The architect that changed Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí was born in 1852 in a town South of Barcelona. His family was humble: his father was a cauldron maker, and his mom was a housewife as it was common in those times.

He grew up surrounded by nature, where he developed a sense of curiosity about animals, plants and minerals that he’d apply later to his works as an architect. He spent also many hours watching his father and the other local craftsmen work with different materials: metal, clay, wood, glass… His familiarity with the different techniques would also allow him to instruct his workers later on and push them to execute things they’d never done before.

He studied Architecture in the university of Barcelona at the same time that he worked as an apprentice for some renowned local architects, and already in school he started showing a strong personality that caused him some trouble (not all his teachers trusted his skills). It is said that when he graduated, the dean of the faculty told him “Kid, I’m still not sure if you are a mad or a genius”.

After a few minor works for the local bourgeoisie, he became friends with the wealthiest man in town: the count Eusebi Güell, who will soon entrust him with some ambitious projects thus opening him the doors to very important contacts in the local society.

His masterpiece is the famous Sagrada Familia church, still a work in progress, to which he devoted the last 42 years of his life (half of them, in exclusive). He died in 1926, run over by a tram.