ride (by car, by train it’s longer), it offers great scenery and nature, it’s got an interesting history and the boys choir adds …

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Escudella served in Barcelona for Christmas

Catalan Christmas Escudella Recipe

Try my escudella catalana recipe this Christmas In Catalan, a “escudella” is a traditional clay dish where soup and stews are served. In the old times when ceramic dishes were only accessible to the high society and plastic didn’t exist yet, that’s what everyone used to eat. For the majority of the population cooking elaborated …

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vegan food in barcelona

Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona

WHERE TO EAT VEGAN IN BARCELONA​ Spain is not a meat and fish country anymore, and Barcelona is the perfect Spanish destination for vegans. The number of vegan restaurants in Barcelona is only growing, and even “normal” restaurants often offer vegan friendly options. I’ve been vegetarian (no-meat, no-fish) since 2010 so I’ve been a witness …

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tapas bars near magic fountain barcelona

Good Restaurants Near Magic Fountain

PLACES TO EAT NEAR MAGIC FOUNTAIN One of my favorite things I recommend my guests to do at night in Barcelona is going to the Magic Fountain Show. If you haven’t heard of, it’s like the Bellagio in Vegas, the European way. I admit there was a time I thought it was too “touristy”. But …

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Authentic Barcelona Esmorzar de Forquilla

Esmorzar de Forquilla – The Plentiful Catalan Breakfast

WHERE TO EAT A TRUE FORK BREAKFAST Fork Breakfast – esmorzar de forquilla in Catalan, is the breakfast of champions. In general, Spaniards eat continental breakfast: a cup of coffee and a bakery or toast. A sandwich to the most. Most jobs are quite sedentary and we don’t need many calories to survive until lunchtime. …

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best Spanish cookbooks

The Best Spanish Cookbooks (Tapas And More!)

COOL SPANISH COOKING AND TAPAS COOKBOOKS​ A lot of people are spending their confinement days… cooking! My simple buñuelos recipe was a hit some weeks ago, so I thought you might be interested in learning how to cook other delicious Spanish dishes. We’ve covered some easy recipes in our blog, but this it not the …

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Spanish fritters bunuelos for Lent

Easy Recipe For Bunuelos De Viento

A SPANISH EASY FRITTERS RECIPE​ We’ve been more than 15 days in confinement now in Spain due to coronavirus, and one thing I’ve been doing more than during “normal life” is cooking. And that gave me the idea for today’s post. Unplug with me, hands on! And then treat yourself to a delicious Spanish dessert. …

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Top Unusual Spanish Food

More Spanish Unusual Food

STRANGE FOODS FROM SPAIN We do have some strange recipes in Spain, and we already started discussing it in a previous post in our blog. But we thought there was more to be shared, and that’s why today we are adding a second part to it. Because there are two ways to travel: staying in your comfort …

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Best Barcelona restaurants for groups

Best Barcelona Group Restaurants

COOL RESTAURANTS FOR GROUPS IN BARCELONA Groups of 10 or more are considered large groups and most restaurants won’t take them without a reservation. What’s more: often groups won’t be allowed to eat à la carte and they’ll have to choose a set menu and pay for it in advance. That’s because not all restaurants are …

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A post on vermut Barcelona

Where To Have A Real Vermouth In Barcelona

BARCELONA VERMOUTH BAR LIST – THE CATALAN VERSION OF TAPAS Do you want to know a secret? Tapas aren’t really a Barcelona thing. Other cities like Seville, Madrid or Bilbao have entire neighborhoods full of tapas bars, and their locals hop from bar to bar enjoying a tapa here and another tapa there. That doesn’t happen …

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Spanish alcohol beverages by ForeverBarcelona

Catalan And Spanish Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try

DELICIOUS SPANISH LIQUEURS AND SPIRITS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF Did you know that the world of Spanish drinks isn’t just about its wines and sparklings? There is also a very appealing variety of liquors for all tastes that most tourists will miss, and yet, they are a very intimate part of the local culture and gastronomy. …

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Coca de Sant Joan

Spanish Coca De Sant Joan Recipe In 5 Easy Steps

BAKER’S COCA BREAD RECIPE June 24th is Saint John’s day, and in Catalonia people celebrate it with a big fireworks festival the evening before. Locals get together to make bonfires, see the fireworks, toast with cava and… eat coca bread! It’s easy to buy it in any local bakery or cake shop, but you can also …

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Top Barcelona restaurants with garden

Top Restaurants With Garden In Barcelona

OUR FAVORITE BARCELONA GARDEN RESTAURANTS Now that the spring is around the corner, eating outdoors is always great. There are lots of restaurants with outdoor terrace in Barcelona, but often they are right in the middle of the street and there’s a lot of noise and smoke. Instead, enjoying a meal surrounded by plants and nature …

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Spain Barcelona Gracia restaurants best

Gracia Restaurants: Our Favorite Places To Eat

RESTAURANTS IN GRACIA FOR EVERY TASTE AND NEED At the top of the tourist-packed Passeig de Gràcia, right after crossing the classy Diagonal Avenue, starts a hot district that mixes the spirit of the traditional neighborhoods with the energy of the newly arrived young designers, cooks and creators. Less trendy than the Born, but not as …

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Free Tapas Barcelona Spain

Where To Get Tapas For Free In Barcelona

A SELECTION OF THE BEST FREE TAPAS IN TOWN You might have heard that in the rest of Spain it is common to serve free tapas with your drink (order a beer, to fit in with the locals: a sangria will immediately mark you as a tourist), but in Barcelona that doesn’t happen. Or… at least …

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New Years Eve Dinner Barcelona Spain

Great Ideas For Your New Years Dinner In Barcelona

BARCELONA RESTAURANTS FOR NEW YEARS EVE Spending New Year’s Eve in Barcelona? Last year we shared the best places to attend a New Year’s Party in our city. But what about dinner? It’s something to absolutely plan in advanced if the party you’ll be attending doesn’t include dinner. And absolutely do not leave it to play by ear, …

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