Barcelona sites from the book Origin by Dan Brown

The Barcelona of Dan Brown in Origin (with spoilers)

Dan Brown Origin locations: Barcelona sites, elements and landscapes Next Monday it’s the International Day of Books – St. Jordi, a huge celebration in Catalonia. So what better than discussing books today? And did you know Origin by Dan Brown takes place in Barcelona? Or should I say for the most part, as it also […]

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History of Spain book list

Top Catalan and Spanish history books for travelers

Read a book on the history of Spain before your trip to take the most out of it! Next Sunday is April 23rd, Saint George’s Day and International Day of Books. If you are planning a trip to Spain, what a better way to prepare than reading a few Spanish history books? You’ll be able […]

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Barcelona fiction novels | ForeverBarcelona

Travel reading: Barcelona fiction books

Let your fantasy fly with the best novels about Barcelona Today we are recommending you the best Barcelona fiction books, because don’t you love reading stories about the places where you’ll travel to? I do, because once you get to your destination, you feel more connected to it as you try to discover the places […]

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