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Popular Catalan Christmas jingles

Our favorite Christmas music from Catalonia

The best Catalan Christmas carols I love Christmas Carols. We sang them in school when I was a child, and my parents bought me a book with tradition Christmas songs so I could learn and sing more of them. And while there are some Christmas carols in Spanish, my favorite have always been the ones […]

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Barcelona shops for turron

Where to buy turron in Barcelona?

A selection of the best turron shops in town Turrons are the most appreciated candy in Christmas time, they are the dessert in any Christmas table: without them Christmas in Spain wouldn’t be the same! Spanish turron is said to be an evolution of an Arabic candy that reached our lands in the Middle Ages, and it […]

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Top Barcelona Christmas restaurants

Are there any Barcelona restaurants open on Christmas day?

Where to plan your Christmas meal in Barcelona Are you  spending Christmas day in Barcelona? Then, you have to celebrate it as it deserves. But same as you wouldn’t play by ear and improvise your Christmas menu at home, you can’t leave your Christmas restaurant reservations for the last minute either. Not even when you […]

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Turron Nougat

Spanish turron: the specialties you need to try

So many varieties of turron candy… we help you choosing Christmas time has lots of nice things… but one of the best is that you can find this sweet and appetizing candy in every corner! Spanish turron is the most famous dessert in Christmas although it’s believed that it’s an evolution of a Muslim recipe. The […]

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Spanish Christmas Foods and Sweets | ForeverBarcelona

5 Spanish Christmas desserts you must try this holy season

Our favorite list of yummiest Spanish Christmas Sweets is here The variety of traditional Christmas desserts in Spain is huge. On Christmas eve and the other (many!) family celebrations during this time of the year, the table will be covered with lots of different Christmas sweets that as locals we’ve grown up with and learnt […]

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