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Interview with Maria Jesus Guide


Tour guide Maria Jesús uncovered On with our series of tour guide interviews, Maria Jesús is one of the latest additions to our team, and she has quickly gathered a collection of amazing reviews for her tours. A multi-purpose professional, she is fun but knowledgeable, with a strong spirit of service and quirky sense of […]

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Barcelona kids museums not to miss

Top museums for kids in Barcelona

Our favorite museums for children in Barcelona Traveling with kids can be lots of fun if you plan your sightseeing without overwhelming them, and if you add to your must-see list some sites where they are likely to have lots of fun. Even better, if you let choose what they want to visit as their […]

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What do see in Cadaques

Cadaques: Things to do

Visiting Cadaques? Here is what you need to know Cadaqués is one of the most iconic seaside villages of the Catalan coast, the end of the Costa Brava. Artists such as Salvador Dali fell in love with its charm, a combination of Greek-like whitewashed streets and moon-like rocky landscapes. But Cadaqués is located almost 3 […]

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Flamenco facts and history

The basics of the history of flamenco

5 crucial points to understand flamenco dance history Flamenco is a typical style of music and dance of Spain, specially from the regions of Andalucía, Extremadura and Murcia. Some theories calculate it dates from the 1700’s, and it is believed that the Flamenco culture was born out of the constant interaction between natives, Gypsies, Muslims, […]

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Great Hotels near Montjuic Barcelona

Recommended Montjuic Hotels

Our top list of Hotels in Montjuic Hill Montjuïc hill is one of the best view points in the city. It’s a quiet area, relatively close to the city center and with a lot of leisure options. In Montjuïc there’s gardens, a castle, sport facilities, museums such as the Fundació Joan Miró, the Magic Fountain […]

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