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This tag makes part of our Food category and will direct you to all our blog posts discussing drinks, not just for adults but also for the entire family. Some of them are alcoholic beverages such as wine, sangria, sparkling wine, vermouth, cocktails… But you’ll also find here non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee and tea, and the kid-friendly orchata and hot chocolate… The world of Spanish drinks and beverages is summarized here in our blog posts for your enjoyment. Make sure to try our recommendations during your trip to bring back home memories of trying new exciting flavors from Spain!

A post on vermut Barcelona

Where To Have A Real Vermouth In Barcelona

BARCELONA VERMOUTH BAR LIST – THE CATALAN VERSION OF TAPAS Do you want to know a secret? Tapas aren’t really a Barcelona thing. Other cities like Seville, Madrid or Bilbao have entire neighborhoods full of tapas bars, and their locals hop from bar to bar enjoying a tapa here and another tapa there. That doesn’t happen …

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Spanish alcohol beverages by ForeverBarcelona

Catalan And Spanish Alcoholic Drinks You Must Try

DELICIOUS SPANISH LIQUEURS AND SPIRITS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF Did you know that the world of Spanish drinks isn’t just about its wines and sparklings? There is also a very appealing variety of liquors for all tastes that most tourists will miss, and yet, they are a very intimate part of the local culture and gastronomy. …

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Where to drink Horchata in Barcelona

Horchata In Barcelona: Find The Real Thing

A FOODIE-APPROVED BARCELONA HORCHATERIAS LIST My baby is almost 21 months old and she already loves horchata de chufa (or orxata de xufa in Catalan), a Summer drink favorite in Spain, specially in Valencia, where the drink is original from, and along the Mediterranean coast. White like milk, but not a dairy product, this refreshing beverage …

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Best easy sangria recipe to make at home

How To Make Sangria At Home

THE AUTHENTIC SANGRIA RECIPE Red wine sangria is one of the most famous Spanish drinks. Spaniards don’t drink it all the time, though: it’s a summer drink only. And we hardly ever order it at the restaurants (except maybe occasionally in tapas bars, but we usually prefer wine or bier to go with our tapas), …

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Tea Shop Barcelona List | ForeverBarcelona

What’s The Top Barcelona Tea Shop?

ICE TEA, BUBBLE TEA, AFTERNOON TEA IN BARCELONA AND MORE​ Are you a tea lover? Discover where to enjoy it in Barcelona! Tea wasn’t too popular in our area just a few years ago. However, these last years it’s become trendy and lately tea shops and cafés serving good tea have been opening around! Now it’s …

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Spanish White Wines you need to know about | ForeverBarcelona

White Wine Brands From Spain

SPAIN WHITE WINE WILL DEFINITELY SURPRISE YOU​ While the country is famous for its reds, Spanish white wine is definitely worth trying. Some time now in Spain, many producers have bet for white wines and start producing really good products: not only young white wines, but barrel crianzas as well that deserves an opportunity to be tasted. COME TO …

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Red Wines from Spain | ForeverBarcelona

Best Spanish Red Wines List

GET FAMILIAR WITH THE MOST POPULAR SPAIN RED WINE BRANDS​ Style and quality. These are the two adjectives that describe red wines from Spain. Most of them are made of Tempranillo and Granache grapes, and unless we are talking about young wines, they are mostly aged in oak barrels. That’s why it’s important to know the types of Spanish wines based …

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Cava Brands from Penedès that never fail | ForeverBarcelona

Top Spanish Cava Brands

CAVA WINE BRANDS FOR A PERFECT MEDITERRANEAN MEAL​ Penedes Cava is the most famous sparkling drink in Catalonia; only the wines that are fermented with champenoise tradicional method and inside permited areas (Denominación de Origen) can be labelled as Spanish Cava. Although there are Cava regions all over Spain, the 95% of all cava is produced …

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Hot chocolate and churros in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Best Hot Chocolate And Churros In Barcelona

BEST HOT CHOCOLATE AND CHURROS IN BARCELONA​ I loooooove churros and hot chocolate. It was my favorite Sunday breakfast when I was a child, and nothing made me happier than having my grandparents (or parents, or aunties!) taking me to a granja (cafe specializing in dairy products) to enjoy a cup of think hot chocolate and dip …

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Tea and chocolate tasting | ForeverBarcelona

A World Tour Through Tea And Chocolate

CELEBRATING THE SPAIN-JAPAN DUAL YEAR WITH CHOCOLATE TASTING​ Does a tea and chocolate tasting sound appealing to you? One of my favorite chocolate shops in Barcelona has decided to celebrate the Spain-Japan dual year in a very creative way: In collaboration with chef Javier Molina they organize one a week and until July 30, 2014* a …

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Barcelona cocktail Bars ForeverBarcelona

Discover The Best Barcelona Cocktail Bars

BEST COCKTAIL BARS IN BARCELONA​​ There are many cocktail bars in Barcelona, but some of them are definitely better than others… And it’s such a pitty to arrive to a place where you were expecting to have a fun evening, just to realize that you’ll have to wander around an unknown city and try to …

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Spanish wine bars | Forever Barcelona

Discover The Best Wine Bars In Barcelona

BARCELONA WINE BARS FOR YOUR NIGHTS OUT​ The wines of Spain are starting to get a name beyond Rioja, but do you know where you can enjoy a selection of the best Spanish wine labels while you are in Barcelona? Discover the best wine bars in Barcelona that all the connoisseurs are talking about. Today we are inviting …

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