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Barcelona for kids, by ForeverBarcelona

More activities for kids in Barcelona

Great ideas for families in Barcelona Barcelona is such a kid-friendly city, and in our blog you have plenty of ideas for your family trip: activities with animals, cool things to do and much more. But planning a trip with children isn’t easy, and you want them to pick activities they are sure to enjoy and […]

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Best carriers and strollers to travel with your baby

Many thanks to Mireia Navarro for letting me use her beautiful picture and to the ladies of Aupali, where I learned so much about baby wearing and parenting in general. My favorite baby carriers for travel As you might know, I have a baby that will be 2 years old soon. But that hasn't stopped [...]

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Favorite Barcelona rides

Fun rides in Barcelona

Unusual rides for a fun day in town To me, a vacation is about having fun. And when traveling abroad, it's important to plan some play time besides all the sightseeing. Maybe go visiting sites in the morning, but schedule something different for the afternoon. And that's particularly important if you are traveling with kids [...]

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Burger Joints in Barcelona

Top Barcelona burger restaurants

Where can you find the best burgers in Barcelona? Yes, we know it: when we travel we are supposed to try the local food. But what if your trip is several days long? You’ll end up sick of so many tapas, paella and fried stuff! You need some variety, something fun that is also familiar […]

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Parc Ciutadella Barcelona

What to do and see at the Parc de la Ciutadella

Visiting the Ciutadella Park – the largest in Barcelona The Ciutadella Park gets its name from the old citadel (fortress) that occupied the real state after the city was defeated by the Bourbons in 1714. Over 4,500 people living in the area were given just a few weeks to pack up and leave (and of […]

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