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Top works of Domenec i Muntaner in Barcelona

Modernist architecture beyond Gaudi: Domenech i Montaner works

Top Domenech i Montaner sites in Barcelona Everyone coming to Barcelona wants to see the Gaudi sites. But if it hadn’t been for him, then the masterpieces of Domenech i Montaner would have been now famous all over the world. This now not so famous architect was born in 1850, two years before Antoni Gaudi, […]

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Best carriers and strollers to travel with your baby

Many thanks to Mireia Navarro for letting me use her beautiful picture and to the ladies of Aupali, where I learned so much about baby wearing and parenting in general. My favorite baby carriers for travel As you might know, I have a baby that will be 2 years old soon. But that hasn't stopped [...]

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Off the beaten path Barcelona sites

Architecture hidden gems in Barcelona

Alternative things to do in Barcelona beyond the Gaudi buildings In Barcelona, October is about architecture. The first Monday of October is celebrated the World Architecture Day, and this is why the month was chosen to celebrate here the 48 Open House Festival, an event that takes place for a whole weekend when architecturally unique […]

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How to Save for your Dream Trip to Barcelona

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might know that we occasionally invite other bloggers to share their knowledge and tips. Money is a big topic when preparing a trip: will the destination be the right choice for your budget? If you always wanted to visit Barcelona and need some ideas to [...]

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Medieval Barcelona beasts in Parades

Bestiari de la Mercè – Scary beasts!

Beasts in Catalan traditional parades Parades of all kinds are huge in the Catalan festivals. We have large cardboard men and women (the Giants – Gegants) and short ones with big heads (Capgrossos), who parade along the streets to the sound of music. And we have a collection of real and fantasy animals that are […]

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