Best Barcelona Picnic Spots

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Barcelona picnic in the fall

Where to organize a picnic in Barcelona


Coming to Barcelona and love being outdoors? Or maybe have restless kids that need to be active even during meals and can’t stand behaving in a restaurant? Or if just feels safer to eat outdoors and not interact with other groups seating on tables too close to yours?​

Whatever it is, picnics are always a fun idea when the weather is nice. Would you like to know our favorite picnic spots in the city, some of them convenient when you are sightseeing, some other when you want to go a bit off the beaten path. Enjoy!

Pick the best place for a Barcelona Picnic:


Ciutadella Park

The largest and oldest park of Barcelona need to make the list no matter what. The Ciutadella park picnic area is located in a shady area between the entrance of Lluis Companys avenue and the monumental waterfall. It’s a quite popular spot for children birthday parties in the weekends, so arrive early to get a table. Alternatively, you can lay down a mantelpiece in any of the grass areas of the park.

WHERE TO SHOP FOR YOUR PICNIC: The nearby Born district offers a galore of picnic food and treats. Start with a wine bottle at Viniteca Vila (ask them to open it for you), where you can also get a variety of snacks and amazing Spanish Ham. In the same street, Forn Vilamala is your go-to place for handmade bread. Next, get some dessert to go from Bubo. And finally buy some cheese and cold cuts from La Butifarreria de Santa Maria.


Park Guell

Park Guell is one of Gaudi's masterpieces, and a great opportunity to be outdoors, and it features several picnic areas. The most popular one is right above the plaza of the ceramic bench.

There’s another one in the upper area of the park close to the Three Crosses, next to a basketball basket and a small playground for kids. This area is frequented by dog walkers and neighbors. Finally, there’s one more in a woody area near the right access in Olot street. This is my favorite for families, because there’s 3 playgrounds nearby, perfect for different ages.

WHERE TO SHOP FOR YOUR PICNIC: I’m afraid you’ll probably prefer to bring your food from other areas, since the shops in this district aren’t too exciting. But if your palate isn’t too demanding and you just want to mix in with the locals, there’s a small market on Verdi street with Travessera de Dalt open in the mornings (except Sunday). There’s also plenty of cafes and bakeries where you can get sandwiches, on your way between the Lesseps metro station and the park.


Parc del Laberint

Ok, let’s go a bit more off the beaten path. The Park of the Labyrinth is a romantic garden easily accessible by subway (L3 – Mundet), featuring a cool cypress tree maze. Don’t worry: it’s big enough to get a bit lost and feel like Harry Potter in the Triwizard Championship, but not big enough to end up sleeping there without finding your way out. 

The park is a protected area and eating inside is forbidden, but there’s a convenient picnic area by the entrance, with tables, a playground and a café. 

WHERE TO BUY FOOD FOR YOUR PICNIC: Not anywhere nearby, I’m afraid. But along L3 you have the famous Boqueria Market (Liceu station), or for something truly local, the Mercat de la Vall d’Hebron (Vall d’Hebron station).


Picnic on the Tibidabo Mountain

Fancy an easy hike or a day in nature? Then head to the Collserola range, the natural North-Western limit of Barcelona. The FFCC trains departing from Plaça Catalunya take you close to its highest peak: the Tibidabo Mountain. The area is fun to explore!

I’m giving you two options here: S1 and S2 trains stop in Peu del Funicular, where with the same ticket you can switch to the Funicular of Vallvidrera. From the top station, Vallvidrera Superior, follow Carrer de les Alberes and then Carrer del Parc dela Budellera to find a shady area with a fountain where ladies used to clean pork tripe in the old times. Hence its name: Budell – tripe in Catalan. It’s just 20 minutes walk, and a favorite for local families. There’s tables where you can picnic.

Another option is to get off the train one station later, on Baixador de Vallvidrera, cross the road and follow the signs to the Pantà de Vallvidrera – 10 minutes walk. You’ll reach a small water reservoir, and there’s an area with picnic tables and a café. It’s not unusual to see wild boars around the water: they often feed on picnic leftovers (but it shouldn’t be: please, don’t give them food, and remember that even if they might seem friendly, they are wild animals and their reactions can be unpredictable, specially mothers with their piglets).

WHERE TO SHOP FOR YOUR PICNIC: Again, it’s better to bring your own food. Alternatively you can buy sandwiches in the café (if it’s open). There’s a couple of other bars on the way from the station.


Picnic in Barcelona beach

So what about eating your picnic in the beach? It is allowed to eat in the beach of Barcelona, although drinking alcohol is (theoretically) prohibited. But if the sand annoys you, you’ll want to consider the Parc del Poblenou, between the Bogatell beach and the cemetery (not to be confused with Parc Central del Poblenou, more inland). You’ll find there picnic tables, a skatepark, playgrounds and a lovely pine tree wood with grass – in case you don’t like picnic tables or they are already full.

WHERE TO BUY FOOD FOR YOUR PICNIC: Explore the Poblenou district to find fun local food stores, markets and take aways, if you are planning a picnic near the Bogatell beach. If you are having your picnic closer to the city center, in the Barceloneta district you’ll find a lovely market, plenty of take away options, and if you don’t mind the line, one of the best bakeries in town: Baluard.

IDEA! What about a picnic in Montserrat?


How to plan a picnic in Montserrat

You have an extra day in Barcelona and are planning a day trip to the Montserrat Monastery. Is picnic a good idea? Sure! As long as the weather is nice. Being a mountain, Montserrat is usually colder than Barcelona. Foggy and humid in the winter.

But when the weather is nice, I’m all about a picnic there! There are picnic tables on the rooftop of the cafeteria by the bus parking, and one or two more by the lower station of the Funicular of Sant Joan. It’s also OK to go on a hike around Montserrat and picnic anywhere you like: just remember that Montserrat is a natural park. No litter can be left behind. And make sure to carry lots of water, because springs are scarce (if any).

WHERE TO BUY FOOD FOR YOUR PICNIC IN MONTSERRAT: This will be fun, and I’ll tell you exactly what to get. There’s a bakery next to the souvenir shop in front of the rack train station: get a loaf of bread (or more, depending on how many people you are). Ask them to cut it slices, if possible. Order also a “coca”, the traditional Montserrat sweet bread, for dessert. You might want to get some xocolata a la pedra (local chocolate) or a bottle of Aromes de Montserrat (an herbal digestive liquor). Get some ham and local charcuterie, too.

At the farmers market along the entrance road, get some cheese and individual portions of mel i mató – your second dessert is a local cottage cheese topped with honey. If you see any, get some fresh tomatoes, too. And finally, if you need anything else, there’s a grocery shop in the plaza past the rack train station, and you can get sandwiches and drinks in the cafeterias too.

What next? open the tomatoes horizontally, like you’d open an orange for juice, and rub them on the bread. Now you have your Catalan tomato bread! Top it with cheese slices, ham or charcuteries. A simple but delicious feast! Coca and mel i mató are your two desserts. Chocolate  pairs with your coffee to go. And the liquor is the final touch to a lovely meal.

What are your favorite Barcelona picnic spots?


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