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Our Squares of Gracia district

Why we love the Gracia squares

Strolling around the Places de Gràcia Gracia plazas are distinct landmarks of the Gràcia district. Originally an independent village connected with Barcelona through a road that was going to become the nowadays fancy Passeig de Gracia, that part of the countryside north of the old Barcelona was often developed by private real state owners that […]

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You can fly in Barcelona

Raise above the skies flying in Barcelona Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’ve always envied those people who assure that in the middle of a dream they can “decide” they can fly and hop! they start flying. But you don’t really need to train yourself to have lucid dreams to experience the sensation of floating […]

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Catalan pasta recipes | ForeverBarcelona

Catalan pasta dishes

Did you know that pasta in Catalonia is really popular? Catalonia and Italy were very connected in the middle ages, so it is not strange that their cuisine had a strong influence in our own way of cooking. And while we don’t have the impressive variety of sauces and shapes you’ll find in Italy, pasta […]

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Javier Tour Guide - ForeverBarcelona


Javier’s interview is out! Today we are continuing our series of interviews with the guides in our team, and it’s Javier’s turn! He is one of the two male guides in ForeverBarcelona, and a big favorite of our guests. Marta – the owner of the company – and Javier share a common point in their professional […]

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Top Barcelona restaurants with garden

Top restaurants with garden in Barcelona

Our favorite Barcelona garden restaurants Now that the spring is around the corner, eating outdoors is always great. There are lots of restaurants with outdoor terrace in Barcelona, but often they are right in the middle of the street and there’s a lot of noise and smoke. Instead, enjoying a meal surrounded by plants and […]

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