Medieval Barcelona beasts in Parades

Bestiari de la Mercè – Scary beasts!

Beasts in Catalan traditional parades Parades of all kinds are huge in the Catalan festivals. We have large cardboard men and women (the Giants – Gegants) and short ones with big heads (Capgrossos), who parade along the streets to the sound of music. And we have a collection of real and fantasy animals that are […]

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Sant Joan Barcelona

The Sant Joan Festival is coming. Are you gonna miss it?

Top list of Saint John events in Barcelona The Sant Joan Festival (revetlla de St. Joan or Nit de Sant Joan) takes place in the evening of June 23rd and is celebrated all around Catalonia. The night of San Juan Festival is the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. Families will get together for dinner: […]

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Catalan Human Tower tradition

What are castellers?

Everything you want to know about Catalan human towers The tradition of building human towers in Catalonia has existed for over 200 years: we call it Castellers. Castellers are people who build towers with their bodies and make different constructions called castells (castles). It’s such a deeply  rooted tradition that there are even competitions between […]

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Easter Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Easter in Barcelona: everything you need to know

Ideas for an authentic Barcelona Easter holiday Unfortunately, the Barcelona Easter Week isn’t one of the liveliest in Spain. While areas such as Andalusia are famous for their passionate and breath-taking traditions, in Barcelona you need to know where to go to get a feel of the local Easter celebrations. This is why today we […]

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Barcelona Correfocs | ForeverBarcelona

Correfoc – the wildest tradition of La Merce Festival

Planning to attend the Fire Run? The Correfoc is a popular Catalan tradition consisting of a parade of infernal characters that chase people with fireworks. It is usually celebrated afterdark (when the effect of the fireworks is more striking), and arises a lot of emotions in the participants that range from (controlled) danger to fun […]

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