Sites closed in Barcelona for Christmas

Barcelona for Christmas? Plan your touring ahead of time or you’ll be disappointed

Did you know lots of sites are closed in Barcelona for Christmas?

Christmas is a very convenient time to travel, however, if you are coming to Barcelona you need to take into account that our traditions might be a bit different from what you expect, and they might affect your schedule…

As I always tell to my clients when they contact me about touring Barcelona for Christmas, a very important thing to take into account is that most monuments and tourist sights open for shorter hours on the local Holidays. And December in Barcelona is too cold to walk around lost at what to do because your plans backfired…What's closed in Barcelona for Christmas

Don’t leave it to improvisation: Learn with us about the Christmas traditions in Barcelona so they don’t interfere on your trip.

Here are 5 dates you need to plan ahead of time if you’ll be in Barcelona for Christmas:

Dec 25th: Most tourist sites close after 2pm (some don’t even open). That’s because while Spanish families celebrate their big family meal on Dec 24th in the evening, Catalan families gather on the 25th for lunch. Most locals don’t want to miss this lunch where an earthy soup (escudella)  and the rich meats (carn d’olla) used to make the broth will be the star of the meal. That’s why most sites will give the afternoon off to their staff so they can go celebrate with their families.

Dec 26th: Most tourist sites close after 2pm (some don’t even open). Catalan families reunite again on Dec 26th – Sant Esteve. Traditionally they’d be eating cannelloni made from the left overs of the previous day feast. It’s another huge family day, so again the staff at the tourist sites are given the afternoon off.Barcelona for Christmas: what's open?

Dec 31st: Most sites are likely to close sooner than a normal day. Everyone wants to get ready for the Barcelona New Year dinner and party, that’s why tourist sites will rarely stay open later than 6pm. The good news is that , you can still tour normally until the afternoon. If you were planning to do some shopping, beware that many stores might be closing early as well.

Jan 1st: Most sites close after 2pm. While not all families gather again for lunch on Jan 1st, many do. Plus many people have been partying until the early morning the night before, so it’s best to give them some rest.

Jan 6th: Most sites close after 2pm. You were not attending this day being a holiday? Jan 6th is the Epiphany day: the 3 Wise Men brought their gifts to the Baby Jesus… and the Spanish kids get their presents as well (Santa is only a recent import: almighty TV globalization!). Families will gather again for their last Christmas meal of the season, anticipating the tortell de reis cake that comes for dessert.

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 Enjoy your holidays!

What about you? Head to the comments below and tell us: Have you ever been in Barcelona for Christmas and what did you do when things were closed?

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