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Mushrooms in Barcelona: must-have list for foodies

Catalan and Spanish mushrooms to try this fall

Our foodie Spanish mushroom list Mushrooms are huge in Barcelona and Catalonia and other humid areas from the North of Spain, while drier areas such as Castile almost despise them and limit their consumption one of the most popular Spanish mushroom tapas: “champinones al ajillo” (sauteed mushrooms with garlic and parsley). But in our area, when the […]

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Medieval Barcelona beasts in Parades

Bestiari de la Mercè – Scary beasts!

Beasts in Catalan traditional parades Parades of all kinds are huge in the Catalan festivals. We have large cardboard men and women (the Giants – Gegants) and short ones with big heads (Capgrossos), who parade along the streets to the sound of music. And we have a collection of real and fantasy animals that are […]

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Winter fruit and vegetables Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Autumn and Winter fruits and vegetables in Spain

Our favorite winter season fruits Spanish markets are now packed with autumn and winter season fruits and vegetables: cold weather is not an excuse to not follow a healthy diet rich in greens and fruit. In my food tours I’ve often noticed that some of our most common winter season fruits are not so common […]

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Festes de la Merce | ForeverBarcelona

What to see during the Festes de la Merce

The biggest event in Barcelona in September La Merce Festival in Barcelona (or Festes de la Merce) is the most important local celebration in Barcelona: it’s our main festival – La Festa Major. Every year it is celebrated during the week around September 24, day of our Lady of Mercy – Patron Saint of Barcelona. […]

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Survive a rainy day in Barcelona

Oh, no! It’s raining in Barcelona!

Check out the best activities for a rainy day in town The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain… But what if it catches you in Barcelona during your holidays? You don’t want to stay in your hotel playing games and wasting your precious time here. So what should you do? Don’t worry: today […]

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