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Most Instagrammable Spots in Catalonia

WHERE TO GO TO SMASH IT ON INSTAGRAM Instagram has become the place to show off your travel pictures. Today we invited writer Ashley Lipman to share with us her list of favorite Instagrammable spots in our land. I hope you enjoy it! MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOTS IN CATALONIA Many foreign travelers are shocked to discover …

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Barcelona Skyline

Top Tips for Getting to Barcelona

Top Tips for Travelling to Barcelona When planning a trip whether to Barcelona or any other destination there are many different things to consider. Transportation, accommodation, food, drink, attractions, trips…the list is endless and it can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are planning it all yourself. Luckily for you, we have a few …

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Hector Guimard or Antoni Gaudi?

Antoni Gaudi VS Hector Guimard

Masters of the Art Nouveau Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that bloomed in Europe from the end of the 1800’s to the first quarter of the 1900’s. Generally known as Art Nouveau because it started in Paris, France, it received other names depending on the location. In Barcelona, Spain, it was called Modernisme (Modernism). …

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Toy globe and face mask

Covid Travel Tips

Plan a safe and successful trip during Covid times It’s been a year of stressful lockdowns, a drastic reduction of social relationships and… of planning staycations. But with the vaccine arrival, things might start improving soon. Some countries are starting to relax their Covid restrictions and opening their borders. While not everyone will feel safe …

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Barcelona or Valencia: photo collage

Valencia or Barcelona for Travel

Should you visit Valencia or Barcelona on your next trip? Barcelona and Valencia: two Mediterranean cities with their own character. One, a popular destination since the 1992 Olympics. The other, a destination that is fostering a solid reputation lately, not so crowded by tourists yet.  PRIVATE TOURS OF THE GAUDI SITES Should you visit one …

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One of our favorite "masia" restaurants in Montserrat

Top Restaurants in Montserrat

Our favorite Montserrat restaurants for you The monastery of Montserrat is the most visited destination outside of Barcelona for a day trip. It has all the advantages: it’s less than 1 hour ride (by car, by train it’s longer), it offers great scenery and nature, it’s got an interesting history and the boys choir adds …

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Lady studying Spanish online

Should you learn Spanish online before traveling to Spain?

How a spanish course online can transform your vacation I’m reading your mind now, and I hear “I’m not learning Spanish now, at my age, no thanks”. But believe it or not, NOW is the best moment there’ll be to add a new skill to your curriculum. And not because of work, but because of …

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Best Of 2020

What content has been the favorite IN 2020? 2020 has been a year we’ll al remember. A year where we’ve missed our loved ones, where we’ve been forced to stay at home, where masks have prevented us from sharing smiles. And a year where we haven’t travelled abroad.  But we’ve discovered things to do at …

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Escudella served in Barcelona for Christmas

Catalan Christmas Escudella Recipe

Try my escudella catalana recipe this Christmas In Catalan, a “escudella” is a traditional clay dish where soup and stews are served. In the old times when ceramic dishes were only accessible to the high society and plastic didn’t exist yet, that’s what everyone used to eat. For the majority of the population cooking elaborated …

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Catalonia Tio logs

Catalan Christmas Traditions

Catalonia Christmas Traditions locals love In Catalonia, the region around Barcelona, the weather isn’t super cold. Snow only catches up in the Pyrenees mountains. But it’s cold enough to feel winter is finally here. We started eating calorie-packed foods such as sweet potatoes and panellets for All Saints Day, and now we are ready for …

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NYC and Barcelona sites collage

Barcelona VS New York City, A Comparison

Barcelona vs NYC, how they do compare? Barcelona and New York, two vibrant cities with lots of things in come. We get lots of Newyorkers take our private tours of Barcelona. And many Barcelonans visit NYC every year. So if you’ve been to one city, are you likely to like the other?  INSPIRING PRIVATE TOURS …

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Tibidabo Mountain at sunset (Barcelona, Spain)

What To Do In The Tibidabo Mountain

AROUND THE HILL OF TIBIDABO IN BARCELONA Nature sets strong limits to the size of Barcelona. In the bottom, the Mediterranean sea. To the sides, two water streams: the Llobregat and Besos rivers. And at the top the Collserola range with its highest peak: the Tibidabo Mountain. WE CAN CUSTOMIZE A TIBIDABO TOUR FOR YOU …

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Eusebio Guell portraits

Who Was Eusebio Güell (Gaudi’s Patron)

THE COUNT GUELL AND ANTONI GAUDI Eusebio Guell y Bacigalupi, known as the Count Guell, was the second richest person in Spain in the early 1900’s. He was a Renaissance man interested in art, science and business. Never afraid of sticking to his choices even if they went against the social thinking. The became the …

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Keith Haring graffiti in El Raval district

Barcelona Raval District: Safety & Sites To Visit

RAVAL BARCELONA WILD DISTRICT​ El Raval is the district of the Barcelona Old Town located East of La Rambla, mainly between La Rambla and the Poblesec and Sant Antoni districts. Originally it was a land of farming and facilities that didn’t fit in a tight walled city (and that locals preferred away from them), such …

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Spanish musicians

Top Catalan Musicians And Singers In Classical Music

MOST GIFTED CLASSICAL MUSIC CATALAN SINGERS & MUSICIANS​ Catalonia has a long musical tradition, considered one of the oldest in Europe. Ever since the medieval times, our land has provided gifted musicians and singers that have enriched the music scene of Spain. And classical music has been an important part of that. For some reason, …

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