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Halal Restaurants in Barcelona

Our top list of Barcelona halal restaurants

Where to find halal food in Barcelona Eating halal in Barcelona is easier than you’d think. What’s difficult is to find Spanish (or even European) restaurants serving halal food, as most halal restaurants in Barcelona are Middle-Eastern, Pakistani, Turkish, Libanese or even Indian. If you are not interested in local cuisine, it won’t be hard […]

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italian restaurant barcelona

Top Italian restaurants in Barcelona

What is the best Italian restaurant in town? Italian food never fails if you know where to go, and when you have been traveling abroad for a while, there are many chances you and your party will need eating something familiar at some point instead of trying new foreign dishes again and again in every […]

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Best Asian and Japanese restaurants in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Top Asian Restaurants in Barcelona

Our choices for Japanese, Chinese, Indian restaurants in Barcelona and more… The rise of food culture in Barcelona has led to open all kinds of restaurants and food venues. And not just for local food: if you are into Asian cuisine, you also can find hundreds of proposals for all tastes and budgets. Today we […]

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Patatas Bravas in Barcelona

Best patatas bravas in Barcelona

“Brave potatoes” – the tapa locals love If you had to make a list of top Spanish tapas, I’m sure one of them would be Patatas Bravas (or as locals say, just “Bravas”): Spanish fried potatoes served with spicy sauce. Each local bar makes their own sauce (which recipe is often kept in secret), and […]

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breakfast barcelona best in town

Where to eat breakfast in Barcelona?

We know the best breakfast places! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (especially if you have a morning tour!). But while many hotels include breakfast with the room, others might not, and then staying at the hotel can be really expensive. Plus breakfast time is a wonderful time to watch the locals […]

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