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Sant Joan Barcelona

The Sant Joan Festival is coming. Are you gonna miss it?

Top list of Saint John events in Barcelona The Sant Joan Festival (revetlla de St. Joan or Nit de Sant Joan) takes place in the evening of June 23rd and is celebrated all around Catalonia. The night of San Juan Festival is the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. Families will get together for dinner: […]

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Best restaurants Barceloneta

Best Barceloneta restaurants for a great meal by the sea

Barceloneta beach restaurants that aren’t a rip off You’ve planned a day in the Barceloneta beach and hope to play by ear and eat lunch there. After all, the area is packed with restaurants and it won’t be difficult to find a place to eat. Isn’t it? WRONG! So many of the restaurants in the […]

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Things to do at night Barcelona

What to do in Barcelona at night: Sightseeing and touring

Barcelona by night: attractions and sites open for visits Figuring out what to do at night when you are in a foreign city can be tricky. It’s hard enough to choose where to eat! And the prospect of going early to bed, while it can be good for your energy levels if you need a […]

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Archaeology in Catalonia | ForeverBarcelona

Best archaelogical sites in Catalonia

A post for old stones lovers: top ruins in Catalonia Catalonia has a long history that starts many centuries ago even before the Romans, with the Iberian tribes. If you love archaeology, you’ll be excited to hear that there are lots of great ruins near Barcelona that you can visit in your next trip. Prehistorian, […]

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Deep Sea Fishing Barcelona

Top Fish To Target When Deep Sea Fishing In Barcelona

We occasionally get requests for fishing tours. And while we don't offer them, we can see there is an interest in that. Since we want to serve you best, today we have Patterson Riley, a fishing specialist, that will share with us what are the best fish to catch in the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. [...]

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