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Great Hotels near Montjuic Barcelona

Recommended Montjuic Hotels

Our top list of Hotels in Montjuic Hill Montjuïc hill is one of the best view points in the city. It’s a quiet area, relatively close to the city center and with a lot of leisure options. In Montjuïc there’s gardens, a castle, sport facilities, museums such as the Fundació Joan Miró, the Magic Fountain […]

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Monument hotels barcelona

Barcelona monument hotels

Monument hotels in Barcelona A monument hotel is a hotel located inside a monument (or that incorporates a monument on it). Wouldn’t be exciting to stay somewhere that special? There are actually a few in Barcelona, certified by the Barcelona Hotels Board, most of them displaying beautiful architecture. And a lot of them are 4 […]

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Barcelona pet friendly hotels

Pet friendly hotels in Barcelona

Hotels with pets allowed in Barcelona You love your pet, and can’t imagine leaving your dog or cat at home, with friends or relatives or at a pet hotel while you go on vacation. Why should you? Your pets suffer from stress when you are away, and you want to spare them the pain. Traveling […]

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Green hotels in Barcelona - curated list

Barcelona green hotels

Find your eco hotel in Barcelona Traveling green is becoming a trend: after all, you don’t want to contribute polluting the destination you are visiting. The hotel industry is reacting and designing their venues more and more with sustainability in mind. However, it isn’t that easy yet to find an eco hotel in Barcelona, and […]

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Top Barcelona hotel with balcony selection

Awesome Barcelona hotels with balcony

Hotels with balcony in Barcelona for a perfect stay Most hotels in town have windows overlooking the street (if you are lucky). But wouldn’t it be a treat to have your own terrace – not just a balcony? A place to sit down to sunbathe or sip a cup of coffee, read a book or […]

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