Teens in Barcelona

Are you visiting Barcelona with your teens? Traveling with young people can be challenging, because their interests aren’t always the same adults or even kids have. This is why we created this tag that will give you fast access to our blog posts with great suggestions to spice up your trip so your teens feel included and have fun too (and so you can negotiate with them to do something YOU want in exchange of something THEY want. Most of our recommendations are active plans such as hiking, or swimming, or bike riding, but we also have some food recommendations as well as local festivals that are likely to interest them, too. Depending on your teens age, you might also want to check our Kids tag.

Barcelona Jigsaw puzzles

Dream About Being Here With These Barcelona Puzzles

TRAVEL VIRTUALLY TO SPAIN WITH THESE BARCELONA PUZZLES​ As the days in confinement go by, at home we start needing new ideas for things to do. Luckily our 4yo keeps us busy! But sometimes it’s great to have a quiet activity that allows us to be together, create something beautiful and stay focused (rather than …

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Hot Air Balloon near Barcelona

See Barcelona From The Air

RAISE ABOVE THE SKIES: FLY IN BARCELONA Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’ve always envied those people who assure that in the middle of a dream they can “decide” they can fly and hop! they start flying. But you don’t really need to train yourself to have lucid dreams to experience the sensation of …

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Hiking Catalonia Spain

Best Areas For Hiking From Barcelona

THESE ARE THE BEST HIKES IN CATALONIA Hiking is very popular in Catalonia: our first hiking club, the Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, was created in 1876 with the goal of organizing scientific and archaeological mountain hikes. And our land offers so many opportunities to hike and explore the countryside and its landscapes, for all levels of …

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Barcelona sailing activities

Going Sailing In Barcelona

OUR FAVORITE BARCELONA SAILING TOURS The Mediterranean sea offers the opportunity to see Barcelona from a unique point of view: the city views from the water. The coastal line offers a city skyline that you can’t see otherwise. Plus a day sailing in Barcelona is a fun and relaxing plan (that is, if you are not …

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Bike Tours Barcelona Spain

Recommended Barcelona Bike Tours

BIKE TOURS IN BARCELONA THAT ARE COMPATIBLE WITH OUR TOURS It has happened again. The other day, one of our tour guides giving a private walking tour, and after having been going for already an hour her guests mentioned they had already seen those sites on a previous bike tour they took with another company. Oh no! …

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Barcelona Correfocs | ForeverBarcelona

Correfoc – The Wildest Tradition Of La Merce Festival

PLANNING TO ATTEND THE BARCELONA FIRE RUN?​ The Correfoc is a popular Catalan tradition consisting of a parade of infernal characters that chase people with fireworks. It is usually celebrated after dark (when the effect of the fireworks is more striking), and arises a lot of emotions in the participants that range from (controlled) danger to …

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Best beaches in Barcelona by ForeverBarcelona

The Best Barcelona City Beaches

EXPLORING THE BARCELONA BEACH AREA​ Undoubtedly, one of the major attractions of Barcelona city is the sea and, of course, the beaches. Everybody knows that the combination of sun and sea is the guarantee of a good day. But, how do you decide a beach in a sunny day? We want to help you to find …

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Family friendly hotels Barcelona

Best Hotels For Families In Barcelona

“What are the best family-friendly hotels in Barcelona?” is a common request that we get from families that will be taking tours with us. That’s why today we decided to invite the Pros to share with you what are the favorite places to stay chosen by families in Barcelona. If you are planning a family …

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Barcelona gelato

Barcelona Gelato Shops You Can’t Miss

DISCOVER THE BEST ICE CREAM IN BARCELONA​ If you love gelato, Barcelona is the right place for you. Just have a look around: there are so many ice cream places everywhere. How can you know where you will get really good quality gelato instead of industrial so so ice cream? I am also a fan …

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Montserrat hikes | ForeverBarcelona

Montserrat Hiking Trails For The Whole Family

MONTSERRAT HIKING IDEAS​ One of the top daytrips around Barcelona is going to the Mountain and Monastery of Montserrat. Most tourists stay around the Monastery area, but visiting the basilica is not the only reason to go! The mountain itself is worth enough the trip. If you are into hiking, don’t miss our favorite ideas for …

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