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One of the Top Cakes Barcelona

Where To Find The Best Barcelona Cakes?


I love cakes. Actually I love chocolate, cakes and all kinds of sweets. I like visiting cake shops and trying all their innovations, taste new sensations and new textures that surprise me. Luckily in Barcelona we have some awesome cake makers known internationally that have won a lot of awards.

I go visit them regularly to make sure I don’t miss anything special. And I love showing them tot my guests during my tours if they seem to have sweet teeth like me. I even created a special sweet tour to take you visiting them so you can try the best Barcelona cake designs. But if you don’t have time for a whole tour, today I’m taking you on a virtual tour of my favorite. Let’s dig in!

Here is where to find the best cakes in Barcelona:



They are the most famous family of cake makers in Barcelona, already 4 generations running the business. We could say they are the Ferran Adrià of Barcelona cake makers: at their two cake shops you can find from traditional cakes to glamorous candy rings, and you can even hire them to prepare a custom cake-performance.

Don’t miss their after-eights (piece of chocolate topped with a real mint leave) and their “cremadets” (a crème brulée pasty). One of their stores is located in the heart of La Rambla: a gorgeous tiny shop in a corner near la Boqueria, decorated with antique modernist mosaics and stained glasses. 

But their main store is located a bit further from the city center, in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, where the first family shop was open: this is where you can see their atelier, and where you can often see the head of the family Christian Escribà supervising the business, his son making cakes and… Christian’s mother occasionally checking out everything goes well! BTW, we organize super cool private visits to their cake atelier. Check them out!



Mey Hoffman was a lady chef who run a 1 Michelin star restaurant, a cooking school and a cake shop until she unfortunately passed away in May 2016. Nevertheless, her businesses have continued to be a must of the Barcelona culinary scene. 

Her cake shop is located in El Born area in a tiny but cool space where you’ll find all kinds of pastries, cakes, jam, bonbons, cookies that you can buy to take away or eat standing by a very small counter. Their window is often decorated with some chocolate sculpture or giant cakes. Don’t miss their spectacular variety of croissants with different fillings.


La Pastisseria

J.M. Rodríguez loved cake shops since he was a child, and he was finally able to open his own after winning the cake world cup with his cake Rosa del Vent (wind rose). Our favourites? The Cirereta cake, inspired in the cherries that topped the cakes of his childhood and shaped as a cherry (although almost as big as an apple), and the Rosa de Sant Jordi, a simply spectacular pink cake made with chocolate mousse and shaped as a flower.


Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer is a synonym of creativity, excellence and innovation in the cake world. He was the pioneer in opening a sweet cook showroom in Barcelona and turn it into a laboratory where he creates new cakes every month to satisfy the most demanding palates.

With over ten culinary awards, including Best Cake Maker in Spain 2008 and Best Butter Croissant in Spain 2014, you’ll be able to taste his specialties in their atelier in Les Corts, a Chocolaterie in El Born (hot chocolate with churros and bombons), a Bakery in Sarrià (high quality breads and wonderful pastries – their xuixos are amazing!), and their very elegant Flagship store in Turó Park. They also have a couple of venues in Madrid.



One of the oldest cake shops in town, opened in 1886. They make all kind of bonbons, cakes and pastries and they had the honor to make the Princess Cristina wedding cake when she married. She chose them because she lived in the area when she was single and used to buy treats there often. As per her request the cake had to be a very simple with puff pastry, with crème brulée and strawberries. 

On the top of the cake Foix cake makers placed a replica of the Pedralbes Palace, were the reception took place, made of  white chocolate. You can still buy smaller versions of that cake at their Barcelona cake shop in Major de Sarrià. And throughout the year you’ll find here the typical cakes that go with the local festivities and celebrations.

AND BONUS! The Barcelona cake shop that got the price to the best chocolate cake in the world in 2005:



Master pastry chef Carles Mampel won the International Prize to the Best Chocolate Cake in the World in 2005 with his Xabina cake, that you can still buy nowadays in his cake shop in El Born. It’s a wonderful cake that combines chocolate mousse with a crunchy heart and a chocolate macaron. In this venue that almost looks like a jewelry you can also buy bonbons, macarons, petit fours and many other cake creations that make great gifts and souvenirs – Oh my God, their Macadamia nuts covered with white chocolate, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt! 

BTW, in the weekends they open until midnight: so if you are having dinner in the area, skip dessert and head to Bubo instead. You can’t go wrong there! Or you might just want to have dinner at their tapas bar next door, where of course you can also order their cakes. It’s a favorite stop in our Barcelona chocolate tours!

Where do you go for great cakes in Barcelona?


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