Best cupcakes barcelona

Where to find the best Barcelona cupcakes

Fabulous cupcake shops in Barcelona Cupcakes are here to stay. The cupcake fever arrived to Barcelona a few years ago and while some people thought they were too sweet for the local taste and that it’ll be a bluff, the truth is that they have stayed and now they have won their own spot in […]

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Coca Sant Joan

Spanish Coca de Sant Joan Recipe in 5 easy steps

Want to learn how to make coca bread? June 24th is Saint John’s day, and in Catalonia people celebrate it with a big fireworks festival the evening before. Locals get together to make bonfires, see the fireworks, toast with cava and… eat coca bread! It’s easy to buy it in any local bakery or cake […]

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Spanish cakes and pastries | ForeverBarcelona

Our favorite traditional Spanish pastries

Delicious cakes and pastries from Spain Spanish people love pastries. We eat them for breakfast, with our midday coffee and even during the merienda (mid-afternoon snack, kind of like the British tea time, but without the tea). That explains why there is a bakery pretty much in every street in Barcelona! We couldn’t leave without […]

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Barcelona shops for turron

Where to buy turron in Barcelona?

A selection of the best turron shops in town Turrons are the most appreciated candy in Christmas time, they are the dessert in any Christmas table: without them Christmas in Spain wouldn’t be the same! Spanish turron is said to be an evolution of an Arabic candy that reached our lands in the Middle Ages, and it […]

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Top Cakes Barcelona

Where to find the best Barcelona cakes?

We take you on a tour of the best Barcelona cake shops I love cakes. Actually I love chocolate, cakes and all kinds of sweets. I like visiting cake shops and trying all their innovations, taste new sensations and new textures that surprise me. Luckily in Barcelona we have some awesome cake makers known internationally […]

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