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Restaurant near Camp Nou list

Ideas for restaurants near Camp Nou

We help you find a restaurant near Barcelona stadium You are likely to need to find restaurants near Camp Nou, no matter if you are visiting or going to a match: visiting takes at least a couple of hours, plus the time it takes you to get there and back to the city center, so […]

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Barcelona sailing activities

Going sailing in Barcelona

Our favorite Barcelona sailing tours The Mediterranean sea offers the opportunity to see Barcelona from a unique point of view: the city views from the water. The coastal line offers a city skyline that you can’t see otherwise. Plus a day sailing in Barcelona is a fun and relaxing plan (that is, if you are […]

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Burger Joints in Barcelona

Top Barcelona burger restaurants

Where can you find the best burgers in Barcelona? Yes, we know it: when we travel we are supposed to try the local food. But what if your trip is several days long? You’ll end up sick of so many tapas, paella and fried stuff! You need some variety, something fun that is also familiar […]

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fun things to do in barcelona for teenagers

Barcelona for teenagers

What to do with teenagers in Barcelona Traveling with teens can be tricky: they aren’t always interested in the sites and the history of the place, they get quickly bored and complain (even more than younger kids), and they need time to do things teenagers like to do. A vacation is an important family-time, that’s […]

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Bike Tours Barcelona

Recommended Barcelona bike tours

Bike tours in Barcelona that are compatible with our tours It has happened again. The other day, one of our tour guides giving a private walking tour, and after having been going for already an hour her guests mentioned they had already seen those sites on a previous bike tour they took with another company. Oh […]

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