Barcelona fish restaurant: eating doradaYou can’t leave Barcelona without eating in a seafood restaurant! Located by the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona offers a wide selection of amazing seafood and fish restaurants. But how can you make sure that you are making the perfect choice for you, it’s so many to choose from?

This week we will be helping you and will share with you our favorite venues so you can enjoy a great Mediterranean meal.

These are our seafood restaurant recommendations for you:


Many locals consider it the best fish restaurant in Barcelona. It’s tricky name refers to the censer that receives pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela. There many features simple plates: plain grilled, steamed, baked or fried fish or seafood, and some reach rice dishes such as that wonderful “arròs caldós”. It is also a great option if you don’t want to wait until locals are hungry to eat, as the kitchen is open nonstop.

Seafood restaurant in Barcelona: clamsRías de Galicia

Ferran Adrià, God of the chefs from over the world, decided to partner with some colleagues to open this Barcelona fish restaurant serving super fresh seafood. Its location comes in very handy for a nice meal after seeing the magic fountain show or walking around Montjuïc.

Passadís de’n Pep

This option is great for adventurous people, as you will not get to chose your food: the waiters will keep bringing you plates and plates of fish tapas, and then when you can’t eat anything else they will ask you… “So, what should you have as main course?” And they are serious! They’ll be offering you the best fish they found that day on the market and they mean you to eat it! I must say that I’m usually so full that I usually skip that and go directly for dessert and coffee!

Els Pescadors

Fish restaurants in Barcelona recommended by ForeverBarcelona

And if you are looking to go a bit more off the beaten path, then I recommend you to venture into the Poblenou district, and in a cozy plaza you will find a very authentic local restaurant that is not often found by tourists. You’ll have a memorable meal here: after all, a seafood restaurant called “The Fishermen” can’t offer but amazing fish! After your meal, I recommend a nice walk down the Rambla del Poblenou and if you have still some more room left in your stomach stop at Tio Che for a glass of fresh orchata or a scoop of ice cream. Our favorite off the beaten path Barcelona fish restaurant!

Espai Kru

If you are into raw fish and you love unusual experiences, the make sure to book a table in the upper floor of Rias de Galicia. Espai Kru has been designed with a more modern touch, with views over the kitchen and a cocktail offer. Their menu is divided in two sections: raw seafood and produce prepared with a slight touch of sophistication, and the fire-cooked specialties. Of course, Ferran Adrià’s surprising personality can be sensed everywhere there. That’s why it made it to our list of top seafood restaurants.

But wait! All this sounds awesome but expensive… Share this post to discover a fun affordable seafood restaurant style:

6   Seafood restaurant barcelona: calamariFishop

The latest thing for fish restaurants in Barcelona those fish restaurants that look like fish mongers: they display their fresh catches in a counter that will remind you of those you’ve seen in the fish section of the Boqueria Market, and you get to choose the fish or the seafood that you want to be served, then they prepare it in front of you. From the many options available, I find this to be the one of highest quality. For more affordable options, you can also try similar venues such as La Paradeta and Mariscco. By the way, there are no all you can eat seafood buffets, that I know, in Barcelona.

Where have you had your best fish meal ever? Go to the comments and tell us what’s your favorite Barcelona fish restaurant!

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