Private Tour of Guell Crypt and Palau Guell

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The masterpieces for Gaudi's patron

Are you fascinated about Gaudi and want to dig in more into his life and works? Would you like to know who exerted strong influences on him and supported him when the rest of the society turned away? Would you like to visit the other unfinished church by Gaudi? And the only aristocratic mansion that is open to the public in Barcelona?

The famous masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi can’t be fully understood unless you know about Count Eusebi Güell and his close relationship with Gaudi, and the hidden jewels the architect designed for him. One of them is easily accessible since it’s located at the bottom of la Rambla, while for the other you need to take a suburban train to get there, or drive.

If takling trains or roads by yourself doesn’t sound like something you’d do, but you are still eager to learn more about Gaudi and Güell’s strong friendship, look no further.


  • Crypt of the Colonia Güell
  • Palau Güell


Final itinerary and timings might vary due to many factors (your location and pace, your main interests, traffic, train schedule…)


  • Meet your guideTOUR STARTS

    Your tourguide and your driver pick you up at your hotel/apartment/cruise pier and drive to the Güell Colony (or alternatively, meet your tour guide in Plaça Espanya to take the train).



  • The other unfinished churchCRYPT OF THE GUELL COLONY

    Your visit will start at the Visitor Center of the Colònia with a visit of their interesting exhibit about what it was, who lived here and how it was related to Antoni Gaudi and the Count. You will learn about the textile factory, its workers and the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia.

    Next you will go to the Colonia Guell Crypt to admire this hidden gem by Gaudi where he showed his creativity for using factory materials in other to produce a gorgeous little church that was unfortunately never completed. You’ll be fascinated about his ingenious parabolic arches, and his ability to design furniture as well as stained-glass windows. And you’ll learn how this unusual structure acted as a lab where Gaudi tried out the techniques that he was planning to use later on at the Sagrada Familia church.

    If there is some time left after visiting the Guell Colony Crypt, your guide will also take you on a stroll around the Colonia to understand better how people lived here, the layout of the real state (based on three main points: the church, the school and the factory), and how the community and its services were organized. It is fascinating to realize that there are is still descendants of the original workers living here, as the place has continued to be a residential area even after the factory closed.




    You will next head back to the train station or to the car to be taken back to the city and visit the Palau. If you are taking the train, a short subway ride from Plaça Espanya will take you to Palau Guell.





  • Güell’s private mansionPALAU GÜELL

    Visit the Palau: This magnificent building was the mansion that the count Guell commissioned to Gaudi, interestingly located in a rundown street just off la Rambla, as the Count wished to help improving the neighborhood that had pretty bad reputation.

    Despite being still young, Gaudí was given permission to work with the finest materials (marble, fine woods, leather, ceramics…) and try innovative solutions for arches and domes, as well as to play with light and acustics in a way it hadn’t been done before: if you have already been to Casa Milà or Casa Batlló, the Palau will be the perfect complement to it, as here you will be discovering how the aristocracy lived as opposed to the bourgeoisy.

    The central dome room and the colorful chimneys at the rooftop will definitely be the highlights of this visit. It is also a unique opportunity to visit a basement designed by the architect, as the other ones created by Gaudi in Barcelona aren’t open to the public nowadays.





    If you took a chauffeured tour, your guide and your driver will drop you off back to your hotel or other place of your choice. If you took the train, your guide can put you on a taxi or give you directions to take the subway or walk.


This tour is perfect for adults interested in learning more about Gaudi, beyond his top masterpieces, and going deeper into the character of the Count Eusebi Güell.

If you are traveling with kids, we only recommend this tour for well traveled kids eager to learn about Gaudi might also enjoy it, but if they don’t have a special interest in Gaudi it’s better to stick to Gaudi’s masterpieces only.

If your budget is limited and are happy to take public transportation, the train option works really nice. The chauffeured option offers a more comfortable tour and some little extra time at each site, as public transportation is a bit slower.

If you have walking issues, we recommend to book the chauffeured option. Also, please note there are short flights of steps to get to the rooftop of both Palau Güell and the Crypt. In Palau Güell there is an elevator to access the other floors, but it slows down the visit considerably as we’ll need for a hostess to bring the key every time.

If you’d like to know more about Gaudi’s first projects such as Casa Vicenç, Torre Bellesguard or the Guell Pavilions, check out our Tour of the Early Gaudi works.

If you’d rather spend a whole day out of town, the Crypt is also visited in our tour of the Cripta Guell with the Montserrat Monastery or in combination with the Artigas Gardens, at the foot of the Pyrenees, another hidden gem by Gaudi. In such case, you’ll have to do Palau Guell some other day (we include it in our Full Day Gaudi Tour).


  • Tour length: 5 hours.
  • Entrance fees are not included.
  • TRAIN OPTION: Train tickets (including the guide’s) and subway rides are not included. Missing the train on the way back to Barcelona will mean a shortened tour of Palau Güell. Please note that due to the train schedules the actual time in the Colònia Güell might not be as long as for chauffeured tours.
  • CHAUFFEURED OPTION: Transportation provided in private Mercedes Viano minivan (upto 6 of you) or Mercedes E Class car (couples), depending vehicle availability, with a dedicated driver. Groups of 7 or more will need larger vehicles at an extra cost.



DURATION: 5 hours





Mercedes car or minivan upto 6 of you + guide & dedicated driver


Not included.

PAID ON SITE skipping lines:

  • Palau Güell €12/person
  • Cripta Güell €9/person

* Fees given as an orientation only. Sites might decide to change them without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.


Not included

  • Train tickets: €3/person (ONE WAY)
  • Subway tickets: 2.15/person (ONE WAY)

Client is asked to purchase transportation tickets for the guide as well.


No lunch stop previewed for this tour.


We can only secure a guide for you after full payment has been received. Don’t wait until last-minute: we often book out in high season, and Park Guell & Sagrada Familia tickets sell out, too.

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This tour is:

AVAILABLETuesday through Sunday

Recommended starting times:

Morning Tours:9:30 AM
Afternoon Tours:1 to 2PM (except weekends and local holidays)

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