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Vanilla and chocolate ice cream in Barcelona

Barcelona Gelato Shops You Can’t Miss


If you love gelato, Barcelona is the right place for you. Just have a look around: there are so many ice cream places everywhere. How can you know where you will get really good quality gelato instead of industrial so so ice cream? I am also a fan of gelato, and I know what you mean! This is why today am sharing with you my very favorite places, some of them are often part of my sweet Barcelona tours. Let’s relish on this chilled summer pleasure.

These are our favorite Barcelona gelato places:​


Gelaaati! Di Marco​

Located in a lively sidestreet off Plaça Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter, they have an amazing variety of flavors. So hard to pick just one! The staff is Italian, and in the back of the shop you can see the workshop where they can keep making gelato all day long. 

Don’t miss their Premium Line: award winning recipes made with organic products. Their creme brulee one got the prize to the best Spain ice cream, and their Milanese got in the final of the best in the World.



This is actually a chain (you can find them in other European cities, French ex-colonies in the Caribbean and they also have one shop in New York so far), but a premium one! 

In Barcelona, you have one of them they conveniently located near the top of La Rambla, and another one in the commercial Portaferrissa Street. They use a lot of organic products, but the best part is that if you get a cone, they arrange the scoops as if they where flower petals. Beautiful!



The name of this Catalan company means “viciously good”, and they go for organic and natural products. Their variety of flavors is not very big, but their organic gelato are amazingly good. They have to shops in Gràcia: one on Astúries st, around the corner from the Fontana subway station, and another on Torrijos st.



After a morning in the beach, you shouldn’t miss this chocolate shop and gelato place in the Barceloneta quarter. A paradise for gourmets and foodies, you will find here the most sophisticated flavors in town: blueberry and violet, roses and raspberry, and my favorite: grapefruit and jasmine!

But if you are not the adventurous, don’t worry: they do sell all the standard flavors as well. They have recently opened a new shop in el Born, too.


Gelateria Italiana​

Time to go off the beaten path! If you are exploring the alleys of the Gracia district and enjoying shopping in the little ateliers so full of charm and personality, make sure to head at some point to the Plaça de la Revolució. In the number one you will find a simple looking ice cream parlor run by 2 Italian ladies, known to make the very best chocolate ice cream in Barcelona. Beware: in the summer there are long lines to get one!

AND BONUS! The shop that international experts consider the best Barcelona Gelato:​



Located in a corner of the hip Enric Granados street, this tiny shop is run by the italian gelato master Massimo Pignata. Unlike most other shops, you won’t find here a large range of flavors: you won’t even “see” the gelato until you order it!

That’s because the owner focuses in high quality products rather than quantity and prefers to keep his gelato at the perfect temperature – what would be harder to control if the gelato boxes were displayed in a normal glass freezer. 

Anyway, their extremely creaminess and spectacular natural flavor of his creation will definitely make you fall in love and agree with us that it is the best ice cream in Barcelona.

What is your favorite place for ice cream in Barcelona?​


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.



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