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Favorite Barcelona rides

Fun rides in Barcelona

Unusual rides for a fun day in town To me, a vacation is about having fun. And when traveling abroad, it's important to plan some play time besides all the sightseeing. Maybe go visiting sites in the morning, but schedule something different for the afternoon. And that's particularly important if you are traveling with kids [...]

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Favorite cookery classes in Barcelona

Best cooking classes in Barcelona

Barcelona cooking classes: learn to prepare typical Spanish dishes The first time I attended a cooking class on a trip was when I traveled to Petra with Miriam, one of the ForeverBarcelona top tourguides and also a good friend of mine. We had so much fun learning how to cook Middle-Eastern recipes, and I always go back [...]

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How to pay for a private tour

How to afford a private tour

Can you afford a private tour? Private tours aren't cheap. Like a private jet isn't cheap, or having your own yacht isn't cheap, or going to a private school isn't cheap. But when you are on vacation you are ready to indulge a little bit. And a private tour is definitely cheaper than any of [...]

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Where to drink Orchata in Barcelona

Orchata in Barcelona: find the real thing

A foodie-aproved Barcelona horchateria list My baby is almost 21 months old and she already loves horchata de chufa (or orxata de xufa in Catalan), a Summer drink favorite in Spain, specially in Valencia, where the drink is original from, and along the Mediterranean coast. White like milk, but not a dairy product, this refreshing beverage […]

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Sitges things to do, by ForeverBarcelona

What to visit in Sitges

Don’t know what to see in Sitges? Sitges is a cool little seaside town just 30 minutes South of Barcelona. It’s a quick ride on the motorway, supereasy if you take the Garraf tunnels, and a bit trickier if you decide to go for the winding roads along the coast (also slowlier, as you are […]

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